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Then you need to be on podcasts.

Podcasts are booming big time, according to a recent article from Forbes…

[NOTE: The article mostly cited US-based podcast stats, but the growth is global and comparable worldwide.]

37% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to at least one podcast every month (that’s up from 32% the previous year)…

100 million Americans listened to a podcast each month last year, and it’s expected to reach 125 million in 2022…

The average person (not average podcast listener) spends 6% of their audio time on podcasts, up 3X in half a decade….

For podcast listeners, that number is much bigger.  They spend a full 30% of their listening time on podcasts, on average — more than any other audio source, including broadcast radio…

And podcast advertising is growing fast.  Last year, nearly $1 billion was spent putting ads in front of podcast listeners, and that number is expected to grow 20% per year for the next few years…

Finally and maybe most importantly

Podcast “super listeners” are happy to hear about offers on podcasts.  More than half said they’re more likely to check out a product or service after hearing about it in a podcast ad, especially if the host reads the ad.

Of course, you could advertise on podcasts — but there’s something EVEN BETTER…

I don’t know if YOU listen to any podcasts.

I definitely do.

And while I’m happy to listen to an ad — and might even go searching for that product — there’s another part of the podcast that I pay far MORE attention to…

And this is just like any and every other media channel out there…

Listeners like me are there for the CONTENT!

Compared to ads, the content gets far more engagement.

The content gets promoted.

The content gets talked about outside the episode.

And so if you really want to get in front of a podcast’s audience in a way that gets their attention…


Of course, you could start your own podcast.

And I have NOTHING against that.  (I just recently repurposed my daily content to also be available in podcast form, so I get it!)

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to spend all the time, effort, and energy BUILDING a podcast to profit from podcasts.

Frankly, even with great, consistent content, building a podcast takes time.

You have to build a reputation.  You have to get listeners and followers and subscribers.

You have to GROW from ZERO if it’s your own show.

But there are already people in nearly every industry worth building a business in that ALREADY HAVE PODCASTS…

And, even more important, they ALREADY HAVE AUDIENCES!

In fact, right now there are probably anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred shows IN YOUR MARKET that have a large number of ideal customers for your business actively listening to each episode they put out.

One more thing…

Podcast hosts are DESPERATE for GREAT CONTENT!

I have 7 years’ experience CONSTANTLY putting out content and I can tell you this…

I’m a CONTENT MACHINE, and it can still be a pain in the hiney to crank out great content on the regular.

Podcasters have the exact same challenge.

Which is why many REGULARLY bring in guests who they feel will help keep their audience engaged with great content.

In fact, some shows ONLY do guest interviews.

And so if you want to tap the power of podcasts to get a ton of free traffic and grow your business…

You can strategically, intentionally land guest spots on podcasts!

Doing this can give you almost instant access to an engaged audience of new customers in your market.

It can allow you to put your valuable message in front of targeted potential leads and prospects.

You can use guest spots to promote your business and your offers, if you do it the right way.

And for every podcast you appear on, you’re not only getting a spike of immediate traffic, you’re adding to an ever-growing source of free traffic for your business.

Almost no matter what your product or service, you can find podcasts to appear on as a guest to get more leads, customers, sales, and profits.  (And heck, if you DO want to grow your own podcast, appearing on other peoples’ podcasts is the best way to get in front of active podcast listeners!)

WARNING: Podcast hosts are also protective of their audience…

From the perspective of the podcast host or producer: To grow a successful podcast, you MUST protect your relationship with your audience.  Which means they don’t let just anybody show up and guest on their podcast.

In the long run, you’ll be far more successful as a podcast guest if you focus on being a perfect guest.

I want to show you how to be a perfect guest for podcasts.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time and effort into defining what that is for myself.  Including specific processes that make the host’s job so much easier before, during, and after the podcast.

Which is why I regularly get feedback along the lines of…  “This has been one of our best episodes…”  “I can’t thank you enough for going over and beyond…”  And other feedback demonstrating just how happy the host is with having me on as a guest…

PLUS, I almost always get invited back, for a next time, and a time after that.

And here’s a little secret: Most of this preparation and going beyond expectations is work that ONLY HAPPENS ONE TIME and MAKES ME LOOK GREAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The key is knowing exactly what you need to do to make the host and producer’s life easier.

When you do that, you can tap into an ever-growing source of free traffic for your business, by appearing as a guest on relevant podcasts.

Introducing: The Podcast PR Blueprint…

This is one of those frameworks I could teach in a quick 20-minute session…

Or that I could do a deep-dive into for 20 hours or more of content.

But after mentioning that I’d developed this for internal use a while back, I keep getting requests for more.

So I decided to create this introduction and overview of The Podcast PR Blueprint.

This is what you need to do if you want to get a ton of free traffic and leads, customers, sales, and profits by appearing as a perfect guest on podcasts.

How do you absolutely nail it as a perfect guest and get on popular podcasts in any category?  Follow these 4 steps...

  • PREPARATION: This is the first, biggest, and most important part. You have to know your ideal audience, build your perfect guest bio, create consumable content, and nail your no-pressure offer to turn listeners into leads, plus gear up to ensure a quality appearance.
  • PLACEMENT: This is where you connect with show hosts and producers, signal your guest quality, and secure the booking.
  • PERFORMANCE: Now it's time to step into the spotlight! When you're on the podcast, you'll need to speak like the expert you are, deliver the value you promised, and know how to make a low-key offer of more resources to attract listeners to you.
  • PROMOTION: Finally, the perfect guest gives back as much as they take. After the recording, you'll follow-up with your podcast host and promote the episode to your audience.

Again, if you want to land a bunch of guest spots on podcasts, and get invited back over and over again…  So you can get FREE TRAFFIC with ease…  To grow your business and sell more of your products and services…

That’s what The Podcast PR Blueprint is built to help you do.

In this training, you'll get a high-level rundown of the entire Podcast PR Blueprint.  So you can start tackling the 4 steps above, and be a guest on popular podcasts.

The Podcast PR Blueprint was originally recorded as the May 2021 Monthly Insiders Call.

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The Podcast PR Blueprint
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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