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The Secret to Creating
Wildly-Profitable, Scalable
Marketing Funnels

You (or your client) just launched your new marketing funnel.

Maybe you did an initial email blast, or tested some paid traffic.

You know it’s NOT A TOTAL BOMB.

It got some results.

Maybe you scored some new leads, customers, sales, and profits.

But it’s not gushing cash (yet).

You might even worry that you have a failure on your hands — a mediocre performer…

Especially because all your easy button hopes and dreams of pressing that launch button and getting rich haven’t come true yet.

[Don’t worry: It’s absolutely rare to have a huge winner out of the gate.  Even among A-list marketers and copywriters.  What comes next is where the real money is made.]

That’s when you start to wonder…

“What’s ACTUALLY going on with the funnel?”

“How well is it REALLY working?”

“What in the funnel is working like it’s supposed to?”

“What specific steps in the funnel are not working well?”

And then the million-dollar question…

“What can we test, optimize, and improve in this marketing funnel to turn it into a runaway winner?”

Relevant slice of marketing history: When Jay Abraham, “The $21.7 Billion Man,” published a paid print newsletter, his name for it was, “Your Marketing Genius at Work.”  His primary path to marketing genius recommended throughout was MARKETING TESTING AND OPTIMIZATION.  It’s a common, novice error to believe you will express marketing genius out of the gate.  But you can consistently discover genius-level marketing through testing and optimization.

I’ve recently gone through this process on a few different marketing funnels (both client work and internal).

It’s clear we have a working funnel on our hands…

But at the same time, it’s not an easy button profit machine out of the gate.

There are steps of the funnel that are doing very well.

And there are other steps that are bringing down the total performance.

The gut reaction is often, “Ugh, this doesn’t work, let’s start over.”

Or even worse, to try to fix it only by looking at one obvious component — such as the main sales message — and assuming fixing that is the path to fix everything.

Sometimes the problem is that main sales message.

And sometimes the WORST thing you could do is to touch the main sales message, because it’s already a runaway winner and meddling with it is only likely to break it.

(I’ve had BOTH of these opposite scenarios come up with two recent funnels.)

If you want to create a highly-profitable marketing funnel, you have to dig into the marketing stats and figure out, specifically, what needs to be improved…

Better data for better decisions.

Sometimes the client does this for you…

If they have a team of really sharp marketers, experienced with funnels like the one you’ve created with them, they’ll figure this out…

We’ll call this Client #1.

Client #1 is likely to come to you with something like…

“We’ve taken a look at the funnel stats, and we need higher front-end conversions to make this a big winner.  Everything else is dialed in, and we just need to boost the conversion rate on the front-end to roll this out, big.”

In which case, you go to work improving what they say needs to be improved.

But sometimes, you need to do this for yourself…

If it’s client work, this client may be less experienced — in general, or with this specific funnel design…

We’ll call this Client #2.

Client #2 is more likely to come to you with…

“Uhm…  This isn’t working as well as we hoped.  Can we talk about how to improve it?”

To succeed with Client #2 and make that funnel a winner, you need to learn to analyze funnel stats like Client #1 — and make similar decisions.

And if it’s your own marketing funnels you’re trying to optimize until they gush cash?  You need to be like Client #1, whether you’re creating all the marketing or working with staff or freelancers.

In the end, you will find it almost impossible to create truly scalable funnels unless and until you understand how to analyze and make decisions based on your marketing funnel stats…

This stats analysis is in-the-trenches work — and is way less sexy than, “How to write powerful, profitable headlines your market can’t ignore.”

But this is also what separates the true winners from the wannabes.

It’s what great marketers do that makes them great.

It’s how you take a funnel that launched to almost anything better than dead-on-arrival and turn it into a much bigger winner.

(Nearly every online marketing funnel can be made to generate more measurable results — leads, customers, sales, and profits — with analysis followed by the right focused effort.)

And let me add this…

If your take-home income is tied to the success of a funnel and you are NOT doing this, you’re leaving a TON of money on the table…

Whether you’re the owner or partner in the business, and you get a cut of profits…

Or you’re under some kind of royalties or pay-for-performance deal where you get paid based on results generated…

You can DRAMATICALLY increase your income by making sure you dig deep into the funnel stats after launch.

Giving some generic numbers that help you understand this…

A funnel might be a total dud in one particular niche if the Earnings-Per-Click (EPC) is anything less than about $2.  (That means that for every person that visits the entry page of the funnel — on average — the funnel generates $2 in revenue or profits.)

A $2-$5 EPC might be okay in this niche, but nothing scalable.

$5-$6 EPC might mean you have a core traffic source that will be reliably profitable, and it’s worth making the most of that traffic source.

But in this niche, perhaps an EPC above $6 becomes very scalable, and above $8 means you have access to a TON of traffic you can drive into the funnel.

Now, this is a total funnel stat.  Meaning, it’s a final result from all traffic into the funnel.  You don’t optimize just for this stat.

You improve the total funnel output by improving little things.

I call these “micro-conversions.”  Even just the click from one page to the next matters.

Every micro-conversion you optimize for and improve within the funnel increases total funnel output.

Even better, every little improvement is layered on top of the next…

And this can compound into some truly astounding increases in revenue and profits!

Let’s say you shoot for 20% improvements in a few steps within your funnel.

Just one of these is only going to improve your funnel output by 20%. 

Combine two 20% improvements in sequence though, and the total output increases by 44% — not just 40%.

Add two more 20% improvements — in opt-in, VSL stick rate, click to order form, order form conversion, upsell take rate, etc., etc. — and you’ve more than doubled your total funnel output.

But what does that really mean?

Let’s say your funnel launched at $4.50 EPC.  Out of the gate, using the numbers above, this means it’s “nothing scalable.”

At $4.50 EPC, you might only be able to drive 10,000 clicks.  (Maybe from an internal list and some close partners.)  That’s $45,000 in revenue from the funnel.

But you recognize there are some things that work, and some that don’t.

And you run a few tests in the funnel, aiming for an average 20% improvement in performance per step.

After two 20% improvements, you’ve actually brought your EPC up to $6.48. 

Using the categories above, you just went from “nothing scalable” to the lower end of “very scalable.”

But what does that mean?

Well, you could easily end up with 10X the number of clicks coming into the funnel.

10X the number of clicks, worth 44% more per click.

  • You just turned your $45,000 funnel into a $648,000 funnel!

Now here’s some EYE-POPPING MATH for you…

Let’s say instead of two 20% improvements, you find four 20% improvement opportunities.

Because they compound on each other, that’s a 107% improvement in funnel output, and your $4.50 ECP has increased to $9.33.

That’s well into the “you can drive a TON of traffic into this funnel” territory in the breakdown above.

Suddenly all the affiliates and JV partners want to promote your funnel.

Suddenly you can buy traffic at more traffic sources.

Suddenly you can afford to outbid competitors in ad auctions, to appear first.

Suddenly you can go a bit broader with your targeting, because this is working so well.

All of these advantages add up to the point where this higher EPC can give you access to 100X as many clicks.

Instead of the original 10,000, we’re talking 1 million funnel visitors.

At an average EPC of $9.33, that’s $9,330,000.  $9.3 million!

  • You stand to make 207-times as much revenue — from four little 20% improvements!

Is this for real?

Anyone with serious experience in direct response marketing and online funnels will tell you it is.

I was just speaking with one offer owner who said he’d spent the last year launching and testing a new offer and funnel.

He’d recently gotten it to about $1 million in total sales.

But then he said, “We’re finally getting it to the point where we can scale it.”

The point being, he didn’t spend that year so he could make $1 million from it.

He spent that year making that $1 million in sales as he was optimizing the funnel…

Knowing the next year he might be able to scale that to 10X or a lot more.

(Another offer he was part of is nearing the $100 million mark.)

This is how online advertising works.

The people who control traffic want to earn the most money for it.

So if you can pay more to acquire a customer, you get access to more traffic.

The more you can pay, the more traffic you can get.

And it’s exponential.

A tiny advantage in how much each customer is worth…  And therefore how much you can pay for traffic…  Can open up access to 2X, 5X, 10X, even 100X as much traffic.

And the way you create these tiny advantages is by diving into your marketing funnel stats…

Finding opportunities to improve throughout the funnel…

And systematically optimizing the micro-conversions within your funnel until you’ve achieved that tiny advantage that yields truly massive results.

Let me show you how to break down marketing funnel stats to find gold…

In Finding Gold in Your Funnel Stats, I’ve taken a recent funnel stats analysis…

Removed all identifying information to protect the client privacy…

But kept enough specifics to make it hyper-useful…

And I’m explaining the process of digging into the stats and analyzing the data.

Then, I’m walking you through my thinking and decision-making process, about what to do next, to optimize the funnel.

This is your opportunity to “look over Roy’s shoulder” for real-world, in-the-trenches marketing work that can make a massive difference in total profits for a funnel.

Importantly, you’re getting the THINKING, not some over-generic and useless calculator.

Nearly every funnel is different.  There are different steps, different setups, different reporting, different platforms, etc.

Some generic calculator or worksheet would only be useful if your funnel steps matched exactly.

The thinking behind how to analyze the stats and make testing decisions is what matters. 

That’s what you get in Finding Gold in Your Funnel Stats.

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