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These 3 Words Get You

In a moment, I’ll share with you 3 simple words.

They are words you know.

Familiar words.

Words you’ve heard and used before.

But these 3 words, used in the right way, could be the secret to your business having all the clients you can handle.

It doesn’t really matter 
what business you’re in…

As long as your success relies on being “the expert” on what you do — you, or your team…

  • A service business — solo copywriters, marketing agencies, professional practices, local services, other kinds of done-for-you work.
  • An information business — coaching, courses, and other info products delivered at scale.
  • A combination of those businesses — where you sell some training and coaching, plus do higher-ticket work directly with clients.

Heck, your expert-status could simply be layered on top of any products you sell

To differentiate your offers, with education-based marketing.  

If you want your audience to turn to you as the expert and trust your guidance…

And unlimited clients to come knocking…

These 3 words are the secret to getting more clients, better clients, clients who are happy to pay you higher prices for the value you provide.

These 3 words will also
turn you into a celebrity
within your market…

If you’re in my corner of the marketing world, you probably recognize these names…

Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, Russell Brunson, Alex Hormozi, Donald Miller, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sabri Subi, Seth Godin, Todd Brown, Jeff Walker, Jim Edwards, Jay Abraham, Brendan Kane, Bob Bly, Ryan Levesque…

All of them — they used these 3 words…

And became celebrity-experts in marketing.

As did many generations of marketers before them.

Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, Ted Nicholas, Vic Schwab, Gary Halbert…

But it’s definitely not limited to marketing.

Pick any field where there are recognized experts.

Pick out a name — or a dozen — of the recognized authorities in that niche…

Folks who have some level of “market celebrity” status (even if they’re not a celebrity in the traditional sense and the mass market doesn’t know who they are).

And I can pretty much guarantee that you know their names and you recognize them because they’ve intentionally, systematically used these 3 words to climb their way to the top…

This name recognition 
has benefits…

When you become “the gal” or “the guy” in the market, opportunity comes to you.

Clients come to you.

The clients show up ready, willing, and able to give you money.

You can ask for higher fees — and get them.  

Clients respect you more, and so they’re easier to work with.

And when you do this right, there’s also effectively unlimited clients — as many clients as you’d ever want and need to serve, and then some.

So you have…

  • Unlimited clients…
  • Lined up to pay you higher fees…
  • Who are easier and more delightful to work with.

Sign me up, right?

How do you make it happen?
With these 3 words…

Okay, no more teasing…

The 3 words that can get you unlimited clients are: Authority, Results, and Knowledge.

What do I mean?

  • Authority — You have recognized authority status in your area of expertise.
  • Results — You have a believable method for generating the desired result, in a repeatable way.
  • Knowledge — Your market knows who you are, what you do, and why your approach is different and superior.

Think about this…

If your ideal clients see you as the authority on the value you provide, they believe you can get them that valuable result, and they understand why you uniquely are qualified to provide that value…

How hard will it be to get clients?

How many clients will be lining up at the door?

“Sounds great, but… 
I don’t know how to do that.”

Listen, I get it.

This might sound great as a far-off vision of what you can become.

But you’re worried that it takes years — even decades — to develop this kind of status.

It doesn’t have to.

Sure, you can and should spend your entire career building your Authority, Results, and Knowledge in the market…


You can radically accelerate the process…


It can start happening within months or even weeks, one potential client at a time…

It’s all about…

  • Making your decision…
  • Setting your intention…
  • And building your system…

Your Unlimited Clients System.

The secret?
It starts with 
an ARK offer…

You know how you do what you do.

You know how you get your results.

And you could probably teach others how to do it, too.

An ARK offer is a way to package that up and share it with the world.  (ARK = Authority, Results, Knowledge.)

The most common version of this is a book.

Every single recognized expert I named above has a book.  (Or many!)

And it’s never a mistake to package up your expertise in a book, to share with your market.

But it doesn’t have to be a book.  

And just writing a book is NOT the same as creating an Unlimited Clients System.

The key is you need to build an offer that goes into the marketplace and increases awareness around YOU.

  • It positions you as an Authority.
  • It shows your system for getting Results.
  • And every person who buys it gains Knowledge of you.

And importantly, your ARK offer needs to be so accessible that anyone and everyone who even might be in your target market — today or in the future — can buy it.

But just as importantly, you must be able to sell in a way that scales profitably, that attracts buyers and not just freebie-seeking mooches.  (People who cannot pay are NOT your ideal clients.)

Then, you share it…

This is the Unlimited Clients System.

This is everything you build around your ARK offer that allows you to put it in front of your entire target market.

Done right, this makes it easy to use paid traffic to go get customers and clients.

Because you’re putting $1 in, getting at least $1 out — before the credit card bill is due.

And you’re getting a steady stream of new customers…

Many of whom will ONLY be good customers for your ARK offer, at least for now.

But some of whom are your ideal clients, ready, willing, and able to invest in your highest-ticket services.

And they’ll be delightful clients…

They’ll want the Results you can provide, and believe you can help them achieve them.

Because they just bought your ARK offer.

They’ll have Knowledge of what you do, and how it’s an ideal solution…

That was in your ARK offer.

And they’ll see you as the Authority…

Because they just got all this brilliant information from you.

Even better…

This system is built to scale, fast.

That’s the whole $1 in, $1 out thing.

The goal is to build a system that allows you to put your name and expertise in front of your entire market, ASAP.

When you do that, a small segment of your market who is ready, willing, and able to become your ideal client today will step forward.

You won’t just sell your ARK offer to them, they’ll want everything you’re willing to sell to them.

But that’s not all.

You’ll be building a customer relationship with a ton of other people who are in your market.

They will be paying you for your expertise, through your ARK offer…

And at some point in the future, when they’re ready to ascend and become your ideal client, you’ll be who they turn to.

So the longer you do this, the more clients you’ll have beating down your door.

But it starts by building that system today.

Can I give you the framework
for your personal
Unlimited Clients System?

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this.

Writing a book and publishing it on Amazon (at least exclusively) is the wrong way.

Just slapping up any old offer you think a few people might buy is the wrong way.

Trying to skip the work and effort involved in creating an Unlimited Clients System and go straight to selling your high-ticket services is the wrong way.

The right way?

  • Building an ARK offer that maximizes awareness of your Authority, Results, and Knowledge among your target audience.
  • Pricing your ARK offer to bring in maximum buyers in minimum time.
  • Knowing what else to sell to generate profits — or, at the very least, not lose money — starting the day you start advertising your ARK offer.
  • Launching an effective sales funnel for your ARK offer, that allows you to spend $1 to get at least $1 back.
  • Building in-between products that allow you to maximize per-customer value at scale.  (This can create a lot of profit before you do any 1-on-1 work with clients.)
  • Attracting those ideal clients who will pay the most to reach out to work with you directly — which you can accept or politely decline at your discretion.

There’s plenty more to this, but I’ll save that for the training…

Here’s how you get access to 
Unlimited Clients System

Unlimited Clients System: How to get the best clients in your market to show up at your door is the October 2023 Monthly Insiders Call for BTMSinsiders members.

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