What is BTMSinsiders?

“We share ideas that grow businesses.” That’s the core of BTMSinsiders.

We’re direct response marketers, through and through. And so we speak to companies and professionals who practice direct response marketing. The kind of marketing where you live and die by results. Where $1 spent today must create a measurable return of $1 or more within a predictable timeframe, customer in tow. Selling multiplied in media.

BTMSinsiders is a library of training for people who are in the trenches, using direct response marketing every day. Entrepreneurs. Business-builders. Founders. Marketers. Consultants. Coaches. Copywriters. Growth hackers.

We provide affordable, accessible subscription-based access to what we’re building to be the preeminent and most comprehensive streaming video library of proven marketing and business-building training and supporting resources. A catalog of training created and curated by founder and lead instructor, Roy Furr, an accomplished direct response marketer known for regularly creating million-dollar-plus campaigns and breaking client sales records.

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Who is Roy Furr?

Roy Furr
Founder, BTMSinsiders

Before discovering direct response marketing in 2005, Roy was working in the customer service call center at his local gas company. So if you didn’t pay your bill all winter and gas service got shut off on the first warm day of spring, he’s the guy you called to yell at.

Then, he discovered marketing. Within 6 months, he was running marketing for an IT training publisher, became a member of their “brain trust,” and helped them grow from $2 to $6 million and beyond, landing a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing businesses.

He also dabbled in freelancing, where he started working with some of the marketing greats, including Ken McCarthy and Mark Ford (then known under his pen name of Michael Masterson). In 2010, he launched his consulting and copywriting career, and continued creating breakthroughs for clients, including Brian Tracy, Nightingale-Conant, and AWAI. Within a year, he won AWAI’s $10k Challenge “big check” award, getting recognition as the industry’s hottest up-and-coming direct response copywriter. He also wrote his first million-dollar promotion for a client, forcing them to shut down sales to keep up with demand.

The million-dollar hits kept coming, as Roy kept helping more and more clients create breakthroughs. He went on to create winners in multiple niches, especially writing to investors, entrepreneurs, and survivalists.

Plus, his history in marketing (not just copywriting) has led him to create consistent breakthroughs for clients, without writing a word of copy. For example, one client made an extra $500,000 in profits from a 5-minute conversation with Roy. For another client, he helped them install a series of web video premieres and hot list campaigns that generated tens of thousands of new leads and hundreds of thousands in new customer sales.

And in 2014, Roy was asked by Brian Kurtz to write the sales letter for the Titans of Direct Response event, featuring many of the biggest names in direct marketing: Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, Greg Renker, Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Perry Marshall, Joe Sugarman, Fred Catona, Eric Betuel, David Deutsch, Arthur Johnson, Parris Lampropoulos, Michael Fishman, Jim Kwik, and Ryan Lee. Gary Bencivenga, one of Roy’s original marketing heroes, wrote Roy to tell him, “Your promo sings.” And Brian Kurtz celebrated the promotion on stage at Titans.

Roy has worked with many of the great direct marketing companies, including Agora divisions, Weiss Research and Clayton Makepeace, and others. Plus he regularly works with, consults with, and has grown friendships with countless other entrepreneurs applying direct response to grow their businesses.

Since 2014, Roy has shared over 1 million words worth of 100% free, value-driven content via his daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets essays. These are read by a who’s who of direct response, including many A-list copywriters and partners in some of the world’s biggest (9-figure) direct response companies.

What does BTMS stand for?

BTMS, as in BTMSinsiders, is short for Breakthrough Marketing Secrets. But Roy thought adding “insiders” to the end of that domain name would be too long, so he opted for the abbreviation. For everyone’s sake.

For those in the know, both “breakthrough” and “secrets” are hat tips to the greats of our field of direct response marketing, and should serve as a nudge and wink that we’re playing the same game.

When Roy was getting started in direct marketing, studying the greats, he heard the best of the best consistently referring to their dead heroes. Classic direct marketing greats from generations back, whose works still influence even the most cutting edge internet marketing.

Hopkins. Caples. Ogilvy. The list goes on.

And so while he kept one foot in the present, learning the latest techniques and tactics for applying direct marketing today, in today’s media…

He also looked back at all the classics, to get to the very core principles and strategies that work in all media, because they’re based on the universal drives and motives we all share, and the natural decision-making process we all go through when buying.

BTMS, in just four little letters, is meant to encompass and pay homage to the many shoulders of many giants that we stand on today.

The BTMSinsiders Core Values...

Most great businesses operate on a set of core values. These values guide decisions big and small. How you act, behave, and orient yourself. How you measure success. Who you let in, and who you keep out. Core values are the guiding light of a great business.

The Core Values that we run our business on are…

  • The Golden Rule: We treat others the best way we want to be treated.
  • Multiplier: We constantly create a bigger future for everyone we come into contact with.
  • Value-First: We deliver 10X more value than we ever expect in return.
  • 5-Star Preeminence: We strive to be the best, most beneficial option in our category, creating a “wow” experience that’s clearly head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Kaizen: We practice continuous incremental improvement in all impact areas.
  • Fail fast, learn fast: We embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve, so we test things that may fail with enthusiasm and speed.
  • Better together: When the team wins, we all win.
  • Integral: We help each other be fuller humans by supporting physical, mental, spiritual, social, and systemic health.
  • Long-view: We act in ways to foster 12-year or 12-decade relationships, not 12-minute, 12-day, 12-week, or even 12-month profits.
  • Call the dead moose: When we see an issue, big or small, we name it and address it quickly and completely.

Are we always perfect at these? No way! But by constantly keeping these on our radar and in our intentions, we operate at a much higher level, creating a better world for everyone around us — including you!