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I’ve always tried to make BTMSinsiders training at least somewhat interactive.  There’s a Q&A functionality.  Some of the training is delivered as live webinars.  When it’s possible, I’ll answer any questions that come in.  And yet…

I wanted to make the interactive part of BTMSinsiders even more valuable to you…

So I’ve added monthly Insiders Calls, as an exclusive benefit on top of your BTMSinsiders training.

These are two-part monthly calls…

In part one of each call, we cover the Special Topic of my choice.  (And based on member input.)  I put together at least 20-40 minutes worth of content.  And I let loose, holding nothing back as I share on the call.

Then in part two, I’m 100% dedicated to YOU, to sharing whatever will be of the greatest benefit to you.  Answering your questions.  Letting you hop on for a hot seat.  Going deeper into what I’ve just covered.  Whatever — I take requests!

May 2022 Insiders Call:
Conversion Architecture 101

These 3 Funnel Blueprints
Will Forever Change The Way
You Market & Sell Online…

I still remember the first time I heard about marketing funnels…

This was before ClickFunnels was a thing, but it wasn’t really that long ago.

I was at an event with Ryan Deiss, and he broke down this relatively simple idea… 

An idea that was a radical departure from how even the best marketers in the world were doing things before that.

Pre-funnels, we’d just create a sales message, and build a campaign around it.

We’d send out some emails, and send traffic to the sales message.

The people who wanted to buy would click through to an order form, and place their order.

Then they’d get the product fulfilled.

It was just like it had always been, before the internet — except it was all immediate and online.

And yet…

When Ryan started talking about this “new” idea called a funnel, everyone in the room’s jaws dropped…

… What came next would 
change digital marketing 

It started off much the same as we’d always done things.

Drive some traffic to a sales message, and buyers would place an order through their order form.

And then…

It was the online marketing version of the first time someone at a McDonald’s uttered, “Would you like fries with that?”

Instead of dropping your brand-new buyer on a page where their order was confirmed or fulfilled…

You’d actually show them ANOTHER OFFER.

Now the assumption here is, “They just bought, why would they buy more?”

But as assumptions often are, that was dead-wrong.

The whole idea that you’d need to “rest” a buyer before they’d buy again turned out to be hogwash.

Marketing funnels proved a whole mash-up of classic sales and marketing principles to be right…

… And extremely profitable.

For example, when you test marketing funnels, you learn that “a buyer is a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.”

That is, the single-most likely predictor of someone buying something from you is whether they’ve bought from you before.

And once someone buys something, that simply says they’re in the market, and they’re extremely likely to buy again — from you OR a competitor.

And many of them are ready to buy more RIGHT NOW.

Offers made to buyers — especially after they’ve just bought — are as much as 10X or more likely to be accepted, than the same offer made to a non-buying prospect.

Not only that, the classic direct mail principle of RFM — recency, frequency, monetary — was turned up to 11 with marketing funnels.

Historically, buyers could be ranked on recency of purchase, frequency of purchase, and monetary (dollar) value of purchase.

With a marketing funnel, recency is just now.  Frequency goes up immediately as they accept offer after offer.  And the monetary value increases rapidly.

Your best prospects will spend a LOT within minutes, with a well-designed marketing funnel.

And often those buyers turn into even bigger buyers in the long run, having just made a serious investment with you.

From that day forward, 
digital marketing changed…

Now, I don’t know who actually created the very first marketing funnel.

… Who first put an upsell after the initial purchase, that allowed someone to click “accept” on the order without entering their payment information twice.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Ryan Deiss, even though he’s where I first learned them, and even though he played a huge role in popularizing them.

But here’s the thing…

No matter where these funnels came from, they’re here now.

And they’ve changed online marketing forever, to the point…

  •  If you don’t understand funnels, you are at a SERIOUS disadvantage when marketing online…

Here’s another sales and marketing principle that has become all the more important in the age of online marketing funnels…

“Whoever can 
pay the most to 
acquire a customer, 

Take your pick of traffic platforms or ad networks…

We’re all competing to put our ads in front of the same users online.

And the ad networks will display our ads or our competitor’s — or some other business from some other niche — primarily based on who “wins the auction.”

Now I know this is an oversimplification, but what that basically means is…

If you’re willing and able to pay more money, your ad will show up instead of the competition’s.

And how much you’re willing to pay will always be a function of how much you CAN pay.

Let’s do some really simple math here.

If you and a competitor are both selling a product with a $50 margin built in you might assume you could both spend up to $50 to acquire a customer.

(That at least assumes you’re smart enough to know that customer acquisition at breakeven is a fast path to growth.  And that once you have the customer, you can make your profits from the second sale forward.)

In the ad auction, it would basically be a race to increase your cost-per-acquisition to $50.

What happens when 
you have a funnel, and 
your competitor doesn’t?

The math changes DRAMATICALLY.

One competitor is still limited by trying to acquire that customer for $50, knowing they might have to wait until some future date to make any more revenue.

But if the second competitor — hopefully you — has a funnel with additional offers driving immediate customer value up to $100 or even $150…

Suddenly you could spend $60, $70, $80, or more to get a customer…

  • So you can bid more per click…
  • And your ad shows up everywhere, crowding out the competition…
  • And you get all the customers — and a bigger market share…
  • And they struggle while you succeed.
  • Not only that, you can afford all the media channels they can’t…
  • So you’re getting customers from places they can’t even fathom making profitable.

In short…

You WIN.

Now here’s the tricky business.

Funnels have become so ubiquitous that they’re no longer the ADVANTAGE they started as.

They’re a necessity.

Because early on, you got additional margin that you could use to win with paid advertising, affiliate commissions, and more.

But the math has already changed as a result.

Today’s traffic costs already reflect the power of funnels.

And if you can’t spend like your competitors who already have those funnels built…

You can’t compete.

With the rise of funnels, 
I realized I couldn’t 
just be a copywriter anymore…

Even from the earliest days of my marketing career, I didn’t just do copy.

I’ve been involved with offers and strategy and traffic and campaigns and more.

But my primary deliverable was always the copy I wrote.

Until the age of funnels.

Because I quickly came to realize that it’s not enough to just write some words and put it on a page.

You need a much bigger understanding of the buyer’s experience…

Starting with the first ad they see (or email, or however you first get their attention)…

Where do they go next?  What offers are made?  When they buy that, then what?

There are often LOTS of moving pieces behind successful marketing campaigns and funnels.

And as a copywriter, I had to AT LEAST understand them, if not decide and dictate them for my client to implement.

(This is doubly-important if you’re a marketer or business owner — whether you write your own copy or not.)

The age of funnels 
requires you to understand 
Conversion Architecture…

Conversion Architecture goes beyond what you actually put on the pages on your website, or in your marketing funnel.

Conversion Architecture is building the structure of your campaigns and funnels BEFORE you start creating the content.

It’s deciding what action you want prospects to take at each step, and building the entire process to maximize those conversion actions.

When you are a Conversion Architect, you build funnels that maximize your total leads, customers, sales, and profits.

When you are a Conversion Architect, you know what each step of a funnel can do, and you build your funnel to create your desired results.

This is the first time 
I’m creating a training 
dedicated specifically to 
Conversion Architecture…

I’m calling it Conversion Architecture 101.

And while we’ll start with some core guiding principles of Conversion Architecture that have been used to generate a small fortune in sales — for myself, my clients, and other marketers who’ve been using these principles…

I’m also going to get hyper-specific…

And I’m going to give you a blueprint breakdown of…

The Three Funnels 
to Rule Them All…

Fun name, but it makes a point.

With these three funnel blueprints, you have most if not all of the funnel-building architecture you’ll ever need.

Because between these three funnels, you are able to design funnels for 90% or more of the scenarios where a online marketing funnel will make sense.

I’ll walk you through the blueprints on each…

When and how each design fits within your overall marketing and business strategy…

Plus give you a downloadable reference you can use and adapt to your situation…

All while teaching you how the core principles and strategies of Conversion Architecture are applied to funnel building today.

By the time we’re done with this training, you can be confident designing the high-level Conversion Architecture for yourself or clients…

So you can create funnels and online marketing campaigns that will generate results.

Here’s how to get
Conversion Architecture 101:
Three Funnels to Rule Them All…

Conversion Architecture 101 is the May 2022 Monthly Insiders Call for BTMSinsiders members.

This exclusive benefit of membership — included as part of the BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass — allows you to participate in the training live, plus gives you access to all past Insiders Calls recordings.

Members: Pre-register to attend live…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

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Huge Treasure Trove of Email Ideas

Jessica Ralph

This training was amazing. I was coming up with so many of my own ideas in the market I'm writing in as I went through. Had to keep pausing to take notes!

A lot of ideas I've heard before but framed in different ways or with different specific examples. Email ideas are one of those things that are always good to hear over and over again so they get in your brain and you can use them when needed without having to go back to a list.

I'll be coming back to this, again and again, to get ideas whenever I need to write an email and don't have an idea that pops into my head right away.


Quick, Insightful, and Incredibly High in Value!

Yamna Malik

This was my first BTMS Insiders lesson and I'm amazed at how much value Roy delivered within one hour! I've taken so many notes!

The best part was learning how effectively the process works, and it's 10x easier too! There were a lot of gold nuggets thrown in there about hooks, story angles, and creating the perfect offer.

I'm ready to practice Roy's technique and take a crack at a couple of ads!


Email Copywriting Prompts Is Great!

Laurie Wright

At first I was sad these weren't the typical swipe copy templates, but as usual Roy knows what he's doing! This is so much better.

Thanks for another great course Roy!


Helped me Understand the hidden secrets behind the acquisition wheel

Muhammad Huzaifa

Roy put total energy and effort to help me understand why successful are successful. Why they're going and growing successfully. Mamma mia, highly recommended.


Really liked this one!

Chris Humphrey

This was packed with great and actionable info. Can't wait to put it into action!


These Prompts are like Crack Cocaine!!!

Mohammad Wasim

You can play around with one or two of these more than 30 prompts and easily come up with a sequence.


Great Freelance Website Training!

Sean Van Zant

I like the way you gave alternative website content pages that are essential for a website. Rather than the optional, popular website architecture. 

And that most copywriter websites don't convert very well. 

You also gave a solution for helping copywriters convert prospects that come to their site through a funnel.


Essential viewing if you’re serious ...

Gary Cooper

Roy is simply brilliant at breaking down concepts and ideas into workable chunks and methods you can introduce into your copywriting business. 

His suggestions have saved me many wasted hours - and I’m learning from someone who is walking the talk. 

Don’t miss these.

Members: Rate and review this course.

Roy Furr
Founder, BTMSinsiders

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