Reviews for High-Velocity Copywriting


Understand how to approach Copy!

Chris Olds

Roy breaks down clearly how to prepare and approach copy that will help change lives.


High Amounts of Practicality

Alan Morgan

It's the A to Z overview of making a persuasive and effective sales presentation. You can't unsee the logic behind the UPSEEN test for big ideas!
There's high value in this course effectively called High-Velocity Copywriting.


High-Time for a 5-star Review of High-Velocity Copywriting

Michelle Radcliff

This is an excellent course for covering all the basics of how to structure a sales letter from start to finish, following the AIDA formula.  I think what’s going to help me the most are the templates and bonus lessons going into more detail on the three types of Big Ideas and the 2 Simple Secrets.

However, one major takeaway from HVC stood out to me so clearly that I will never forget to include it in any long-form sales copy that I write.  But to find out what it is, you must look me up on LinkedIn or just purchase HVC to find out for yourself.  I highly recommend it.

I think including some actual copy assignments based on the lessons taught would be helpful, with peer reviews/feedback in the BTMS Insiders Facebook group.


Im Honestly Glad I Chose This Course

Corey Bresnan

This course so far has been jam packed with excellent content that I could not find on youtube. Alot of the free resources don't even scratch the surface compared to what is offered here.

My favorite takeaway with this course has to be the fact that you not only learn the copy elements that if applied will make you a great copywriter, but Roy tells you actually how to apply it.


The best copywriting course I've ever taken

Jim Carlin

If you are new to copywriting, or maybe have some experience, but know there's more to it, Roy Furr's High-Velocity Copywriting course is exactly what you need. Roy provides a clear breakdown of every step you need to take to write killer copy, whether it's a long-form sales letter, an order form, emails, or a lead generator squeeze page, you will find it in this course.


Integrated And Very Informative!

Daive R Facey

Roy Furr's High Velocity Copy is an integrated very informative course on copywriting in which he outlines in detail the practical tried and proven steps to write highly persuasive effective copy.

The principles outlined are from his years of experience and expertise acquired in copywriting, which have been shown to be effective. It is clear Roy Furr is a real master of this craft and I feel fortunate to be learning from him.

I would highly recommend Roy Furr's teachings which are in clear and concise language to beginners and even practitioners in the field of copywriting. We can and should share knowledge and learn from each other and one can learn a lot from Roy Furr's methodologies to impart practical knowledge.

I now have a better understanding of copywriting, because of his integrated and practical approach. I am eager to learn all I can from this '5 Star' and other highly rated courses.

Thanks and well done Roy! Keep up the good wok!

Daive R


Mind Blowingly Useful

Maryann Breece

high Velocity copywriting pulls back the curtain of what copywriting is. It dives deep into how to effectively and efficiently write compelling copy.

My mind is racing with all the ways this will change my writing. Not just copywriting but all written communication can be more persuasive after learning these ideas.


Great Copywriting 101 Course

Andres Espinoza

So far my experience with the course has been great. Lots of greats info about how to create successful copy, the "high-velocity' way. All is left for me to do is put all this fresh knowledge to the test and prove that this course really works. (Which I'm sure it will). Thanks Roy for this course. Cheers!


Immensely valuable!

Chris Hardee

I've watched a LOT of copywriting training over the years. This is one of my favorites.

Rating This Course 5 Stars Isn't Enough...

Kyle Kasak

An outstanding & actionable course to truly take your efficiency and your quality to the next level... simultaneously. Just from implementing the actionable advice and frameworks from the first couple videos has allowed me not only to work at a faster pace, but to do so while also increasing the quality of my writing (and thinking...). This will be my go to recommendation to any copywriter I come in contact with.

A deeper dive into the fundamentals of copywriting!

Paroma Minocha

This course has strengthened my copywriting foundation. It provided me with in-depth knowledge of various elements of copywriting and has taught me to write stronger copy.

Great Course!

Sean Van Zant

Very great and helpful teaching! Might be one of the best courses out there on how to write great-quality copy quickly.

Last Copywriting Course you will ever need?

Jaden Kamau

I was skeptical but after i heard about him writing the Titan's of Response sales letter for Brian Kurtz i had to buy join his membership. Roy knows his stuff better than anyone i have seen and i have been through quite a number of courses. Don't overthink it just make the decision to invest in yourself and you will not regret. Unless you want to stay where you are but thats up to you. I'm glad i made the decision.

The One Training You Cannot Miss

Felix Low

Roy explains all the elements of writing great copy. Whether you're just starting out or an A -lister you'll get a lot from Roy's teachings, GUARANTEED.

I was looking for Clayton's copywriting secret but I found Roy Furr instead!

Zafifi Ideris

I never thought that your article about Clayton Makepeace's 20 points copywriting outline landed me here, and I am grateful for you. Your High-Velocity Copywriting course gives me an in-depth, tactical view of writing million-dollar copy. Like you, I was studying, following, and swiping tons of copywriting formulas out there before but now I will stick to Clayton's copy outline. I also impressed with your presentation using a mind map instead of slides; easy to pick up the main idea and its elaboration.

I finally get BIG IDEAS!

James Weiss

I could spend hours talking about how amazing this course was, but what I really took from it was something I hadn't gotten from any other course...

Big Ideas!

The way Roy lays out the Big Idea is groundbreaking — just clear and concise and easy to follow.

Highly recommend this course to any serious student of copywriting.

AMAZING Course!!!

Csaba Borzási

I honestly don't know how Roy keep overdelivering with every. single. course he does... I've been through dozens of copywriting courses - including several from famous A-listers - and honestly, High-Velocity Copywriting just blows most of them out of the water. It's the first course that made me REALLY understand the hidden psychology of high-converting sales letters at a deep, granular level - without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Roy's teaching style is crazy-effective!


Austin Aluwuo

This is really High Velocity Copywriting, this is sincerely the best Copywriting Course ever. Roy thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us


Michael Gibbs

I can now see why Roy is considered an A+ Copywriter, because this is truly an A+ Course! The Research and Productivity Strategies are immensely helpful. But Roy really overdelivers by teaching the 3 types of BIG IDEAS and taking you step-by-step through the HVC Structure. Using mind maps, he drills a new pathway into your brain and begins filling it up with his A+ copywriting wisdom. Then, once you’re pleasantly stuffed with golden nuggets of value, he countersinks the nail of knowledge deep into your memory by walking you through 3 HVC Templates and a 20-Point Outline from the legendary Clayton Makepeace. I highly recommend this course as one of your first lessons!

First! Watch this course First if you want a rock solid foundation to build upon.

Faro Vitale

This course provided exactly the foundation I was always looking for as a beginner. I am so glad I started here first!

Everything you need to know to write effective copy fast

Matt Nemec

I learned a lot about Direct Response Copywriting

Blessilda Stoker

I learned how to come up with BIG IDEAS for a sales promotion. Plus I learned the strategy and proven formulas when writing sales copy. I downloaded all the mind maps for every module. And I'm gonna use them on my next project.

Here's a tip: Take notes while taking High-Velocity Copywriting because Roy shares so many information and you don't want to miss any of the content that's packed with value.

High-Velocity Copywriting

claudio alegre

One of the best courses on copywriting I've ever taken. The value in here is insane. Roy is absolutely mad giving away so much value at this price point!

Brought clarity to the most important pieces...

David Melman

Just want to say a BIG thank you to Roy for putting together and sharing this training. I've learned copy sales structure from a variety of books and courses but Roy's High-Velocity Copywriting course brought me a whole new level of clarity and understanding for how to approach finding the right big idea for the sales message, and how to build the sales message around the right big idea. I honestly just feel incredibly grateful and relieved to have this understanding.

I almost wanted to wait to review this until after I get some profound results with it so I could share some specific outcomes (I just finished the training), maybe I can edit the review and add to it once I get some breakthrough results using these strategies. I am 100% confident this program will vastly improve the quality and speed of my copywriting (it's already helped tremendously with a promotion I've been writing as I've gone through the training).

Thanks, David

A new perspective on an old art

Dean Mackenzie

I've done a few courses and "hacked around" with long form, but most of my experience is with shorter form copy. Nevertheless, I'm fascinated with this subject. Roy's concise but thorough course helped fill in a lot of gaps I had in my learning. Key take-away? The 3 types of big idea - I'm looking at every promotion I read now that in mind.

Thanks again Roy, I have the feeling this won't be the last course I rate 5 stars.

Paroma Minocha

Sean Farrelly

Reviews for Story Selling Master Class


Michael Gibbs

Being a story nerd who loves fiction, movies, shows, and comics, I love how this course teaches you selling with the art of storytelling. Roy shares several story-selling templates to apply to your copywriting and explains how and when to use them. The look-over-shoulder walkthroughs for his successful sales letter promos "Titans of Direct Response" and "Object 2014 28-E" are two of the best bonus videos on BTMSInsiders.

story selling master class

melvin stinson

As a student of AWAI, I learned that stories was an effective way to indirectly get your prospects engaged in the selling process. But story telling was difficult to me because I just didn't feel I was creative enough to come up with an effective enough story, to hold anybody's (let alone a prospects) interest. That is until I took this course. I'm beginning to get that AHA moment all thanks to you Roy...and I feel like I'm uncovering a whole new dimension to copywriting.


Deb Law

I've been watching your story-selling course and to be honest, I'm blown away! It's way more than I expected.

As I was watching it, my mind kept bringing me stories from sales letters I'd read where they weren't quite working for me. Your training showed me exactly why they weren't able to convert me to a client. The good news is, I'll now know how to help clients avoid these pitfalls.

Reviews for  The Client-Getting Blueprint


Love the detail and the systematic approach.

Steve O'Connor

This is NOT a 10,000 ft level summary of what one person did one time to get clients. It's a very detailed framework that provides clarity with every step. Not finished with the course yet, but I absolutely love what I've completed so far!


Finally! A clear path to getting clients

Maryann Breece

I've struggled to figure out my niche for over a year. Then when I found one I couldn't figure out how to proceed to getting actual clients.

Found the Client Getting Blueprint, and almost overnight my mind cleared. With each training it became more clear how to proceed. Still a bit left to go through but just milestone one has clarified my path more than over a year of struggling on my own could.



Awesome course

Mike Kinner

Thanks, Roy!

This course has been super helpful for me. I am getting some super actionable tips on how to get new clients!



Danny James

It's like lifting the hood and gaining an understanding of how all the pieces should move and work together for YOUR business. From start to finish. Excellent!



Zach Messai

Everything you need to know! Thanks

Awesome Course

Lisa Tannler

Roy Furr is brilliant.  This course (along with every other course in BTMS) is at a level rarely seen in the entrepreneur space.  Roy is brilliant and shares his knowledge freely.  I highly suggest listening to this course. Thank you Roy.

The Most Detailed Client Getting Training, Period

Benas Cesnakevicius

Hello, Copywriter, Marketers, and Business owners. Let me tell you straight:

If you are looking for training where you could learn everything, literally everything there is to know about creating an amazing client business, this is it. It seems that nothing is left out.

I had an experience with quite a few programs I paid thousands of dollars on, and they don't come anywhere near this piece of magic. And for real, there is nothing magical in it when you think about it, but it's THAT effective.

Are you looking for training that can give you results beyond just explaining "What" should you do, and instead will give you an exact blueprint on "How" do you actually do it? This is it!

Anyway, I am very thankful to you Roy and I hope this review doesn't sound like I am bias of whatever. I really don't care, but I hope that people will take it seriously and act on it because it really can be life-changing! Thank you!

Perfect for newbies

Rosa Joaquinez

If you are feeling confused about what to do (and how to even start your client business), Roy Furr has you covered! 

This course is a perfect guidepost for beginners. You cannot get lost if you get clarity and here you will find some enlightenment! 

I cannot wait to apply what I learned in this course.

Awesome Blueprint

David Lee

Great Strategy for getting clients.


Great Course!

Sean Van Zant

If you follow everything Roy Furr teaches in this course, you are almost guaranteed to get a client!

I am curious whats going to come... until now its great!

Maximilian Huschke


Austin Aluwuo

The best online Course that I have seen, Roy is an excellent teacher listening to him you will feel he is with you one on one, my best copywriting and marketing decision was to become a member of BTMS INSIDERS for just one month from November to December 2020 and Roy has completely transformed my mentality towards getting Copywriting and marketing Clients Plus many other gains like high velocity copywriting and master story telling has impacted so much to my knowledge, thank God I found Roy as I am starting my Copywriting business he has made things easier for me and has earned my respect and tag as my TEACHER for life. my best developmental goal for 2021 is to achieve life member of BTMS INSIDERS. You need to be here too

You NEED to take this course if you want to fix your client business.

Kevin Daniel

This course is not a "tactical" "go here and do this" type of course that gets outdated after few years.

With the 30 day challenge, Roy takes you step-by-step through ALL the FUNDAMENTALS behind launching a minimum viable business that you can later scale if you wish to.

This course will NEVER get outdated because it doesn't walk you through a "specific" type of client business, but YOUR OWN client business. The business that will allow you to live the life you want to have and be the person you want to be.

Thing is, if you already have a client business, there's probably something you've been missing/skipping that's making you struggle...

My respects to Roy for putting this together!

The not-so-lazy man's way to (client) riches

Dean Mackenzie

There's a good reason why there are so many client-getting programs aimed at freelance copywriters: because it's arguably the hardest part of the business!

The problem is that most just regurgitate the same old stuff: get "out there", post on social media every day, spruce up your profile on freelancing platforms, and so on. And while that's all useful and might help pay the bills (it did for me), it's unlikely going to attract the bigger clients that will give you a more comfortable income.

The Client-Getting Blueprint is a different beast. For starters, the emphasis isn't on tactics, but principles (though this approach goes for many of Roy's programs - the old "give a man a fish" vs "teach a man to fish" argument). So while you're not told who to call or which conferences to go to, you're shown how to handle these and other avenues when it comes to attracting clients.

Another big difference: the name might be a little deceiving, since this program goes way beyond "getting clients". This is a complete system that someone with nothing more than an idea or some basic skills in their craft could follow and have a process to hunt down quality clients once they finished. (While I've been around a few years and had some parts of the process already in place, it was still nice to have these validated.)

And finally, Roy's very clear about the work needed to put in. This isn't a "turn up for a couple of weeks and be drowning in clients throwing money at you". There's plenty of hard work involved and no guarantee of instant or even short-term success. Roy gives you the system, but you have to implement it.

Having gone through everything, I'm revisiting my own process and starting to change it for the better. While I don't expect things will change overnight, I'll be much more confident moving forward with the client hunting game us freelancers have to do.


Success Mindset

Juanne Osigweh

This course is organized and expositional. It takes you step-by-step from pre-launch through the various business milestones. More importantly, Roy integrates success mindset principles for business and life.


This is true hand holding at its finest

Faro Vitale



Michael Gibbs

Everything you need to know about how to successfully get clients and build a 6-figure business from scratch is laid out in a detailed step-by-step system within the first four milestones of this training. I can only imagine what Roy has up his sleeve for the other ten milestones yet to be released at the time of me writing this review. One of the best courses you'll take on BTMSInsiders.


Very systematic blueprint

Blessilda Stoker

Roy has a very systematic way of attracting and managing clients. From the first phone call with a prospect, negotiating, and converting a prospect to a client. If you want to nail your client-getting strategy, then you should take this course.


Nicole English

Reviews for Emotional Direct Response Copywriting


This is revealing

Maximilian Huschke

I didn’t know how deep you have to go into emotions to sell, this is really really valuable just for the part about negative emotions.


How to leverage the power of emotions

Pamela Fonseca

Enjoyed Roy being vulnerable and sharing personal stories, which only magnified what the course is trying to teach. I'll also be taking advantage of the book recommendations. Great course.


Like a Swiss Army Knife of emotions

Anthony Metivier

This course goes through all the "seven deadly sins" of self-punishment and misery that prospects put themselves through.

I hadn't thought this deeply about emotions because I'm often stuck in the world of logic. But with the bridge to the positive emotions and Big Idea models, I can't wait to write a promotion with these tools.


Roya Ball


Simon James

Reviews for  Copywriting Royalties And Pay For Performance


Amazing value once again from Roy!

Kai Li Fu

A course that's not to be missed if you about to start out, and need a detailed download of what other copywriters and doing -- and best practices. There's step by step on what to say, and advice on how to handle clients in situations you might face.


Exactly what I needed

Miish Grixti

I was looking for fluff-free insight on how to get paid royalties, and feel confident pitching my work as a fee-plus-performance arrangement. This course gave me everything I needed to feel certain going into my call.


The best $97 I ever invested...

Santos Alberto Ajayi Mata

I'd never heard about BTMS insiders or Roy so naturally I was skeptical when I found BTMS insiders...

But when I read his sales letter for his "Copywriting Royalties and Pay for Performance" course I recognized his talent and experience as a copywriter.

Thinking..."worst case scenario is I ask for a refund."

I dove into the course immediately.

The videos are value packed, short, and the slides are easily downloadable.

It's been less than 2 hours since I've signed up and I've already learned how to structure deals that will be worth 5 figures within the next few weeks, multiple 6 figures within the next year, and millions within the next few years.

If you're on the fence about this, stop it, and jump in.

You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Super grateful to you Roy. Thank you!


What you must know if you don't have a clue on how to get paid

Rosa Joaquinez

Excellent training with what happens with those big clients that are willing to pay you the big bucks. I know this copywriter with a decade of experience working for a flat fee, who has never raised his prices... and even while generating millions for his client, he never asked for a royalty fee. Don't be that guy. Roy Furr has you covered!


Demystifying royalty deals

Csaba Borzási

I watched this course 2 days before heading into a royalty deal negotiation with a prospective client, and it has helped me tremendously in preparing for the meeting itself. I knew exactly what I wanted, how I wanted it, and what "landmines" to look out for. Super helpful at exactly the right time!


Copywriting Royalties and pay for Performance

Dede Fulk

I'm so glad that Roy helped me with something that I have been researching for a while. We both are AWAI-trained copywriters so I was excited to learn from someone with that experience.

I originally hadn't thought of the different pay-for-performance royalty structures. I thought they typically only happened with large control sales letters, but Roy taught me differently. I was dreading the proposal to a client because I didn't quite know how to structure something that would be beneficial to myself or my client. Roy offers a variety of options and really knows how to focus on what's in it for the client...but with the copywriter in mind.

I loved the BONUS on still the best way to get paid for performance. I will definitely try this method as an option with this Real estate developer.

Thanks again, Roy...
Dede Fulk



Michael Gibbs

Before taking this course, I struggled to find a detailed explanation regarding copywriting royalties. Roy breaks it down with an excellent presentation that helped me to finally understand how it all works. From now on, I'll be sure to seek clients who offer pay-for-performance opportunities...and you should too.


Very well-structured and easy to digest

Jake S

It's straight to the point. Best course I've taken on the subject by leaps and bounds. You never disappoint - Great job, Roy!

Reviews for The Copywriter’s Roadmap To Building A Core Offer


Great Guide on Building a Core Offer!

Sean Van Zant

This course helped me simplify the process of building a core offer!


Invaluable Info

Gary Franz

This is something that I would have never thought of in becoming a copywriter. Very informative and useful.


The right way to offer your service to whale clients

Felix Low

Roy will teach how you can bundle up your services to the right clients using his personal method. If you want to know how Roy able to charge so much, this video is a must.


Roadmap to build a core offer part 2

Tomislav Winkler

Incredible help, awesome questions to guide you through one of the most dreaded things for introverts: Talking to clients.


My GUYS — Super Thorough Walkthrough of How to Create a Core offer

James Weiss

I can't say enough about this 3-part series. It had me thinking about my copywriting career in a completely different way. Suddenly, making 6-figures as a copywriter doesn't seem so farfetched.

This, along with High Velocity Copywriting, will take you far if your willing to put in the work and implement these strategies.

Big thanks to Roy for making such an insanely valuable course!


The Copywriter's Roadmap To Building A Core Offer Review

Brian Colborne

This is a rare find and will help struggling copywriters, or even other marketing oriented entrepreneurs to succeed dramatically.. by specializing in their ideal prospects major problem...and building a business around solving that one problem...


I think this saved my life

Roya Ball

I was that person pretty much saying, "Yeah, whatever copywriting work you need, I want to do." Needless to say that wasn't working. Well, this course got my head on straight.

This course covers A LOT of information. It goes in detail on the types of copy, their purpose, why they're useful to clients, what you should charge for them, and more. By covering so much information, the core offer and what problem a type of copy solves is pretty much laid out for you.

What I got from this course is that it's WAY better to focus on one skill and doing that one skill really well. I had heard that before, but it didn't really get through to me. This course clearly laid out WHY you should build your offer based on one core skill. I'm so glad I watched this because I finally get why this strategy is much better and I feel more confident about approaching clients because I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to say, what service I think a client needs, or having to learn how to write every single type of copy.

Basically, this course gave me clarity and reduced so much stress for me.

By the way, I've been in like two other "copywriting" courses/libraries and they sucked.

But I can tell you 100% that Roy Furr's content is like the bomb. 👍


Such an eye opener!

Kris Kitelinger

It was worth every penny just to be introduced to the WWFF Fallacy.

Reviews for Proof, Credibility & Believability


One of the most important trainings in copywriting!

Csaba Borzási

Let me just say one thing: I've been through a lot of copywriting and marketing trainings, but Roy's "Proof, Credibility, and Believability" training is one of the most comprehensive you'll ever see on the topic of Proof. This is a rare gem, thank you, Roy!



Michael Gibbs

In this extremely valuable course, Roy hands you 26 TYPES OF PROOF that will crank up the cred and trust within your promos. You'll keep these in your copywriting toolbox for the rest of your career.


A Treasure Trove of Ideas

Simon Farrar

Every type of business - whether in info marketing, a service provider, or a seller of physical goods - will find plenty here to help make potential buyers believe and, most importantly, buy.

As Roy says near the start of this training: a big promise is only part of a sales message.

Getting them to believe you is the other, often deeply overlooked part.


Roy Furr gave a lot of great examples and ideas on how to increase the believability of your offer

Jude Charles

Having been a marketer for over 12 years, I was initially skeptical that I would really learn anything new while taking this course. But boy was I wrong! Roy really delivered with this course. He gave a lot of great examples for each Proof Element. He also kept the entire course very engaging. It made me think differently about how I can go about adding more proof to my videos and copy.



Wil Reed

So critical to walk the fine line while addressing the "Believability Paradox." Roy delivers again!

Reviews for The Most Valuable Customer Strategy


Most Valuable Training FOR Customer Strategy!

Wil Reed

This is the best, most concise (yet comprehensive) training I've seen for developing and growing a profitable business. Time well spent!


100% recommend

Katja Mokotar

Take your time to really go through the lessons. I haven't seen anything as insightful and useful for your or your client's business as MVC scorecards. Definitely adding this process to my core offer. Thank you, Roy!


Ties everything together

Sander den Boer

Just finished my first run-through of this training, and there is TONS of value here. Specifically, it introduces a lot of very useful concepts you can use to grow your own or your client's business AND (importantly) ties them all together in a structure that you can use and adapt to your or your client's business..


The results speak for themselves.

Marcos Aulie

This marketing training helped me add a missing step that generated a single customer worth $50,000 at the company I work for. Roy gets all the credit for sharing proven direct-response principles that anyone can use to grow a business. After a year in BTMSinsiders, I can truly say that this stuff works.

Reviews for The Value-First Funnel Strategy


The Value-First Funnel Strategy

Jim Carlin

I loved this training. Roy takes you through the process in a clear and logical order, culminating in providing flowcharts on how to actually deliver value first funnels.


The mindset was the real value

Dean Mackenzie

For the past few months, I've been promoting blog posts or lead magnets willy-nilly, with no real thought as to how this helps me sell (while the content is still good for authority or credibility building, that's a different matter). So it's not so much the process (though still helpful!) as the mindset behind why you're doing this or that that was the big takeaway for me.

Reviews for The Control-Beating Project Pre-Flight Plan


Watch this course before you write a single letter in your copy

Felix Low



Kammy Thurman

Laid out the project planning process very clearly and concisely. Really like the mindmapping info!

Reviews for Breakthrough Mind Mapping


Unexpectedly valuable

Miish Grixti

I took this course because I understand things so visually in my head, and have a hard time capturing it on (digital) paper.

This course had everything I needed to do that — quickly. Fluff-free videos that got straight into it.

And on top of that — I now understand clearer than ever how to TEACH what I know.

5 stars.



Michael Gibbs

I wasn't too familiar with mind mapping before joining BTMSInsiders, but I found Roy's use of map maps to teach extremely helpful. The approach speaks to my heart...and makes the neurons in my brain do the happy dance. I just had to dive deeper into the subject of mind-mapping, and Joseph Rodrigues (aka J-Money) does not disappoint in this fantastically insightful course. He also takes you through his own mind map of Roy's Story Selling Master Class. I'm definitely going to incorporate mind mapping into my learning process.


why mind mapping

melvin stinson

This course is showing an element of copywriting that I never knew existed. GOOD JOB!


Lowell Stearn

Reviews for Why Ads Work



Michael Gibbs

Most copywriting coaches tell their students to re-write successful sales letters so they can learn lessons and tactics about high-quality copy. 

In WHY ADS WORKED, Roy goes deeper with an in-depth analysis of Maxwell Sackheim’s classic 40+ year control “Do You Make These Mistakes in English?” and uses the principles he teaches in High-Velocity Copywriting to do so. 

Now, not only will I re-write successful sales letters as a learning tool, but I will use Roy’s methods of analysis to extract 10X more value from them. I hope he analyzes more classic ads in the future. Because I found this lesson to be super helpful. Before you take this valuable course, make sure you complete High-Velocity Copywriting.


Csaba Borzási

Reviews for Backwards Facebook Ads Copywriting


Quick, Insightful, and Incredibly High in Value!

Yamna Malik

This was my first BTMS Insiders lesson and I'm amazed at how much value Roy delivered within one hour! I've taken so many notes!

The best part was learning how effectively the process works, and it's 10x easier too! There were a lot of gold nuggets thrown in there about hooks, story angles, and creating the perfect offer.

I'm ready to practice Roy's technique and take a crack at a couple of ads!


Brilliant insights on Facebook ads!

Yu Wei Lee

I really love how Roy didn't focus on tactical stuff like giving us ad templates which essentially "gives us the fish", but he instead "taught us how to fish" by showing us his method of coming up with more ads -- faster. This course truly pointed me in the right direction and I wished I watched it a lot earlier (could have saved a lot of time while getting more results!)

Reviews for  Welcome Mat Funnels to Get New Customers


Solid Fundamentals for Bringing in a Boatload of New Customers

Wil Reed

Great teaching to help when I launch my business!


Super useful

Katja Mokotar

As always this is another super valuable and insightful training. I love how well it's structured and chunked together so I can quickly go back to the mindmap and find the answer.


Just about everything you need to know about developing a funnel that works for your business

Avinash Luke

Reviews for Email Copywriting Prompts


Fantastic value!

Hunter Arnold



Abdul Razak

I knew I was good at writing. Every time I was practising, I wanted to merge it with a concrete proven framework. Then I came across your prompts. Writing will just be a glorious flow.

Thank you for sharing


Never worry about what to say to your email list again!

Amber Butler

I was struggling to come up with new ideas to send to my list. It can feel that you're saying the same thing over and over. And when you want to email your list more often, coming up with what to say can be difficult. What I loved about this course is that it's straight to the point and he breaks each concept down in detail so that it's easy to understand.



Jason Roberts


Great Course

Kirill Hord

I got a lot of ideas for my emails from this course.


Best training ever

Jim Carlin

This one course on its own was worth the monthly subscription. This is copywriting gold.


31 email writing prompts.

Nick Huonder

This was just what I needed. A structure that is easy to follow with unlimited possibilities! I am super excited to follow this "neverlost" system.Thanks Roy
My confidence soars!


I took down a lot of notes during this course.

Kai Li Fu

Stayed up to 2am watching this course. I couldn't stop. I think some of the concepts here are useful for copy outside of emails :) especially if you are a beginner like me!



Ayebanoa Benwari

Your email content and marketing won't remain the same after this. It can even help with your sales pages



Katja Mokotar

Just having these email prompts printed out cut my brainstorming and writing time in half. Guys, this is gold.


All You Need To Slay The Inbox

Ian Emslie

This comprehensive email prompt 'strategy tree' has everything you need to build out a  killer campaign for your clients...

It may look a little intimidating at first, but trust me, it's not!

Roy gives a very clear explanation of how to use these prompts and gives you just enough juice for your ideas without providing you with a full template... Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way!

I mean, who wants to send the same email everyone else is sending anyhow?

Great stuff.


No more staring at a black screen

Benas Cesnakevicius

Do you need a literally endless resource of sales copy ideas? So you never ever have to stare at the blank screen ever again....
...If that's the case, you must read on...

Here I am again. Blown away and excited to motivate you guys to jump on another course from BTMSinsider's library.

This course is for you if....

#1 You don't have a big budget on paid ads and want to skyrocket your business results almost for free (just a bit of hard work required)

#2 You want to improve your email copywriting skills and write 3 or 6 email-long campaigns so much faster!

#3 Sometimes(or often) you feel stuck at the beginning of your sales message, wondering "what would work best for this market"

#4 If you want to have an endless resource of ideas next to you whenever you write for your business or for clients you serve. (content writing or copywriting)

#5 You have a goal to serve high-income clients as a copywriter and want to charge what you are worth (at least $100-$200/email)

I don't know if I will come back to this group every time I find and watch a super-valuable course on BTMSinsider's library, but...

...I will do it whenever I feel like somebody else is going to find it valuable as well.

And the main reason I am doing this is that...
I know that not everybody is taking full advantage of this program.

And I know that because I bought so many programs in the past and didn't even use 20%.

So I want you guys to really make the best out of it and change your lives for the better. And do not wait any longer.

I am doing that as well!


Huge Treasure Trove of Email Ideas

Jessica Ralph

This training was amazing. I was coming up with so many of my own ideas in the market I'm writing in as I went through. Had to keep pausing to take notes!

A lot of ideas I've heard before but framed in different ways or with different specific examples. Email ideas are one of those things that are always good to hear over and over again so they get in your brain and you can use them when needed without having to go back to a list.

I'll be coming back to this, again and again, to get ideas whenever I need to write an email and don't have an idea that pops into my head right away.


Email Copywriting Prompts Is Great!

Laurie Wright

At first I was sad these weren't the typical swipe copy templates, but as usual Roy knows what he's doing! This is so much better.

Thanks for another great course Roy!


A Gold Mine for Copywriters!

Paroma Minocha

A simple course with immense value! These writing prompts are an effective way to overcome writer’s block. And it is so much fun to write a headline using these prompts.


These Prompts are like Crack Cocaine!!!

Mohammad Wasim

You can play around with one or two of these more than 30 prompts and easily come up with a sequence.

Reviews for Creating A Client Funnel Project From Scratch


Roy is a tour guide with all the maps

James Ball

Wow. This training is like a guided tour into the pyramids of Egypt, with the foundations explained, the labyrinths diagrammed, and the hieroglyphics translated. I don't see how I'd ever come across this material, presented this way, anywhere else. Roy is always leading us beyond copywriting and into strategy and consulting. And that, my friends, is the Holy Land. 10/10.


Solid insight into the funnels used by the financial niche to maximise their ROI

Avinash Luke

Having worked in the financial niche and being involved in crafting funnels myself, Roy's training does an excellent job at exploring how business owners can use funnels to make money more wisely, AND how copywriters can pile on the value, and demonstrate expertise in their next project so they can go beyond being a business entity that just writes copy.



Steven Roggenbuck

Loved this detailed look inside the whole funnel creation process, and really the thought process behind what kind of offer and funnel they needed to make paid cold traffic work for this specific business. Would be interesting for copywriters and entrepreneurs/business owners alike.


An excellent comprehensive overview

Steve Hill

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the thinking and strategy that goes on behind the scenes with any funnel-based project. The ability to skillfully design and guide across the entire marketing process (as opposed to simply providing copy) is what makes a true marketing copywriter so valuable to clients.


5 Stars

Csaba Borzási

Reviews for Finding Gold In Your Funnel Stats


A rare look behind the funnel curtain

Steve Hill

In this short course, Roy pulls back the curtain on funnel analysis. When a funnel goes live, there are always areas where fine-tuning can make all the difference in profitability - and this course shows how to find and fix them. It should be required viewing for any marketing copywriter.

Reviews for Writing Powerful Bullets and Fascinations


Key Micro-Copy Skill To Improve

Bruce Harpham

My copy coach encouraged me to improve my bullets, so this training was perfect for me. I appreciate the specific bullet writing techniques covered in the course.


Paroma Minocha

At first I was sad these weren't the typical swipe copy templates, but as usual Roy knows what he's doing! This is so much better.

Thanks for another great course Roy!

Reviews for Strategic Email Marketing for Copywriters



Landen McNiven



Great intro to email marketing

Kai Li Fu

The course was easy to understand, and had just enough information for a beginner.



Ayebanoa Benwari

The strategies!!! You just boosted my confidence to run this campaign. A lot of times getting insights from someone ahead does wonders and getting this whole breakdown. I'm super glad. Thank you!


Solid Stuff!

Chris Humphrey

This is comprehensive but very actionable content. I won't ding any stars off for the mindmap training (I loathe mindmaps) because Roy does such a great job explaining everything.



Mohammad Wasim

Roy went through the birds-eye view of the entire email marketing system with specific details. Anyone interested in maximizing conversion using e-mail as a communication tool should go through this session.

Reviews for Freelance Copywriter Websites


Great Course!

Sean Van Zant

I would have never thought to "Schedule a Call" for a CTA for each page of my site before going through this course! And I got a few more great things out of this course!


A to Z Works For Me

Alan Morgan

Thanks for being thorough with your Freelance Website training. You've laid out the necessary components of a website framework that will serve up results. The result being an appointment for a call or meeting to discuss future business together.


Homepage/Sales letter comparaison.

Pierre Gagnon

Hi Roy, great course.
I enjoyed your concept of a sales letter for a website.
I'll try to build mine as a one-page/homepage with all the essential content. With links to additional pages for more in-depth content (…see more).
So I can present my solution in one take, without moving the client out of the page—for an improved UX. With gratitude, Pierre.

Reviews for Copywriter Client Onboarding


Great structure for Calls

Katja Mokotar

The questionnaire gives you and your client peace of mind because it covers all the bases. It makes you look pro + it's all written so you have a black-on-white reference if they want any changes during the project. Again, thanks Roy!


Detailed Onboarding Questionnaire

Ivy Carla Trapero

I have done several onboarding calls with clients. I have my set of questions, few of which appeared on the list that Roy has provided. But I gotta give 5 stars for Roy's questionnaire because it's clearly laid out in proper order. I can imagine that the flow of this call with the client will be smooth-sailing and will help be perceived as an expert. It’s very comprehensive. The answers that will be generated from this call is more than enough to get the project started and done. 👍🏽

Reviews for Think Like an A-list Copywriter


Start here.

Jess Kelly

This course was a great place to start going through the BTMS content, it is the first lesson I chose to open.
The mindset truly does come before everything else, and so the most logical place to begin is of course at the beginning.
This was a quality and solid foundation for this period of learning and the early stages of my career development.



Michael Gibbs

If you want to become an A+ Copywriter, you must first learn to think like one. How does an A+ Copywriter think? You'll find out when Roy introduces you to these 17 principles that will magically shapeshift your thoughts and reprogram your brain to manifest the mindset of a copywriting pro.


Great foundations for next level thinking

Anthony Metivier

This is a great training with a compact set of ideas and references for making sure everything you write has what it takes to convert. There's one split-testing principle in here that I'm dying to try. It goes against the common dogma and yet makes so much sense. I'm not sure why I've never come across it before.



Are you starting as a copywriter? Watch this training ASAP!

Fabi Gomes

You won't regret it. It's an amazing content that will help throughout your career. The soon you learn this, the better.

Thank you, Roy, for sharing it in the BTMS Insiders. I'm so glad I'm learning a lot with BTMS courses in my first year as a copywriter. It'll definitely improve my work.


Csaba Borzási


Aliz Kasim

Reviews for Freedom Through Copywriting


An hour well spent

Emem Ofor

In "Freedom through copywriting," Roy took the time to explain how as a freelance copywriter, one should think several steps ahead towards becoming a business owner and not just a person who who sells their copywriting skills. I never thought I could take this path as a freelance copywriter, but through this lesson, Roy has provided several steps for achieving financial freedom through copywriting.


A must watch before anyone starts their freelance journey!

Paroma Minocha

There's so much that needs to be done and be prepared for, before starting as a freelancer.
And this course sheds light on all those factors which nobody talks about.


Life-changing for marketers and copywriters

Benas Cesnakevicius

To me, this was the most eye-opening and strategic copywriting/marketing success training I have ever watched and it was just 66 minutes long...

Roy definitely has a massive library with a lot of great trainings and courses. Still, the one I think is the most important of them all, and I think everybody should watch it (especially marketers and copywriters) is called  "Freedom Through Copywriting"

This training is for you if:

#1 You want to have a life of true freedom as a copywriter and have a long term vision (so you are not thinking one week or one month ahead)

#2 You feel like you are stuck in a certain stage in your career, and  you want to understand what is your NEXT STEP

#3 You want to start accumulating money without "having to take another client ever again."

#4 If you want true freedom and peace of mind beyond just making 6 figures a year. (never having to have "money anxiety" ever again!)

#5 You want to understand the principles of money and how your can "stack money" instead of just making it

P.S. I suggest downloading the mindmap immediately after watching and rewriting the whole thing in your own handwriting.

I know that it will take some time(for me it took 15 minutes), but it works!


Great insight

Alexandros Arsoudis


Illuminates my path as a copywriter

Douglas Lee

Deciding to become a copywriter was a very recent decision, as I'm transitioning from being a business owner/entrepreneur to focusing on instead building up copywriting as a skill.

Roy's words strongly reinforced what first inspired me to make the leap, as copywriting in itself is an incredible skill and like any skill it's up to your own creativity on how you can maximize your earnings.

Really appreciate how you've articulated the process clearly, and how a copywriter upon establishing fast freedom should start looking at building up leveraged income streams!

Reviews for Fast Cash Flow Email Campaigns


Great tips from Roy

Kai Li Fu

I am a newbie to emails so it's interesting to learn how Roy set up a few of his email campaigns. He also shares little copy tips on the side which I also enjoyed.


Awesome Email examples

Tomislav Winkler

Lots of nuggets, ideas and inspirations for email marketing campaigns and copywriting.


Roy is an absolute genius! This particular training is loaded with of dozens gold nuggets of marketing wisdom.

Avinash Luke

Am I glad I watched this session. If you asked me to single out one thing that really stood out to me, I wouldn't be able to, because there's just so much value packed into this: 

The section about creating sensory experiences for your readers while selling to make them feel like they have some stake in the outcome was particularly powerful. I think it's an essential part of successful selling. 

That coupled with the email messaging format for sales campaigns is definitely something I'm going to be using soon. 

The concept of building up the perceived value of your product through routine daily emails, and using that to make your sales emails all that more valuable is genius! 

As a copywriter, I've come up with more ideas during this 1 and a half hour training than I have in the last week.


David Borden


Simon James

Reviews for Roy Furr’s Networking Secret


Annoyingly simple game changer

Angela Archer

I enjoy face to face networking events more than trying to get leads from LinkedIn and cold emailing. Roy's secret technique is one of those annoyingly simple ideas that makes you think 'Jeeze, why didn't I think of this!' It's one of those things you can't unknow and is a total game changer for hooking more clients at networking events. Thanks Roy.


This is a MUST for anyone looking to win new clients from networking events

Roland Eva

This course gives you a simple way (so simple you'll kick yourself for not doing it previously) to position yourself as an in-demand professional copywriter.

We all know that you don't want to try and "get money" at an event. So the secret is follow up. This course gives you a simple way to book more meetings with potential clients.



Michael Gibbs

This short little course packs a strong punch and makes a big impact. Roy teaches his networking process step-by-step. You'll want to take this one before stepping into your next convention.


Solid idea I'm going to try

Anthony Metivier

This is a good idea for keeping focused on people at meetings and rapidly booking a time to connect for problem-solving and creating new business. I already use one of the tools mentioned and have put together the suggested strategy and can't wait for the next opportunity to give it a try.

Reviews for Build Your Email List for Marketing and Sales


A TON of Value for Building Your 'Fan Base'!

Wil Reed

More great content from Roy. Time well spent!


You have to take this course!

Ayebanoa Benwari

My love for this course and the clarity. It broke down the email marketing strategy to the basics while showing not just how to build the list but make it profitable. Thanks Roy!


Solid orientation for list building and email marketing

Tomislav Winkler

Getting into email list building as a total beginner can be overwhelming. This training really offers you solid principles and insights to up your list building and marketing.

Reviews for The Scientific Path to Increasing Profits


Good course about testing

Roya Ball

Covers multivariate testing, split testing, and the different factors that go into that. has some other good nuggets of information, too.


Excellent guide to different kinds of tests

Anthony Metivier

This is the example-based information I needed to think about how to test better.


Simon James

Reviews for Scientific Advertising In The 21st Century


Good rundown of general marketing rules

Roya Ball

This was a good lesson as a beginner. It gave me so many things to think about. It covers things that are generally done in marketing and WHY. 

For example, I like how they went into detail about why long copy is better than short and why you always have to repeat yourself. The entire lesson was very helpful.


Great Refresher

Avinash Luke

This course was a great recap of some of the core fundamentals of Direct Marketing. Like many other direct marketers, I make it a point to re-read Scientific Advertising once every 12 months, and getting Roy's perspective on some of the concepts and principles that are taught in the book was valuable. 

One of the key takeaways for me personally was the importance of establishing a clear buying criteria, or risk having your prospects operate on a buying criteria of their own design.



Csaba Borzási

It's rare to find trainings on Scientific Advertising... and even rarer to find one that takes all that original wisdom, and expands on it based on the demands of our modern day. This training really delivers


Simon James

Reviews for Know Thy Customer



Ayebanoa Benwari

It gave me a whole lot to think about and I was already getting ideas for writing email copy and more as Roy was talking. It's an amazing concept and I'm going to adapt it


Another Great Course!

Sean Van Zant

I learned about things to study about a prospect I've never seen taught in any other copywriting training I've had throughout all the copywriting training I've had so far!


Excellent Deep Dive!

Steve Messer

Great training on a critical topic - Thanks Roy!

Reviews for Hiring A Superstar Virtual Assistant


Perfect timing

Laurie Wright

So happy to have all of Roy's knowledge at my fingertips! Whenever I have a question or start to wonder about something, I know I can find answers here. I never would have thought this deeply about hiring a VA, so once again very thankful to have access to the BTMS library.

Reviews for Small Work, Big Productivity


Small Effort, Big Payoff after watching this!

Lee Blackwood

This should be required training for everyone inside BTMSInsiders. Often I feel like my efforts at being productive get repetitive and redundant - leaving me feeling like I've actually wasted my time. This training is a comprehensive overview, because it truly goes into specifics that you can put into action today. Lots of great food for thought on how we can breakdown our productivity processes. Although the main video lesson is just over an hour, I ended up taking probably twice that time for making notes, and stopping to immediately enact the tips and advice in this mini course. I downloaded XMind and Workflowy and got to work! thanks, Roy, just what I needed!


Realistic and Actionable

Ivy Carla Trapero

All of the points in Roy's mind map are valid. They are so true, and I'm relieved that I'm not the only one experiencing the same roadblocks when it comes to productivity. In this masterclass, Roy also shared actionable steps that I can take, either solo or with an accountability group. I'm going to apply the lessons ASAP.

Reviews for Training Your Subconscious Success Mechanism


This was an INCREDIBLE Training!

Giorgos Konstantinou

Hey Roy - had to share.

I've just sunk my teeth into the subconscious training. Thank you for bringing me a lot of clarity - and honestly a reminder of what I want to be doing to make myself feel better, and bring myself into that better state.

No WOOHA. Just pure facts and actionable steps that ARE ACTUALLY applicable! So many self help courses just... preach about meditationg 72 minutes a day whilst sitting on a rock and screaming affirmations.

This is doable, effective - and actually works. I'm an avid journaller, but you gave me SO many more ideas. I'll be journalling multiple times a day. 

Much love, thanks for all you do!


Best course on mindset I've taken.

Sylvia Bae

Honestly, this course was just what I needed. I’d been stalling and procrastinating on working on my copywriting career when I came across this course. Roy strikes a delicate balance between theory and application. Never overwhelming us with too much information and providing personal examples. It gives you the tools to address any self-imposed barriers or self-sabotage you are dealing with. Highly recommend!



Jess Kelly

The quality of information in this lesson is impossible to put a value on.

It is an extremely well thought out and well delivered curation of psychological principles and how to apply and practice them in real life ways.
The principles aren't new to me by any means, thanks to a lifetime of group and workshop style therapies, but I have a renewed perspective I am grateful for.
I wouldn't say Roy condensed this vast amount of knowledge it's taken me a lifetime to acquire; but that he distilled it and then organized it in a way I've never experienced before.

The material presented is extremely relevant and accessible. Truly remarkable. Highly recommend to any human being, not just business people.

Reviews for  Hot Seat Copy Reviews


Always a Great Help!

Sean Van Zant

The Hot Seat Copy Reviews are worth the $97 (which is a very low price anyway) for the BTMSinsiders memberhip.

Reviews for  My System to Get Testimonials



Katja Mokotar

I'm always clunky when it comes to asking for testimonials (How do I ask, will they accept is it too soon? Too pushy?) Well... I'll now feel at peace because I have Roy's system - and if he's using it means that's how it's done :)

Reviews for  16 Tips to Grow Your Copywriting Business


16 Tips to Grow Your Copywriting Business

Vijay Kodali

Well explained in detail. Thank you Roy Furr.

Reviews for  Zero to $100k


Perfect Answer to My Question!

Sean Van Zant

Was literally thinking about asking this question on the BTMSinsider's facebook group.

But checked Roy's training and found the answer!

Would highly recommend for anyone, especially copywriters to watch and work through this training!


When You Step On the Gas Make Sure You Have the Proper Footwear

Alan Morgan

Great training on the inner game required to have the willpower, desire, and fortitude to weather the ups and downs of making it to $100k. Without that, all the necessary skills of the marketing copy business will never see their true potential. This training on focusing on your mental attitude and business attitude is SUPER!


If you need help moving forward, watch this

Angela Archer

I've been stuck for a long time. Too long in fact. This course has helped to shed light on what's been holding me back and the steps I need to take to move forward. Thanks, Roy I owe you a million!  

Reviews for  Email Marketing Partner: Business Blueprint


Amazing Value (email copywriter here)

Santosh Balakrishnan

I've been writing email copy for over a year now and this module helped me understand the business and strategy side of things better than $999 courses. Love the mindmaps and the crisp explanation. If you are looking to get serious about copywriting, Roy Furr is right up there with the very best.


Email Marketing Partner:Business Blueprint

Nick Huonder

This is a worthwhile investment because it is straight to the point on what a email partner is,what you would be doing,and how to do it.No fluff.This product delivers exactly what you need to know and most importantly how to think about the possibilities with this arrangement and the angle you will use to gain new clients.Roy's teachings are always easy to understand and simple to apply.

Reviews for  The 6-Step Belief-Shifting Framework


A fabulously effective structure

Mirka Pohjanrinne

If you want to learn a super-simple structure for any sales message, this is it – a perfect companion to listen to while taking a 1-hour walk... As always, the templates are such a bonus as well. Thanks Roy!


The one framework to rule (almost) them all

Folarin Madehin

I liked this course. It's given me a repeatable system I can use again and again to craft VSLs, sales pages and the like. And I'm especially curious to try it out in email sequences. I like how it's specific enough that you're always sure what you need to be doing. But still "vague" enough that you can put in your own ideas and be as creative as you want to. 

Another thing is how you can creatively apply this in several different ways. If you're willing to do a little thinking, and really look at what each part is trying to achieve, you can apply it to almost any market, almost any offer, almost any message, and almost any format. 

I definitely recommend you check it out if you're a framework addict and you'd like something you can go back to again and again when you write without having to nervously search through Facebook's Ad library looking for something you probably won't find. And even if you DO find what you're looking for, wouldn't you want a way to improve on it? Because that's another thing this course can do for you: it can level up your "copy brain". If you're thinking about getting it, just do. You already want it. And I can tell you you won't regret it. I sure didn't.


Gives you the big picture AND the step-by-step "how to"

Simon Farrar

As with Roy's High Velocity Copywriting training, I like that this training first gives you the big picture... then drills down into what you should aim to cover in each of the six sections of this sales message framework. Very helpful and easy to understand.

Reviews for  Cash for Copy Reviews

Reviews for  Content Marketing to Grow Your Business


Great Content - Pun Intended!

Wil Reed

Tons of useful information packed into this training.


Just what I needed

Mirka Pohjanrinne

Was literally thinking about asking this question on the BTMSinsider's facebook group.

I've been going back and forth with whether or not copy reviews is a service I should (or could) offer, but Roy's course finally gave me the confidence to go for it. The framework is so clear and easy to apply that I'm excited to start taking my expertise to the next level. Excellent resource and so immensely valuable. Thanks, Roy! 🙏

Reviews for  Monthly Insiders Call


Copy-shifting brilliance

Patrick Reilley

Knowing how to change beliefs is the Midas touch. Turn your next promo into solid gold with this training.


Huge Treasure Trove of Email Ideas

Jessica Ralph

This training was amazing. I was coming up with so many of my own ideas in the market I'm writing in as I went through. Had to keep pausing to take notes!

A lot of ideas I've heard before but framed in different ways or with different specific examples. Email ideas are one of those things that are always good to hear over and over again so they get in your brain and you can use them when needed without having to go back to a list.

I'll be coming back to this, again and again, to get ideas whenever I need to write an email and don't have an idea that pops into my head right away.

Quick, Insightful, and Incredibly High in Value!

Yamna Malik

This was my first BTMS Insiders lesson and I'm amazed at how much value Roy delivered within one hour! I've taken so many notes!

The best part was learning how effectively the process works, and it's 10x easier too! There were a lot of gold nuggets thrown in there about hooks, story angles, and creating the perfect offer.

I'm ready to practice Roy's technique and take a crack at a couple of ads!


Email Copywriting Prompts Is Great!

Laurie Wright

At first I was sad these weren't the typical swipe copy templates, but as usual Roy knows what he's doing! This is so much better.

Thanks for another great course Roy!


Helped me Understand the hidden secrets behind the acquisition wheel

Muhammad Huzaifa

Roy put total energy and effort to help me understand why successful are successful. Why they're going and growing successfully. Mamma mia, highly recommended.

Really liked this one!

Chris Humphrey

This was packed with great and actionable info. Can't wait to put it into action!


These Prompts are like Crack Cocaine!!!

Mohammad Wasim

You can play around with one or two of these more than 30 prompts and easily come up with a sequence.

Great Freelance Website Training!

Sean Van Zant

I like the way you gave alternative website content pages that are essential for a website. Rather than the optional, popular website architecture. 

And that most copywriter websites don't convert very well. 

You also gave a solution for helping copywriters convert prospects that come to their site through a funnel.

Essential viewing if you’re serious ...

Gary Cooper

Roy is simply brilliant at breaking down concepts and ideas into workable chunks and methods you can introduce into your copywriting business. 

His suggestions have saved me many wasted hours - and I’m learning from someone who is walking the talk.

Don’t miss these.

Reviews for  Pinnacle Performance Habits


Really Welcome Advice

Alan Morgan

This was a thorough look at how to create a plan to accomplish your work goals and objectives. Tools to help with your planning, soul-searching techniques to keep you on point with your personal values. This, put into practice, is a game changer!

Reviews for  Finding Purpose in Your Work and Life


Great Stuff!

Sean Van Zant

Wasn't sure if I was going to learn too much based upon what I've read or "thought" I've read in the past.

I learned some pretty invaluable info in this course.

The true power in regards to any course is the work you put into it. And I got a lot more out of if because I put the work into it. I didn't realize how out of sync I was, and how much I needed to clarify and prioritize my values.

Clarifying and prioritizing values is one of the most important things you can ever do in life. And that will help you find your purpose in life.

Reviews for  AI Copywriting Assistant


AI as Your Copy Cub

Kevin Dawson

The first ChatGP video I've seen that specifically shows you how to use AI as a junior copywriter. Many other courses mention that... this one delivers. And I'm looking forward to using these tactics to help optimize some copy I'm writing now.


Clarified ChatGPT's strengths and weaknesses

Simon Farrar

After all the recent talk about ChatGPT and copywriting - which has ranged from fear mongering about job losses to done-for-you at the push of a button - it was very helpful to see how a true pro ACTUALLY uses it.

Reviews for  The Future-Proof Marketer


Took my worries about Chat GPT away

Leolo Bruhn

Great stuff!

I was worried about my envisioned future as a marketer/copywriter, due to AI on the rise. However, after watching this, I'm not really that worried anymore. Thank you.