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The Easiest Way to 
Make a Great Income from
Email Marketing Skills?

If you have — or can learn — some BASIC email marketing skills…

You’re about to discover a SIMPLE way to make a great ongoing income.

This has all the upside of being an email copywriter, AND…

  • It’s even more valuable to clients…
  • There are more potential clients for this service…
  • Plus clients NEED to keep you around and keep paying you!

In fact, if you have even novice-level email copywriting and marketing skills…

This might be the easiest way yet I’ve seen to build a freelance career or client business that can earn you a GREAT income every month.

In the last few months, I’ve been hearing murmurs…

Rumors of email copywriters just “giving up” on being email copywriters…

Switching what they offer businesses entirely….

And in doing so, they’ve found…

A brand new opportunity 
and income stream.

Where you can connect with a huge mix of businesses and set up ongoing income — month-after-month — from businesses that love to keep paying you.

The services that you offer each client can take a couple hours per week…

And easily bring you $1,000 to $3,000 (or a lot more) per month — per client.

And since that’s just one client and a handful of hours per week…

… You can start stacking clients.

Let’s say you commit 4 hours per week to each client.  (That’s probably more than enough for the work you do.)

And using what I show you, you create a retainer offer for $2,500 per client per month.

And you only do this client work 4 days per week.

In this scenario, you’d have…

8 clients 
X $2,500 per month 
= $20,000 per month 
recurring income.

Without driving yourself crazy.

(And this is before you even consider building a team or agency, which drastically increases the potential upside.)

Now I don’t know if this is exactly what you will do.  

But I do know this is reasonable — if not cheap — for the value you will provide.  

(For the right businesses, $5,000 to $10,000 or more for the same amount of work might be a bargain.)

And I know that the number of businesses who need someone to step up and fill this role is FAR GREATER than even the businesses who will be interested in talking to “email copywriters.”

Because let’s be honest…

If you’re a copywriter and you’ve ever been asked what you do…

And you say you’re a “copywriter”...

You’re always cringing inside as you say it, because you are worried the person is going to either meet you with a blank stare OR ask, “Is that the C in the circle?”

(And if you haven’t had one of those conversations yet, just know it’s coming!)

But here’s the thing…

You could say something like…

“I partner with small businesses to
through email marketing.”

Elsewhere, I’ve taught the ABC headline formula.  Your headline must make it clear to your Audience that it’s for them, convey a Benefit, and stoke the fires of Curiosity.

Compare “I’m an email copywriter” with the above.

It’s no comparison!

If someone is even mildly interested in making more money for their business with email marketing…


You have their attention.

But here’s the thing…

If you simply transition that headline above into a pitch for your email copywriting services, they’re going to have a BIG objection.

They’re going to suddenly think, “Wait, I still have to do everything else except writing the emails?”

And even the writing bit, they’re a little nervous about — because there’s always the worry that YOUR writing won’t feel like THEM.

You promise to take away their headache but their silent objection is that you’ll be a bigger one.

(I’ve been on the other side of this.  Trust me.  This is a real worry and risk for the business owner.)

They want YOU to be
a trusted partner.

For this role, you honestly don’t have to be that good of a copywriter.

You definitely don’t need A-list copywriting skills to take on top copywriters in beat-the-control challenges.

Sure, bringing better copywriting skills will make your clients love you even more.

And at a bare minimum, you do need to be able to write clear and relevant email content and copy that also asks for action at the end.

But that’s only part of the value they want from you.

They want someone who can say, “I will make sure your business is making the most of the opportunity in email marketing” — and actually fulfill that promise.

Here’s the thing…

Recent research shows
email marketing makes 
$44 for every $1 invested —
4,400% ROI.

There’s a HUGE opportunity in even AVERAGE email marketing.

If you can get a few things right, email marketing is paydirt for the business.

And everything else they do — i.e. social media, online paid advertising, traditional advertising, etc…?

It all FEEDS THE EMAIL MACHINE and makes it more profitable.

Most businesses — unless they are true direct marketers — are under-valuing this most critical element of their business…

→ Their relationship with their leads, prospects, customers, and clients.

When in fact, their relationship with someone who knows them, has expressed interest, and is at least somewhat likely to give them money in the near future is…

The single-most valuable asset 
in their business!

And email marketing is the fastest, easiest, best way to continue to build and tap into the power of this relationship asset.

  • Building the email list — adding prospects and customers.
  • Ongoing communication with the list — nurturing the relationship.
  • Running promotions — creating fast cash flow for the business.

An ongoing program to accomplish just these three things is like easy button profits for the business owner.

And here’s the thing…

Many business owners have gotten a taste of this.

Many business owners understand this, on at least some level.

But many of those business owners are NOT marketers (and don’t really want to be), so… 

They know they’re 
under-utilizing and under-leveraging 
the power of email marketing…

Which is where YOU come in.

You are going to show up and offer to help.

Not to write one or two campaigns.

Or to write a handful of emails they don’t quite know what to do with.

You’re going to show up and offer to be their Email Marketing Partner.

And when they say they’re interested, you’ll know exactly what offer to make.

And you’ll know exactly how to step into their business to help them generate more sales and profits from email marketing.

While ALSO building their relationship with their prospects and customers, month-after-month, year-after-year.

Generating more success WITH them — ongoing results and income for you both.

  • It’s easy — you just need to understand basic email marketing.
  • It’s consistent work — get a client, keep them for years.
  • You can make a great income — each client adds up!


Let me hand you 

Email Marketing Partner: Business Blueprint walks you through what you need to know to start making money from this opportunity, almost immediately.

Whether you’re looking to do this on the side or full-time, build a freelance career or a whole client business or agency.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do.

  • The email marketing skills required to create FAST and ONGOING value for your clients.
  • Structuring retainer deals so each client can lead to years’ worth of paydays.
  • How to get clients and sell your services as an Email Marketing Partner.

It’s all yours in this new training.

Here’s how to get the
Email Marketing Partner:
Business Blueprint…

The Email Marketing Partner: Business Blueprint is the July 2022 Monthly Insiders Call for BTMSinsiders members.

This exclusive benefit of membership — included as part of the BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass — allows you to participate in the training live, plus gives you access to all past Insiders Calls recordings.

Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

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Email Marketing Partner: Business Blueprint
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Amazing Value (email copywriter here)

Santosh Balakrishnan

I've been writing email copy for over a year now and this module helped me understand the business and strategy side of things better than $999 courses. Love the mindmaps and the crisp explanation. If you are looking to get serious about copywriting, Roy Furr is right up there with the very best.


Email Marketing Partner:Business Blueprint

Nick Huonder

This is a worthwhile investment because it is straight to the point on what a email partner is,what you would be doing,and how to do it.No fluff.This product delivers exactly what you need to know and most importantly how to think about the possibilities with this arrangement and the angle you will use to gain new clients.Roy's teachings are always easy to understand and simple to apply.

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Roy Furr
Founder, BTMSinsiders

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Email Marketing Partner: Business Blueprint
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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