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If you're sick and tired of wondering where your next client will come from...  There's hope!

You DO NOT have to sit around waiting for a client to call or email.  You don't have to resort to hope and prayer.  You and you definitely should not spam your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts and groups, trying to get anybody to pay you a pittance to work for them.

There's a better way.

A systematic approach to generating real demand for your expertise.  A way to get clients to come to you, cash-in-hand, ready to pay you what you deserve, for the value you can provide.

It's a system.  A process.  A blueprint.

It's designed to take you through the 14 milestones every client business can pass to maximize success.  Starting from wherever you are, and taking you to where you want to go.

It's called The Client-Getting Blueprint.

This will help you launch and grow your client business…

If you want exact steps to follow to launch and grow your client business, The Client-Getting Blueprint is for you.

Every successful client business is based on these fundamental pillars:

  • Get Traffic: Get the attention of the right prospects through both attraction-based organic marketing and paid advertising.
  • Make Conversions: Build a funnel that gets the best prospects on the phone, pre-educated, pre-motivated, and pre-qualified to do business with you.
  • Profit from favorable Economics: Create a solution for your prospect’s problem that’s worth paying big money for.
  • Fulfill on the Value: Actually serve your clients, deliver value, and create a remarkable experience.

To launch your client business, you must lay your foundation in each of these areas first.  Then you revisit each area to build and scale the business, expanding, improving, and optimizing it as you go.

The Client-Getting Blueprint is built from the ground up to help you achieve all of this, starting effectively at zero…

Like every other BTMSinsiders training title, it focuses first and foremost on proven-effective strategies.

The training is built to apply to ANY client business, regardless of industry.  That means if you’re a copywriter or marketing agency like many in my core audience, you’ll quickly see how this applies to you.  And yet, if you’re in any other industry, you’ll find you can easily adapt these principles and strategies to build your business, too.

This training is built for action-takers.  

It’s full of simple, direct worksheets that help you ask the important questions to build your client business.  All you have to do is follow the video, fill in the simple worksheets, and your action plan for launching and growing your business will be laid out before your eyes.

Let me give you a headstart with the 30-Day Launch Your Client Business Challenge...

When you login to the player to start The Client-Getting Blueprint, you'll see the first lesson is The 30-Day Launch Your Client Business Challenge.

This is a special bonus addition to The Client-Getting Blueprint that takes you through the entire foundation of launching your client business, in 30 days.  In about one hour per day.

You'll cover over 10 hours of training, in measured doses, plus the specific action items and steps you need to take. 

👉 Just follow along and by the end of these 30 days, you'll be well on your way to getting your first great client — if you haven't gotten them already.

And by the end of these 30 days, you will have built a rock-solid foundation for a client business that can grow and scale with you, well into the future.

(And yes, I recommend you start here even if you already have a client business.  First, because it can help you fill any holes that might currently be limiting your client business success.  And second, because the blueprint is additive and these first lessons are the foundation for everything else going forward.)

The Client-Getting Blueprint is a SUBSTANTIAL training…

… And it is still in development, with new content being added consistently to the BTMSinsiders catalog.

You can start with what’s available now, and get access to everything else as it’s added to the ever-expanding library of BTMSinsiders training.

The Client-Getting Blueprint is divided to cover the 3 main stages of growing a client business: Launching, Building, and Scaling.

And divided across these 3 stages there are 14 total milestones any client business can go through to scale to its fullest potential.

(Important note: If you just want to be a solopreneur you don’t have to go through all 14 stages.Simply go as far as your goals and aspirations take you.  However every client business that reaches maximum scale will reach all of the 14 milestones.)

Here are the Stages and Milestones [including their current development status]:

Stage 1: Launching Your Client Business [Available Now]

  • BONUS: 30-Day Launch Your Client Business Challenge
  • Milestone 1: Economics: Starter Offer (V1)
  • Milestone 2: Conversion: Manual & Organic Prospecting Funnel
  • Milestone 3: Traffic: Phase 0
  • Milestone 4: Value: Putting in the reps 

Stage 2: Building Your Client Business

  • Milestone 5: Economics: Next-Level Offer (V2) [Available Now]
  • Milestone 6: Conversion: Leadership Marketing [Available Now]
  • Milestone 7: Traffic: Phase 1: Traffic Foundation [Available Now]
  • Milestone 8: Conversion: The 5-Step Client Funnel [In Development]
  • Milestone 9: Traffic: Phase 2: Core Traffic Sources [In Development]
  • Milestone 10: Conversion: Funnel Optimization [In Development]
  • Milestone 11: Value: Manage the volume [In Development]

Stage 3: Scaling Your Client Business

  • Milestone 12: Economics: Offer V3 [In Development]
  • Milestone 13: Traffic: Phase 3: Scaling Your Traffic [In Development]
  • Milestone 14: Value: Build the business [In Development]

Start watching now…

Some of the later milestones of The Client-Getting Blueprint are still in development, but you can start watching now with the BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass.

See for yourself. When you join BTMSinsiders, you get The Client-Getting Blueprint included with your membership.

Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    START HERE: The 30-Day Launch Your Client Business Challenge

    • What is The 30-Day Launch Your Client Business Challenge?

    • Start Your Daily Emails for the 30-Day Challenge

    • 30-Day Challenge Downloads

  • 2

    Introduction to The Client-Getting Blueprint

    • Video Lesson (1:02:08)

    • Intro Downloads (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 3

    Milestone 1: Economics: Starter Offer (V1)

    • Intro, Video Lesson (6:50)

    • Define your MARKET, Video Lesson (37:33)

    • Define the PROBLEM, Video Lesson (17:33)

    • Define the SOLUTION, Video Lesson (1:01:10)

    • Identify the CLIENT, Video Lesson (23:34)

    • A Quick Request

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (4:30)

    • Downloads for Milestone 1 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 4

    Milestone 2: Conversion: Manual & Organic Prospecting Funnel

    • Intro, Video Lesson (3:23)

    • Minimum Viable Funnel, Video Lesson (10:26)

    • Appointment Booking Tool, Video Lesson (36:49)

    • Strategy Session, Video Lesson (1:00:38)

    • Offer, Video Lesson (25:51)

    • Getting Paid, Video Lesson (16:20)

    • Follow-Up, Video Lesson (26:02)

    • A Quick Request

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (4:39)

    • Downloads for Milestone 2 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 5

    Milestone 3: Traffic: Phase 0 Traffic Strategy

    • Intro, Video Lesson (8:26)

    • Minimum Viable Traffic, Video Lesson (8:27)

    • Cold Email Messaging, Video Lesson (32:06)

    • Cold Calls, Video Lesson (4:15)

    • Conferences & Events, Video Lesson (10:40)

    • Value-First Contribution, Video Lesson (18:28)

    • Organic Leadership Marketing, Video Lesson (15:11)

    • A Quick Request

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (4:42)

    • Downloads for Milestone 3 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 6

    Milestone 4: Value: Putting in the Reps

    • Intro, Video Lesson (6:50)

    • What does "Putting in the reps" mean? Video Lesson (12:37)

    • The Specific Process of Building a $120,000/Year Client Business, Video Lesson (50:06)

    • Getting Things Done in Your Client Business, Video Lesson (30:18)

    • Turn On Your Client-Getting System, Video Lesson (8:14)

    • A Quick Request

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (9:56)

    • Downloads for Milestone 4 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 7

    Milestone 5: Economics: Next-Level Offer

    • Intro, Video Lesson (12:22)

    • Offer Reflections, Video Lesson (47:40)

    • Revisiting Client Offer Types, Video Lesson (24:21)

    • 4-Part Offer Presentation, Video Lesson (43:20)

    • A Quick Request

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (9:03)

    • Downloads for Milestone 5 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 8

    Milestone 6: Conversion: Leadership Marketing

    • Intro, Video Lesson (7:42)

    • Becoming a Thought Leader, Video Lesson (40:43)

    • Your Keynote Presentation, Video Lesson (39:46)

    • Your Media Channels, Video Lesson (1:05:55)

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (4:58)

    • Downloads for Milestone 6 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

    • Related Training: Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

  • 9

    Milestone 7: Traffic: Phase 1 Traffic Fundation

    • Intro, Video Lesson (14:35)

    • Before Traffic, Analytics, Video Lesson (13:35)

    • Remarketing, Video Lesson (24:38)

    • Branded Search, Video Lesson (17:45)

    • Wrap-Up, Video Lesson (4:39)

    • Downloads for Milestone 7 (Worksheet & Mind Map)

  • 10

    More useful lessons from Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

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I finally found it!

Will Stecher

I finally found a marketing framework for my coaching practice! I was reverse-engineering the marketing process from books, articles, and experience. I found/created a lot of pieces on my own and was making progress. But, when I found The Client-Getting Blueprint, I immediately got a course correction, starting putting the pieces I had in an even better order, and created pieces suggested by Roy to "fill in the gaps" and cover my bases.

The day I watched the summary video of the course I called my wife sharing my excitement of "finding the marketing-framework-treasure-map". Roy's The Client-Getting Blueprint is a beautifully orchestrated series of (DO THE WORK) steps that will take you where you need to go if you are responsible for getting clients.

Thanks, Roy!


Love the detail and the systematic approach.

Steve O'Connor

This is NOT a 10,000 ft level summary of what one person did one time to get clients. It's a very detailed framework that provides clarity with every step. Not finished with the course yet, but I absolutely love what I've completed so far!


Finally! A clear path to getting clients

Maryann Breece

I've struggled to figure out my niche for over a year. Then when I found one I couldn't figure out how to proceed to getting actual clients.

Found the Client Getting Blueprint, and almost overnight my mind cleared. With each training it became more clear how to proceed. Still a bit left to go through but just milestone one has clarified my path more than over a year of struggling on my own could.


Awesome course

Mike Kinner

Thanks, Roy!

This course has been super helpful for me. I am getting some super actionable tips on how to get new clients!



Danny James

It's like lifting the hood and gaining an understanding of how all the pieces should move and work together for YOUR business. From start to finish. Excellent!



Zach Messai

Everything you need to know! Thanks


Awesome Course

Lisa Tannler

Roy Furr is brilliant.  This course (along with every other course in BTMS) is at a level rarely seen in the entrepreneur space.  Roy is brilliant and shares his knowledge freely.  I highly suggest listening to this course. Thank you Roy.


The Most Detailed Client Getting Training, Period

Benas Cesnakevicius

Hello, Copywriter, Marketers, and Business owners. Let me tell you straight:

If you are looking for training where you could learn everything, literally everything there is to know about creating an amazing client business, this is it. It seems that nothing is left out.

I had an experience with quite a few programs I paid thousands of dollars on, and they don't come anywhere near this piece of magic. And for real, there is nothing magical in it when you think about it, but it's THAT effective.

Are you looking for training that can give you results beyond just explaining "What" should you do, and instead will give you an exact blueprint on "How" do you actually do it? This is it!

Anyway, I am very thankful to you Roy and I hope this review doesn't sound like I am bias of whatever. I really don't care, but I hope that people will take it seriously and act on it because it really can be life-changing! Thank you!


Perfect for newbies

Rosa Joaquinez

If you are feeling confused about what to do (and how to even start your client business), Roy Furr has you covered! 

This course is a perfect guidepost for beginners. You cannot get lost if you get clarity and here you will find some enlightenment! 

I cannot wait to apply what I learned in this course.


Awesome Blueprint

David Lee

Great Strategy for getting clients.


Great Course!

Sean Van Zant

If you follow everything Roy Furr teaches in this course, you are almost guaranteed to get a client!


I am curious whats going to come... until now its great!

Maximilian Huschke



Austin Aluwuo

The best online Course that I have seen, Roy is an excellent teacher listening to him you will feel he is with you one on one, my best copywriting and marketing decision was to become a member of BTMS INSIDERS for just one month from November to December 2020 and Roy has completely transformed my mentality towards getting Copywriting and marketing Clients Plus many other gains like high velocity copywriting and master story telling has impacted so much to my knowledge, thank God I found Roy as I am starting my Copywriting business he has made things easier for me and has earned my respect and tag as my TEACHER for life. my best developmental goal for 2021 is to achieve life member of BTMS INSIDERS. You need to be here too


You NEED to take this course if you want to fix your client business.

Kevin Daniel

This course is not a "tactical" "go here and do this" type of course that gets outdated after few years.

With the 30 day challenge, Roy takes you step-by-step through ALL the FUNDAMENTALS behind launching a minimum viable business that you can later scale if you wish to.

This course will NEVER get outdated because it doesn't walk you through a "specific" type of client business, but YOUR OWN client business. The business that will allow you to live the life you want to have and be the person you want to be.

Thing is, if you already have a client business, there's probably something you've been missing/skipping that's making you struggle...

My respects to Roy for putting this together!


The not-so-lazy man's way to (client) riches

Dean Mackenzie

There's a good reason why there are so many client-getting programs aimed at freelance copywriters: because it's arguably the hardest part of the business!

The problem is that most just regurgitate the same old stuff: get "out there", post on social media every day, spruce up your profile on freelancing platforms, and so on. And while that's all useful and might help pay the bills (it did for me), it's unlikely going to attract the bigger clients that will give you a more comfortable income.

The Client-Getting Blueprint is a different beast. For starters, the emphasis isn't on tactics, but principles (though this approach goes for many of Roy's programs - the old "give a man a fish" vs "teach a man to fish" argument). So while you're not told who to call or which conferences to go to, you're shown how to handle these and other avenues when it comes to attracting clients.

Another big difference: the name might be a little deceiving, since this program goes way beyond "getting clients". This is a complete system that someone with nothing more than an idea or some basic skills in their craft could follow and have a process to hunt down quality clients once they finished. (While I've been around a few years and had some parts of the process already in place, it was still nice to have these validated.)

And finally, Roy's very clear about the work needed to put in. This isn't a "turn up for a couple of weeks and be drowning in clients throwing money at you". There's plenty of hard work involved and no guarantee of instant or even short-term success. Roy gives you the system, but you have to implement it.

Having gone through everything, I'm revisiting my own process and starting to change it for the better. While I don't expect things will change overnight, I'll be much more confident moving forward with the client hunting game us freelancers have to do.


Success Mindset

Juanne Osigweh

This course is organized and expositional. It takes you step-by-step from pre-launch through the various business milestones. More importantly, Roy integrates success mindset principles for business and life.


This is true hand holding at its finest

Faro Vitale



Michael Gibbs

Everything you need to know about how to successfully get clients and build a 6-figure business from scratch is laid out in a detailed step-by-step system within the first four milestones of this training. I can only imagine what Roy has up his sleeve for the other ten milestones yet to be released at the time of me writing this review. One of the best courses you'll take on BTMSInsiders.


Very systematic blueprint

Blessilda Stoker

Roy has a very systematic way of attracting and managing clients. From the first phone call with a prospect, negotiating, and converting a prospect to a client. If you want to nail your client-getting strategy, then you should take this course.


Nicole English

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