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An almost-instant way
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your copywriting skills…

One of the fastest ways to learn to write better marketing copy is to have an experienced copywriter review your copy…

When I think back to all my time in copywriting, going all the way back to 2005…

Some of the most impactful moments I had as a copywriter…

Were those times I had really, really good copywriters look at my copy and give me feedback.

  • VERY early in my career, Ken McCarthy, the OG internet marketer, reviewed copy I wrote for his System Club business…
  • Right as I was launching, Mark Ford (pen name Michael Masterson) reviewed a sales letter that would turn into my first big blockbuster as a freelancer…
  • When I worked with underground financial copywriting legend David Galland, he taught me a concept I repeat in almost every copy review I do today…
  • Working with Clayton Makepeace I got brand new insight into how to go straight for the jugular with my copy…
  • Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, and David Deutsch ALL reviewed my copy for The Titans of Direct Response (along with Brian Kurtz!) and each gave me special insights…
  • I spent years working with Cindy Butehorn and Nancy Cathey, behind-the-scenes A-players in direct response, and ALWAYS improved my copy as a result…

And there were countless others, experienced marketers, all the way back to my first marketing job, selling IT training.

I was constantly getting feedback.

Learning, not just how to make that specific copy better…

But how to improve as a copywriter for every single piece of marketing copy I write going forward.

And for many of those copy reviews, I could tell you the specific lesson or lessons I learned, that I still use and apply to this day.

Even as I’ve taken courses and trainings, attended conferences, and read a whole wall of books on copywriting and marketing…

These copy reviews still stand out as some of the most impactful learning opportunities I’ve experienced.

It’s about looking at one single piece of copy, and identifying specifically how to make that copy better…

Tied to that is the justification or “reason why” behind the edit…

The lesson being applied, the principle at play…

And how that applies not just to that copy, but to every piece of copy going forward.

Very early in my copywriting career, I realized I also had a talent for GIVING copy reviews…

An early client promoted me to interim copy chief, and I was reviewing a whole team of copywriters’ copy on a weekly basis.

A while later, I started coaching copywriters, reviewing their copy — and many have gone on to become top copywriters in their own right.

More recently, I started offering copy reviews as a service…

  • One copy review turned into a multi-million dollar funnel for the client — after I completely shifted the positioning and big idea of the copy.
  • Another copy review led to over 8,000% ROI for the marketer.
  • Another led to the best promo in years for a top marketing guru.
  • Another I just got an email about (this morning, as I write this) looks like it’s created another winner — going from a literal 0% conversion rate to 1-in-10 opt-ins turning into an application to become a coaching client, on cold traffic.
  • And there are plenty more — more leads, customers, sales, and profits!

It’s no wonder then that I now charge $1,250 for my standard copy review service.  Because even the hour I spend looking at the copy and the hour talking about how to improve it can generate a swing of $100,000s or even millions of dollars in revenue for the client.

And if you want to get me to look at your copy PRIVATELY, you can and absolutely should invest in my copy review service.

That said…

BTMSinsiders members now have another way to get the benefit of my copy reviews!

This includes recordings of me doing copy reviews, as well as the occasional opportunity to hop on with me live as we look at YOUR copy.

First: Instant streaming access to an archive of copy review calls…

This is your opportunity to sit there and listen in as I review members’ copy.  You’ll see the copy I see, and hear me identify both what works and what doesn’t, as well as what can be done to improve the copy.

And this is the important part, ultra-relevant to you, even if this isn’t your copy and you’re in a completely different market or industry…

I almost always tie my suggestions to a powerful principle or “reason why” for the edits — justifying the change, and giving universally applicable insights to generating more response.

This is, as I alluded to above, the X-FACTOR behind great copy reviews.

It’s not just about making that copy better.

It’s about you becoming a better copywriter, and seeing specifically how to write better copy.

And it doesn’t have to be your copy to get that benefit.

With BTMSinsiders membership, you have instant access to these past copy review calls, and can learn from my reviews of other members’ copy.

Second: You can join me live for occasional Hot Seat Copy Reviews calls…

From time-to-time, I’m hopping on Zoom with BTMSinsiders members and doing first-come, first-served “Hot Seat”-style copy reviews.

These are group copy reviews, where everybody gets to see the reviews I do for everybody else.

And you can attend whether or not you submit copy for that particular review.

Here’s how it works…

Prior to the call, I send out two links.  One is to pre-register to attend the Zoom call.  The other is to submit your copy to me.

Then when the time comes, I hop on Zoom with you…

And for the hour (or however long the call is scheduled for), I will be there with you on the call, reviewing all the copy that’s been submitted, on a first-come, first-served basis.

We’ll keep going through the copy until the time or submissions run out.

This is, of course, a semi-public venue.  So that may influence what you choose to submit — or whether you submit copy at all.  (The paid private copy reviews being your alternative.)

I also ask you to confirm you have all necessary permissions to allow me to publish the review, including your copy — which may include getting permission from your client, if the copy is done as “work for hire.”  (I know, that’s not a sexy or exciting disclaimer, but it’s necessary.)

However if you do submit your copy, you’re going to get me, looking at your specific copy, and providing specific recommendations to make it better.  

Plus the principles behind my recommendations, which you’ll be able to use for a lifetime of writing more effective sales and marketing copy.

…  Just like the recommendations I’ve made to achieve the results above.

This is a way to get access to my $1,250-per-review thinking — and it’s included with your cost of BTMSinsiders membership…

It’s yet another way I’m piling on the value for BTMSinsiders members…

Helping you become a better marketer and copywriter-entrepreneur.

Creating more and bigger breakthroughs.

And I can’t wait to help you create breakthroughs with YOUR copy!


Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [March 2024]

    • Video Lesson (56:06)

  • 2

    A Quick Request

    • A Quick Request

  • 3

    Hot Seat Copy Review [February 2024]

    • Video Lesson (34:18)

  • 4

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [January 2024]

    • Video Lesson (38:30)

  • 5

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [December 2023]

    • Video Lesson (59:18)

  • 6

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [November 2023]

    • Video Lesson (36:51)

  • 7

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [October 2023]

    • Video Lesson (34:01)

    • The Lazy Man's Way To Riches Promo

  • 8

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [September 2023]

    • Video Lesson (48:48)

    • Roy's Confessions of an Investment Industry Insider Promo

  • 9

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [July 2023]

    • Video Lesson (45:04)

  • 10

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [June 2023]

    • Video Lesson (33:08)

  • 11

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [May 2023]

    • Video Lesson (56:40)

  • 12

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [April 2023]

    • Video Lesson (59:27)

  • 13

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [March 2023]

    • Video Lesson (1:06:56)

  • 14

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [February]

    • Video Lesson (46:11)

  • 15

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [January 2023]

    • Video Lesson (1:06:30)

  • 16

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [December 2022]

    • Video Lesson (38:43)

  • 17

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [November 2022]

    • Video Lesson (1:01:26)

  • 18

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [October 2022]

    • Video Lesson (52:12)

  • 19

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [September 2022]

    • Video Lesson (59:32)

  • 20

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [August 2022]

    • Video Lesson (55:44)

  • 21

    Hot Seat Copy Reviews [July 2022]

    • Video Lesson (55:35)

  • 22

    Hot Seat Copy Review [June 2022]

    • Video Lesson (54:28)

  • 23

    Hot Seat Copy Review [May 2022]

    • Video Lesson (57:01)

    • Related Training Mentioned During The Call

  • 24

    Hot Seat Copy Review [April 2022]

    • Video Lesson (1:06:36)

  • 25

    Hot Seat Copy Review [March 2022]

    • Video Lesson (1:03:31)

  • 26

    Hot Seat Copy Review [February 2022]

    • Video Lesson (1:13:19)

  • 27

    Hot Seat Copy Review [January 2022]

    • Video Lesson (57:01)

  • 28

    Hot Seat Copy Review [December 2021]

    • Video Lesson (1:02:13)

  • 29

    Copy Review [Felix]

    • Video Lesson (44:14)

  • 30

    Copy Review [William]

    • Video Lesson (52:15)

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Hot Seat Copy Reviews
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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