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Lead Generation is 
one of the most valuable skills
in the entire business world…

Let’s do a little thought experiment here…

You’re running a business.

Everything is going well.

Your customers are happy.

They keep coming back for more.

And in general, you’re successful.


An EVIL WIZARD decides he hates you, 
and casts a curse over your business…

(Stick with me.  Like I said — thought experiment.)

This curse has only ONE EFFECT.

From that point forward, your business will have zero NEW leads or customers.

You can keep selling to your past customers as long as they keep buying.

But nobody NEW will ever come in again.

Fast forward a year, two years, three years —  and what do you think happens?

At first, probably very little changes.

Most businesses thrive on repeat customers and clients.  (For good reason — this is often where most or all PROFIT in a business comes from.)

But then the true villainy of the evil wizard’s curse becomes evident…

Even your best customers 
eventually move on 
or max out.

So without any new leads and customers, the business struggles…

It’s a long, slow decline of ever-increasing pain and suffering.

(I told you the wizard was EVIL, didn’t I?)

At some point, you have to call it.

The business has breathed its last breath.

It’s dead.

Without new leads and customers coming in the door, a business will run out of oxygen — it will suffocate.

On the other hand…

If you bring NEW leads and customers 
into a business,
you have almost unlimited opportunity…

Just like a business suffocates on lack of new leads and customers…

A steady stream of new, qualified leads into a business virtually guarantees its success.

And if you’re the one who brings ‘em in?

You’re a freaking hero.

Just like the lifesaving doctor, or the EMT.

Make the leads show up…

Make the business BREATHE freely…

Give it all the vital oxygen it needs…

The business does well…

And YOU do very well for yourself.

Lead generation
is essential for any business —
and doubly-exciting for clients…

Here’s the thing…

Lead generation is one of those foundational marketing skills.

If you’re going to run a business, you gotta figure out how to bring those leads in the door.

But if you’re a copywriter, funnel builder, media buyer, consultant, or agency that helps your clients with marketing, here’s a little hint…

They get emotionally invested and excited in getting NEW leads and customers.

You could make them $1 million in a day, running a promo to their past customers, and they’d be happy for sure…

But if you bring them 10,000 NEW leads — who are qualified and likely to buy — they’ll be OVER THE MOON.

As long as those are QUALITY leads, most businesses value the NEW over maximizing revenue from current customers.

Right or wrong, this is absolutely true.

It’s why so many businesses obsess over things like launching on new ad platforms even as their email marketing strategy is full of holes.

And if you can be the guy or gal who makes those leads show up?

They’ll love you.


Good news: Lead Generation
doesn’t have to be
all that hard…

There are certainly many mistakes marketers and businesses make with lead generation.

You absolutely CAN screw it up.

But when you lay the right foundation, it becomes pretty dang simple.

Which is maybe the reason I’m almost 200 hours into building the BTMSinsiders course catalog, and have yet to create a dedicated training focused exclusively on lead generation.

Maybe I ignored it, because it seemed too simple.

And yet…

I’ve heard from enough marketers recently who’ve still struggled with it…

For their businesses, or for clients…

That I figured it was time I share the most important principles, strategies, and specific techniques for lead generation.

There are 3 key ingredients in 
EVERY lead generation strategy…

When you break it all down, successful lead generation comes down to…

→ Your OFFER

→ Your AD


Build these 3 ingredients in just the right way, and lead generation becomes MUCH easier.

Which is exactly why these three key ingredients are the core of this new training…


First: Note that my use of the words AD and FUNNEL does NOT require you to, for example, write Facebook News Feed ads and build a funnel in ClickFunnels.

I don’t want you to skip this training because you think, “I don’t run ads.”

The thinking behind successful lead generation can be applied just as readily to someone who has a phone room full of appointment setters getting prospects to agree to a consultative sales call…

Or to someone who cold emails with a link to a booking page…

Or someone creating video shorts with a call-to-action, posting them on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube…

Or [fill in your unique process here].

When you break it all down, there will be an OFFER, an AD, and a FUNNEL — even if that’s not what they look like on the surface.

At least, you’ll have all 3 if you’re running a successful lead generation strategy.

Second: As you’ll learn in the training, ALL of this is successful to the extent that it caters to and is customized to fit a specific target market, a narrow audience.

The better a fit your OFFER, AD, and FUNNEL are to your market, the more successful your lead generation efforts will be.

And assuming your market is full of potential buyers, those who are QUALIFIED will become your leads, with strong potential to become your customers as well.

I stopped short of calling your MARKET the 4th key ingredient, but it is no less essential.

Third: I will always place an extreme emphasis on QUALIFIED leads.  I’d rather generate 100 extremely qualified leads than 10,000 unqualified ones.

You can get sheer quantity from anywhere.  You can get 1,000,000 email addresses from some scumbag who scraped them off the internet — but those aren’t leads at all.  They’ll never open, never respond, and they’ll mark you as spam.

I’m talking about how to generate Glengarry leads.

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Lead Generation Offers, Ads, and Funnels

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Lead Generation Offers, Ads, and Funnels
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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