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Roy Furr
Founder, BTMSinsiders

I’ve spent well over a decade (and a small fortune, plus well over 10,000 hours) understanding exactly what it takes to build and rapidly scale a business.

All the secrets and proven methods that will reliably get you more leads, more sales, more customers, and more profits.

I’ve worked with and mentored under the best-of-the-best direct marketers — Titans of our industry — the masters of spending $1 on advertising and having it come back, with a customer in tow, often with friends.

I’ve absorbed their principles, strategies, techniques, and tactics — and turned around and taught them, gaining a reputation as a leading direct response marketing expert. (In fact, many of my heroes now turn to my daily essays and training for profitable inspiration!)

I’ve shared mere fractions of what I know in training others have happily paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars to participate in.

I don’t say all of this to brag — rather, to give you context for how much value I’m about to give you, for so little.

Because I want to give you access to ALL my best business-building ideas for just $97.

I’m flipping the traditional “guru” model on its head, and focusing first on all the value I can give you, rather than all the cash I can extract from your wallet.

Here’s how it works.

You invest $97 today. This activates your BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass.

Pick one title from our catalog, or all of them (they’re all included). Go through the training. Use it to its fullest. Even put it to work immediately.

That $97 invested today gives you instant access to the entire catalog, and a full month to use it as you want.  If you decide at any time during that first month that it’s not for you, you’re out nothing.

In fact, if you don’t agree the BTMSinsiders training is worth at least a hundred times what you invested, cancel your account immediately, from your account page on the BTMSinsiders website. Then email [email protected] and request a prompt and courteous full refund. Simple as that.

Zero risk. Zero obligation. 100% value.

And what if you want more? Well, your BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass will continue to give you access to all current and future training, for as long as you maintain your subscription. For just $97 per month.

Plus, when I add training to BTMSinsiders in the future, you'll get access through your All-Access Pass.  I'll just keep adding training, adding value to your membership.

Why am I doing this? Well, I believe in creating a lifetime of mutual profits. 

I want to make BTMSinsiders…

The one investment in your marketing and business education you'll always want to keep making…

Almost every month, I ask myself how many of my paid monthly memberships I should cancel.  I look at the value I get. And keep the ones that are paying for themselves.

But at anywhere from $97 to hundreds or even thousands a pop — or sometimes more — they add up!

I keep investing in myself. Because I’m dedicated to staying on top of my marketing and business education. I practice consistent, relentless focus on growing my skills at least 1% per week. That’s a lesson learned from marketing legend Gary Bencivenga. It’s what got me to where I’m at today.

You must constantly be learning and growing your skills, if you're serious about success. Like Warren Buffett often teaches, the best investment you can make is investing in yourself and your skills.

Ongoing training and education is one of the biggest secrets of top performers. It’s how I’ve risen to the top of the direct marketing world. And created millions-upon-millions worth of sales results. By learning from one-off trainings and live seminars. Monthly memberships. Newsletters. Podcasts. Private masterminds. Audio, print, and digital books. And a whole lot more. So I can go out and apply what I learn for bigger, more consistent wins.

I started as a novice and nobody. Today, I’m garnering a reputation among those in the know as one of the world's leading experts on proven ideas to grow your business.

If you want to rise to the top, fast, you have to commit yourself to consistent improvement.

I'm living proof. And as a result, I’ve had people asking me for years to share my hard-earned experience in marketing, copywriting, and business. Begging me for products to buy. I’ve occasionally obliged. I’ve offered online training programs for hundreds of dollars. And held small closed-door workshops for thousands. (The last client project I took was for $20,000 plus 5% royalties starting with the first $1 in sales.)

I could easily create a mastermind for $1,000 per month — or a 12-week intensive coaching program for $10,000 — and have many takers.  

But if I made it all about me — and just sucked as much money out of your account, as quickly as I could — I know our days would be numbered…

I wanted to do something different: to offer the one no-brainer library of proven business-building ideas that you’d never want to cancel…

I know I’m not alone in wanting to make sure I'm making the right investments in my future. If you're serious about success, I know you sometimes look at all those other investments you’re making in yourself. And consider which ones you can cancel, too.

My goal was to create something so valuable, you’d be okay canceling every single one except this. And know you’d still have what you need to consistently improve your marketing, selling, and business skills. The skills you need to generate real sales and profits — for your or your clients’ businesses.

I thought: what would be the perfect solution for me?

… Going all the way back to my marketing and entrepreneurial education. To cover all the bases. Relevant then, and every year since. Covering the fields of marketing, copywriting, sales, traffic, conversions, business strategy and principles, productivity, entrepreneurship, and a whole lot more.

What would that look like?

The good news: I had a model. My first big business success was an IT training business. When I got there, they were selling one-off trainings and the occasional package. And they were doing well — a little north of $2 million per year.

I helped them put all their training into a subscription product with one low fee of about $100 per month. We gave their subscribers an unlimited buffet of training. And it caught on like wildfire.

The business grew to well over $6 million and landed a spot on the Inc. Magazine 500|5000 list of fastest-growing businesses, mostly on the back of that one move. And has since multiplied from there.

The secret? They created no-brainer access to the very best training in their space.

And so that’s what I decided to do. But in my field of expertise and your field of interest. Results-accountable direct marketing and business building. In other words, how to create a business that generates a ton of profit!

My goal: the value you get grows bigger with every month you’re a member…

I realized I have a big advantage to use for your benefit. I’ve worked with some of the world’s best copywriters and direct marketers. I’ve developed a hugely profitable network. Not just today’s gurus and most innovative marketers. People who’ve been out there generating millions (and sometimes billions) in business results for decades. This means that going forward, you get training from me and you’ll be getting access to insights and perspectives from the best of the best. (And with way more depth than the average podcast interview they might be on.)

Plus, my experience gives me clear insight into what works. Because I’ve worked directly with, learned from, and sometimes mentored under these greats. Which means you aren’t left wondering what really works, and what’s junk or fluff. I can be your filter and content curator — your advocate and benefactor. So you get only proven principles, strategies, techniques, tactics, and ideas for generating sales and growing your business.

And finally, my background in the subscription business helps us both. Because I have a unique understanding of how to build a subscription where YOU get massive value at an incredibly advantageous price, and EVERYBODY gets rewarded. Most of those $97/month, 16-page newsletter guru memberships are designed to make the guru rich. But I’m building BTMSinsiders from the ground up to consistently add value to everyone involved.

In short, there’s nothing like this out there. Because everybody else is in the “guru” business. But I’m in the value business...  Here to give YOU a ton of proven business-building value.

(Just ask the readers of my daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets emails. They’ve gotten over 1.5 million words of high-value content since 2014. Garnering testimonials of “you deliver more value FREE than the services I pay good money for.”)

If you’re interested in these business-building skills, BTMSinsiders is for you…

As soon as I had the idea for BTMSinsiders, I grabbed a pad and a pen. I started brainstorming all the high-level topics that are REQUIRED to run an effective direct response business. This is a business where there might be a sales team, but the vast majority of selling is done through any kind of media.

(For reference, some of my professional friends, associates, and mentors have built businesses to $100 million, $500 million, and beyond on the back of direct marketing. I’ve helped clients grow into the tens of millions. And many smaller “lifestyle” direct response businesses quickly grow to $1 million and beyond. Without a big staff or requirements to be available to clients 24/7.)

Here are the topics and categories you need to know:

  • How to write highly-effective direct response copy. Includes shortcuts, templates, formulas, writing irresistible offers, and reflections on the best-of-the-best lessons from the world’s top copywriters past and present…
  • Marketing strategies to multiply profits.  Funnels and other sophisticated customer-getting systems, maximizing profits per customer, creating offers that boost profits, and proven principles plus strategies for getting more response…
  • Positioning and category creation. How to make yourself the ONLY solution to the prospect’s problem, challenge, or desire. And set up buying criteria that automatically leads to them choosing you…
  • Pricing and revenue models. How to price your products and services to maximize both up-front sales and lifetime profits…
  • Marketing optimization. How to run a test. Plus how to think about marketing testing in a way that creates big breakthroughs instead of just incremental upticks…
  • Building a successful copywriting or consulting business. Land awesome clients and make a great living. Everything from getting your first client to cashing big royalty checks…
  • Making yourself an expert and hero in the eyes of your market. From tactical content creation to how to establish your “character” in a way that attracts true fans, clients, and customers to you…
  • Getting traffic for your online business. How to leverage the top paid and free traffic sources to maximize the number of qualified visitors to your website…
  • Converting traffic into leads, buyers, and long-term customers. Because once they’re on your website, your job has only started…
  • Email to build relationships and maximize profits. There are at least three very different uses for email marketing, with different strategy required for each…
  • Business leadership and management. Because if you can’t build a team, you can’t build a highly-profitable business at scale…
  • Business strategy. What the world’s fastest-growing, most successful businesses know about growing through 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-figures…
  • Sales, sales, sales. Marketing is about selling one-to-many, but business is full of one-to-one selling situations. Even in businesses with zero “sales team.” I’ll clue you in on what works with today’s technology and prospect mindset…
  • Be more productive today. How to get more done in less time. Using time, energy, and state management, process creation and optimization, mind and body hacks, and more…
  • Effective business thinking. It’s not what people go to first, but thinking about the way you think is more valuable than anything else in the long-term. Includes how to be creative, how to solve problems, and how to create disruptive innovation…
  • Creating “sandbox side projects” to build your skills and make extra cash flow. Learning by doing is way more valuable and effective than just learning by watching or listening. This is how you get to experiment while making some nice extra income or even creating brand new profit centers…
  • Building lifetime wealth. I’ve spent significant time with millionaires and a few fractional billionaires. I’ve applied their principles. Here’s what they know about money that the average person doesn’t. With lessons on growing your income and net worth today…

Every time we add new training, the depth and breadth of content you have at your fingertips expands and grows. Both to help you refine your skills on a regular basis. And as an as-needed, on-demand reference. To help you tackle today’s and tomorrow’s pressing business and marketing challenges.

Who this IS and IS NOT for…

BTMSinsiders is NOT for everybody.

Primarily, BTMSinsiders is built for serious, sophisticated direct response marketers — and those on that path. Including business owners, marketers, agencies, consultants, and copywriters. Anyone driving their business forward using results-accountable direct response marketing and advertising — in any media.

And specifically, those direct marketers who are looking for the best ways to rapidly scale a business — theirs, their clients', or both.

If that’s NOT you, you could still get a ton of value. But you’re not our target audience.

What it really all comes down to is a definition of marketing and advertising first established at the Lord & Thomas ad agency, about a century ago: “Advertising is salesmanship in print.”

Or, my preferred modern rewording: "Advertising and marketing are selling multiplied in media."

If you package up your selling message in any kind of media — online, offline — and deliver it to a target market of potential customers…

If you sell directly to your customers, and build lifetime relationships with them…

BTMSinsiders will consistently deliver high-value content at a rate of 100X minimum what you’re paying for your All-Access Pass.

If this doesn’t resonate with you for any reason, BTMSinsiders isn’t for you. And we can part ways as friends now.

So what’s the All-Access Pass, and what does it get you?

I want to focus on great content. On sharing the very best proven ideas for growing your direct response business. And I want to just keep adding value to my offer, and serving the people who take me up on it.

So instead of building a business to sell a million different products, I’ve focused on making this one training library your best dang value possible.

The BTMSinsiders All-Access pass gets you access to everything. All past, present, and future training, for one low price.

This includes streaming access to an ever-growing library of video training. Downloadable training supplements (think templates, checklists, worksheets, slides, etc.) Plus additional member perks to be announced soon.

Basically, if you see it on the BTMSinsiders website, you get instant access to it through the All-Access Pass.

Here’s the no-risk, no-obligation offer to try it out…

I want you to prove the value for yourself.

Get the All-Access Pass. Try it. Log in, and watch as much as you want for the next 30 days. Use it like you own it.

Then and only then, decide…

Will you get at least one hundred times what you’re paying back in value?

If the answer is no, cancel anytime within your first 30 days. You can actually log into your account page and cancel yourself. This immediately stops future payments. Then email [email protected] to get a prompt and courteous full refund of your first month’s membership fee. I only want you to keep it if you feel it’s an insane amount of value for a very low monthly investment.

Once you get to the second month and beyond, you’re still under no obligation to continue. Simply cancel your membership at any time and you have no further obligation.

I make it as easy as possible for you to get out. Because that holds me to a standard of consistently delivering at a level of value where you believe it’s a total no-brainer to keep it..

That’s what you get, because that’s what I’d want if our roles were reversed.

Now, the only thing left for you to try it is to click a join button on this page. And I’ll see you on the inside.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Founder, BTMSinsiders

PS: One more thing:

  • If you don't like monthly payments but would like access to everything, we do offer lifetime access.  Please email [email protected] for full details.

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