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Business Learning, Process, & Strategy Expert

Joseph Rodrigues

Joseph uncovered his passion for entrepreneurship when he discovered the leveragability of the internet at 15 years old. After hitting a ceiling on his entreprenural growth, he dedicated 10 years in corporate America learning about systems, processes and big business building and management methodologies.In 2009 he left corporate with a wealth of experience and understanding, connected back to his entreprenural roots and started his IT business which he grew to service 50+ clients in the Toronto, Canada area. After a few years, he began selling off his clients to other IT firms and started a YouTube channel based on his deep passion for sharing valuable experiences with other entrepreneurs. A few years later his Youtube channel skyrocketed in popularity, turning his art and labor of love into a successful business with multiple revenue streams using a lean operational methodology allowing him to be paid well to do what he loves, through an elevated dedication and commitment to the growth of the entrepreneur while travelling the world and having a lot of fun.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Video Lesson (52:50)

    • Supplement: Bo Eason Jerry Rice Story

  • 2

    Goal Setting

    • Video Lesson (1:03:16)

    • Supplement: Book Links

  • 3


    • Video Lesson (1:14:54)

    • Finance Spreadsheet Template, Google Sheets

    • Finance Spreadsheet Template, Microsoft Excel

  • 4


    • Video Lesson (40:32)

  • 5


    • Video Lesson (1:57:24)

  • 6

    Workday Time Management

    • Video Lesson (1:08:32)

  • 7


    • Video Lesson (52:10)

  • 8

    A Quick Request

    • A Quick Request

  • 9

    Supplemental Materials

    • Download: Mind Map

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