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You can’t just “create content” 
and call it marketing…

Here’s how to use Strategic Content Marketing 
to get more leads, customers, sales, and profits 
— and grow your business…


Today, ANYBODY can call themselves a Content Marketer…

Because, let’s be clear, every human being with a computer or cell phone has the ability to be a content creator.

Pull out your phone.  Hit record.  Share on social media.

Boom, you’re a “content creator.”

Get a few followers, and suddenly you’re an “influencer.”

Tell your followers about a product or service, and you’re a “content marketer.”

And while I’m admittedly sounding like a grumpy old white guy here…

This WORKS to 
generate business results…

The Kardashians created over $2 billion in net worth as content creators and influencers.

Kylie crossed the $1 billion mark launching products to her Instagram following.

The Rock became the highest-paid male actor.

His Teramana Tequila brand was the most successful launch of a spirits brand in history.

He lifts an eyebrow and his newest business venture is successful.

He might even run for president — and polls have said he’d win.


The Rock, the Kardashians, so many others like them…

They win because they have massive and engaged followings for the content they create…

Who are willing to take actions based on their recommendations.

They’ve become leaders to their audience, in no small part because of the content they produce.

But let’s be real…

These are huge celebrities.

They live in a different world than the vast majority of us.

And they have entire media and publicity machines that drive their total success.

Most of us face 
a HUGE uphill battle…

First, we’re competing with The Rock and The Kardashians to get our content noticed.

And we’re competing with every other self-appointed content creator with a cell phone in their pocket.

For example, just on YouTube…

You’re one of 37 million channels, competing for users’ attention…

And every minute of the day, over 500 HOURS of video are uploaded to YouTube, that you’re fighting with to get views.

Even by 2019, the total content being uploaded daily was staggering…

🖼 3.2 BILLION images shared…

📺 720,000 HOURS of video uploaded.

Again, that’s every single day.  And those numbers are more than a couple years old — it’s only grown since then.

In this environment…

Attention has become 
the most valuable commodity… 

Consider this…

The average user has never paid a penny to Facebook in their life.

This means that you, the user, are NOT Facebook’s customer.

As a user, you’re actually Facebook’s PRODUCT.

Your attention is being sold — to the tune of $117 billion per year — and Facebook’s true customers are the advertisers who pay to put content in front of you while you scroll.

Facebook and every other social media network know this.

In today’s always-on, infinite content environment…

The real value is in grabbing, holding, and directing the attention of your audience.

An audience’s attention is a license to print money.

Why is attention so valuable?

In short, attention precedes action.

✔ If you want to get someone to take action…

✔ If you want to get someone to sign up and become a lead or prospect…

✔ If you want to get someone to become a customer for the first time…

First, you need their attention.

Then, you need to make the case for action.

And finally, you give them that opportunity to take action…

To become a lead or customer…

To give you the sale, to put profits in your pocket.

This is why advertisers pay so much to get in front of audiences on every platform imaginable.

Because they know an audience who gives attention to content is full of buyers just waiting for an opportunity to spend money.

And yes, you can get buyers with advertising…

But here’s the thing…

Even great advertising today
can take a tip from 
Content Marketing…

Take the whole idea of “native advertising.”

The main idea is that you run advertising that looks and feels like the content around it.

Someone is engaging with content, they see your ad, and suddenly they’re engaging with your ad.

Often this shows up on news sites — and the rule of the ad network is that the page you send them to must look and feel like a “news article.”

This has been going on for DECADES.

It first got its name in print media — an “Advertorial.”

Reads like an editorial, sells like an advertisement.

And they work for the exact reason that Content Marketing works…

You create advertising that fits in with the content around it.

You get engagement — attention.

And you direct that attention toward the action you want the prospect to take.

Since readership (or generally, attention) is the very first sale you need to make…

Creating content like what people are already paying attention to can be a powerful advertising success strategy.

Good news: Content Marketing 
can also be FREE advertising…

Here’s the thing…

If you’re creating content people want to consume, they will consume it.

✔ It can help you build an audience. 

✔ It can turn you into a leader in your industry.

✔ It can help turn leads from cool to warm to hot.

And it can even get people to take action.

You don’t even have to spend a penny to make this happen.

You create targeted, quality content for your audience.

You make it available for your prospects to find.

And it will attract new leads and customers to you.

(A large part of my business since 2014 has been driven through content marketing.)

When you do this well, the same content can even be used as part of a paid advertising strategy.

Either for sending traffic directly…

Or as part of email marketing to maximize the value of each lead you generate.

Here’s the thing though…

There’s a big difference between 
mere content creation and 
Strategic Content Marketing…

Anybody can create content.  Most people do, on some level.

But how can you create content that targets the core of your audience…

Attracts them in…

And ultimately generates real business results — leads, customers, sales, and profits?

And that pays off compared to the time invested?

How do you create content that turns you into a leader in your market — that is able to get prospects to take action on your recommendation?

How do you build a loyal following and customer base, even in niche markets?

Here’s what it comes down to:

✔ Content Strategy…

How does content marketing fit strategically in your total marketing mix?  

What goals are you looking to accomplish with your content marketing?  

How can you use content strategically to encourage buying decisions?

✔ Content Structure… 

How do you structure individual pieces of content in order to actually generate the desired results?  

How do you create content that gets attention and encourages your best prospects to take action?  

What content templates can make content creation faster, easier, and more effective — without trapping you into lookalike content that doesn’t fit your market or message?

✔ Content Creation…

How do content marketing machines (like yours truly) consistently churn out so much content and stay top-of-awareness, without it feeling overly repetitive?  

How can you create content marketing that speaks directly to your prospects’ most burning questions?  

How can you make your content consistently interesting?

This is NOT about networks
or specific content tactics…

This is about the strategy that endures even as social media networks come and go.

This is about how to think like a strategic content marketer and content creator, to maximize your business results, on ANY network.

This is about how to use content in any medium to drive actual, measurable business results.

This is a set of skills that will continue to serve you for as long as you want to use content marketing to grow your business, or clients.

Here’s how to get
Content Marketing to Grow Your Business…

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Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

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It’s a 10/10!
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Content Marketing

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I've never taken content marketing seriously, being a copywriter. Until I watched this... now I realize how much content marketing can help build a business, for me AND my clients.


Great Content - Pun Intended!

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Tons of useful information packed into this training.

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