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These 3 X-Factor Campaigns
Can Make Any Email List
Dramatically More Profitable

What ACTUALLY goes on behind the scenes of a wildly-profitable email marketing program?

Here’s a little hint: Way more than you think.

You could sign up for an email list — maybe doing market research — and study every email you get…

And you still wouldn’t have a clue.  At least not if the marketer running the list was even the least bit sophisticated.

A more casual observation would leave you further off-course.

(Beware blind copying when you can’t see what’s all actually going on!)

Successful email marketers
than you will ever see…

And no, I’m not saying you should spam your list a million times per day.

Sure, you should have a publishing schedule and stick to it…  For your broadcast emails, sent to your whole list.

But that’s only the most obvious emails in an email marketer’s toolbox.  Essential for relationship-building, but also among the least profitable.

It’s all the other emails that go out…

Often hidden from large segments of the list and public view…

That are the secrets to maximum email profitability.

And I want to share 3 of the most important campaigns any and every serious email marketer should have in their toolbox…

And probably deploy on every list they manage.

X-Factor Campaign #1: 
Maximize your sales 
from new subscribers…

You’ve heard of an autoresponder or welcome campaign, I am sure.

These are the emails that go out when someone first signs up for a list.

And they offer you a chance to:

  1. Form a relationship with all new subscribers, to help them rapidly know, like, and trust you… Predisposing them to do business with you in the near future.

  2. And perhaps more importantly, these offer you a chance to convert the hottest leads, fast.  A certain segment of your audience is ready to buy the day they find you (or within the first few days) and you need to give them the opportunity.

But that’s just getting started.

Because yes, you can send a generic welcome campaign.

But we’re not in 2005 anymore.

There’s so much more that you can and should do with your welcome campaigns if you want to maximize the profitability of every new subscriber to your list.

Including 2 different welcome campaigns that might only be sent to a portion of your list — because doing this instead of that will increase your per-subscriber revenue.

X-Factor Campaign #2: 
Create on-demand, 
fast cash flow…

Grab your calendar, and mark the date by which you’d like to have a bunch of cash show up in your bank account.

Then count backwards by 2 to 7 days.

Those are your dates for a “fast cash” campaign.

You’ll likely generate your biggest paydays on the first and the last days of the campaign.

And with good emails, a decent chunk each day in between.

But you have to do this right — because I’ve seen even experienced marketers screw this up.

And NO, I’m not just talking about the copy and messaging — which ARE important.

For example, it’s one thing to just put the campaign on your calendar.

It’s another thing entirely to use it strategically in the context of your business.

At the simplest level (and for the smallest lists), you might just send this to your whole list.

But you will quickly outgrow that simple approach.

Especially if you want to maximize your number of paying customers and revenue per subscriber each month.

And this may sound counterintuitive, but…  Sometimes sending your campaign to less people (but the right ones) generates more revenue than sending to everybody.

X-Factor Campaign #3: 
The sneaky way to 
make even more sales 
from your email list…

Now I’m just going to be coy about this one — and save it for the training.

This is sneaky because when you do it, it’s almost invisible.

But I assure you there’s nothing deceptive or manipulative about it at all.

In fact, Amazon uses campaigns like this all the time — and I can easily argue how it feels BETTER to me as a customer to get these emails, rather than more common mass emails.

Done right, this ensures that your email subscribers never feel overwhelmed, even as you send out more and more emails…

Your most engaged subscribers feel like you send just enough emails, and always about things they’re interested in…

And you’ll constantly be making sales to hyper-responders within your list.

Because here’s a little truth about email marketing: If you send emails about things people are interested in, they’ll engage more and buy more, too.

The question is, “How?” do you do that not too little or too much but just right — and I’ll share that in this training.

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The 3 X-Factor Email Campaigns
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