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Video Sales Letters 
— aka VSLs — 
Are Extremely Lucrative.


Why should you learn to write VSLs?

Because video sales letters are one of the most consistently profitable formats for your marketing on the internet.

Let me say that again, to make sure it sinks in…

VSLs are one of the most consistently profitable marketing formats on the internet.

(And this applies to ALL copywriters and marketers, for clients or for your own business!)

If you look at most of the biggest campaigns out there…

The biggest funnels…

In the regular direct response niches like financial, health, relationships…

Or outside of them, in nearly every corner of the internet…

There’s a version of or a variation on the VSL playing a major selling role at some point in the process.

There doesn’t HAVE TO BE a VSL…

You CAN create campaigns and funnels that make millions without a VSL…

But odds are if there’s millions of dollars being made from a single marketing system, most customers, sales, and profits are coming to their buying decision through some video build based on the principles of effective VSLs.

And if you get good at writing video sales letters…

You’re much more likely to be able to make money show up on demand.

Write a VSL, 
make money.

That’s how it works.

A few weeks back I had a client easily agree to a project well into the five figures.

That project alone, once royalties are paid, could potentially generate six figures.

And I closed the deal within days, with a quick phone call.


Because of my ability to write VSLs in the niche.

This marketer consistently creates video sales letters that generate $1 million or more.

One VSL I know they ran recently generated $1,061,065 in its first 4 months.

Other VSLs make multiple 7-figures…

Even into the $10s of millions.

Yes, this takes a list and an audience and a marketing department that knows how to pull that off.

But here’s the thing.

When you have a VSL that WORKS, and you’re dealing with a good-sized audience…

Oftentimes it feels like you’re basically printing money…

And the sky's the limit.

It’s like having your best salesperson deliver your best pitch, over and over and over again, 24/7…

To every prospect and member of your target market you can put in front of them.

That’s why VSLs and their supporting copy are key to some of the most lucrative copywriting projects you can do.

Because when you get it right, it’s a money multiplier.

Here’s the #1 reason
VSLs are so profitable…

And before I share this, a warning…

When people say they HATE long marketing videos…  This is exactly what they hate.

But it’s also the secret to why VSLs are often the highest-converting format you can choose.

What’s the secret?

→ Forced Consumption.

What do I mean by that?

I think that’s best answered by explaining what it’s NOT.

You know how a normal sales page like this one is easy to scan?

You can scan the subheadings, and get the gist of what I’m saying.

I could probably add some graphics, and those would catch your attention, too.

But I can’t literally make you read one sentence after the next.

You could skip around, bottom to top, all out of order.

A video sales letter doesn’t let you do that.

You can’t scan and skip and get the sales pitch out of order.

A VSL makes that impossible.

If you’re interested in the message, you have to listen to the whole pitch in exactly the order the copywriter designed it, if you want to know what’s up.

And of course you can close the window, you can bail.

But you can close the window and bail if you’re on a text sales page, too.

In fact, it’s EASIER on a text sales page to get an incomplete message by scanning, then bail too soon to make an informed decision.

By forcing you to get the whole story, in the right order, a video sales letter is more likely to land the pitch and get buyers to convert.

And if you do a good job of holding their attention and presenting your pitch, the people who watch until the presentation of your offer will be overwhelmingly likely to buy.

Good News:
VSLs will likely get
EVEN MORE profitable…

If you’re an old fart like me, you remember when bandwidth and connection speed made watching much video online nearly impossible.

Not anymore.

People can stream video online 24/7 — and they do.

There are currently about 3.5 billion people who regularly watch videos online.

The average person online is watching 17 hours of video per week.

89% of people said they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching video.

And 91% said they’d like to see MORE online videos from brands.

And long-term, all of these stats are on an upward trend.

Video is NOT going away.

It’s becoming more central to the average internet user’s experience.

And if you’re a marketer, it only makes sense to keep leaning in to this trend…

Because 92% of marketers say video has given them a good ROI…

And that’s an all-time high.

Don’t let this 
massive misconception 
make you miss the 
mega-opportunity in VSLs…

Here’s the thing…

If you start searching Google for “What is a video sales letter?”

… Or if you ask the average copywriting novice…

You’re going to get a very NARROW definition.

They’ll say it’s the text of a sales letter put onto powerpoint slides, one sentence per slide…

And those slides are shown as someone reads the sales letter to you.

And that was 100% true for the very first VSLs.

That’s how they got their name, in fact!

Someone took a sales letter, put it in powerpoint slides, and recorded themselves reading it out loud.

They put up the video as their sales page, and something crazy happened…

They made a ton of sales!

And for a long time, that was all you needed to do to boost sales as much as double over a standard text sales letter landing page.

But honestly, that was a long time ago…

More than a decade…

And a lot has changed.

Especially because pretty much every audience has been there, seen that.

The conversion advantage for a lazy VSL is still there — but now we’re talking 5-25% in most markets.

Still a chunky bump.

But smart marketers and copywriters haven’t just rested on their laurels for the last 10+ years while the VSL advantage has petered out…

I mean, when millions of dollars in profit are on the line, what would YOU do?

is evolving…

Just think of a text sales letter.

That format went through so many changes.

At one point, it was just text on paper.

Then it grew, and expanded.

Graphics were added.

Variations were tested.

Eventually, formats evolved.

One example: the magalog.

It got its name because “it looks like a magazine, and sells like a catalog.”

What evolved from a text sales letter turned into a produced, graphical sales pitch that won prospects’ attention because it looked like other things they’d pay attention to when they showed up in their mailbox.

Which is a lesson that’s been applied by VSL copywriters.

Sure, you can still do the powerpoint VSL.

But some of the world’s best direct response marketers are doing things like “documercials”... 

These come off — especially in the beginning — feeling a whole lot more like a documentary, but in the end the close sales like a powerful commercial.

Likewise, there other VSLs look more like news telecasts, or product demos, or even informational webinars.

When you get the principles and the strategy right, the foundation, the framework…

The tactical, technical implementation can look VERY different from niche to niche, audience to audience, marketer to marketer.

But the fundamental frameworks behind videos that sell — video sales letters — remain constant.

BONUS for Copywriters:
VSLs are one of the most
AI-resistant formats.

Maybe it’s not the best news for marketers and business owners that you can’t just outsource writing your video sales letters to ChatGPT…

But for copywriters, this is GREAT news.

It’s no secret that a lot of copywriters have been fearing for their jobs and clients…

Or at the very least, uncertain about the future.

If artificial intelligence algorithms can write better than you, faster than you, and cheaper than you…

Well, there’s not a lot of opportunity left for you.

And if you were a copywriter at a content farm, cranking out low-quality SEO articles around a spreadsheet full of keywords…

You’re not doing too well right now.

But most copywriters who write VSLs at this point see AI as nothing more than an interesting tool that might speed up their process a bit, but that has no chance of replacing them soon.

Because nailing the structure, the flow, the voice, the methods of a video sales letter is VERY different.

And as impressive as AI is at short-form content that’s mostly informative…

It falls flat on its face when challenged to write a VSL like even a moderately-good copywriter.

And it’s really a wild guess whether it’s going to be 1 iteration or 50 before AI copywriting tools can actually write a unique and compelling VSL on their own.

Which means the copywriter who masters VSL copywriting now should be pretty dang secure with this skill going forward.

Especially when you consider…

ONE — that these skills can also be used to improve both input and output for the AI tool, and will likely be essential even when the tool can do most of the writing well.


TWO — that understanding everything that goes on AROUND the VSL is as important as the script itself, and this isn’t something AI is anywhere close to being able to handle.

Now here’s what it comes down to…

It’s not about whether 
VSLs will work for you, 
it’s about how 
they can work for you.

It’s easy to try something once and think, “That doesn’t work for me,” if you don’t get the result you wanted.

This is stagnant and stinkin’ thinkin’.

If you have already come to the conclusion that your business, your market, your audience, your offer, your whatever is different, and so VSLs won’t work…

Put that to rest immediately.

And instead consider that the principles and strategy that make VSLs so powerful can be adapted to work for you, for your marketing.

There are many lessons to be learned from the hardcore center of the direct response industry, behind what makes VSLs work.

And in many cases, those lessons can be cut and pasted into your marketing, your market.

But even when they can’t, the principles and strategies can be extracted, adapted, and enacted in your marketing, for similarly profound results.

Let me show you
How To Write A Video Sales Letter

Because this is taught from a copywriter’s perspective, I’m calling this new training How To Write A Video Sales Letter

But the reality is that it stretches beyond the mere writing, into the full creation and use of video sales letters in your marketing.

You’ll discover the core principles and strategies behind video sales letters that generate a ton of sales and profits…

You’ll get a fundamental framework for structuring and scripting your VSLs, that grabs and holds your prospects’ attention up to the buying decision…

You’ll learn the ways in which VSLs are just like text-on-page copywriting, and the ways they can be very different…

You’ll have your mind expanded with the many ways you can take those core principles of VSLs and use them to create sales videos that fly under the radar but sell like hell…

And you’ll get the very best ways to build funnels and campaigns around your VSLs, transforming your core script into a ton of profit.

Here’s how you get access to
How To Write A Video Sales Letter

How To Write A Video Sales Letter: Your VSL copywriting success formula is the August 2023 Monthly Insiders Call for BTMSinsiders members.

This exclusive benefit of membership — included as part of the BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass — allows you to participate in the training live, plus gives you access to all past Insiders Calls recordings.

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