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If you want to generate more leads
you’ve gotta see this…

I recently came across a particularly powerful piece of marketing copy.

It is used by a course creator, as lead generation for her Facebook Advertising course.

It also — no doubt — attracts leads and clients for her Facebook Advertising services.

And here’s the thing…

She’s kinda an open book about it.

She recently shared that it has generated over $500,000 in business for her.

She’s revealed that this piece of copy — almost content, but it sells like copy — has been read more than 81,000 times.

And she even shares WHY it works so well.  (Part of why I like her marketing so much — and why I think it’s very effective for the right potential clients.)

Not only that, she pulls back the curtain a bit in her Facebook ad copy, telling you what she’s doing in the ads you’re reading, ads that drive traffic into her selling system.

There’s just so much to learn from it.

You might buy her 
Facebook Advertising course.

I’m not an affiliate.

I don’t benefit if you buy.

I’m just a fan.

And an experienced marketer who recognizes true skill.

And I’ll tell you this…

This piece of marketing is good enough that if you study it, you might end up being persuaded by it, and spending upwards of $1,000 on what it is selling.

Whether or not you buy her course though, you will benefit from learning from what she’s doing.

And reverse-engineering it to see what lessons you can pull from it.

My breakdown
will help you learn
on at least 3 levels…

If you’re paying attention, there are at least 3 levels or layers of instruction going on here…

  • We’ll look at the copywriting itself.  What is the copywriter doing that makes the message so effective?  What is the deep structure?  How is each section crafted to move the prospect towards making the decision to buy?

  • We’ll look at the conversion architecture.  What are all the pieces (there are many) that make this work, and why are they put together in this way?  What can we learn from the structure of a campaign that’s greater than the sum of its parts?

  • We’ll learn the process of breaking down, modeling, and reverse-engineering a piece of copy, a funnel, etc.  This is the intelligent marketer’s swiping or funnel hacking (which she makes fun of).  What principles and strategies can we take from this for our own use?

This process of reverse-engineering a powerful marketing system will go a long way to making you a much better marketer.

By demonstrating the process, I’m teaching you the content AND teaching you the process.

So whenever you see a powerful piece of copy or marketing system in the future, you’ll be better-equipped to reverse-engineer and model it for yourself.

You’ll also get a ton of ideas
for generating more leads…

For example…

She uses this to generate leads off Facebook.

It’s particularly well-suited there, because she’s selling Facebook Advertising.

But that’s not the only place it could be used.

She could take this same system and use it to generate leads through organic content (actually, it does).

She could use it to sell via YouTube.

She could drive podcast listeners into this same system.

She could even use it as a valuable content piece for cold emails, and cold DMs — and it wouldn’t come across as scammy or pitching too early (like most cold prospecting) because of how it’s built, as you’ll see.

If you’re looking for ways to get more leads — and I understand most of my members and followers are — you’ll have powerful inspiration in this training.

Here’s how you get access to 
Reverse-Engineering A 
Powerful Lead Generation System

Reverse-Engineering A Powerful Lead Generation System: Facebook advertiser’s lead generation system is perfect model is the November 2023 Monthly Insiders Call for BTMSinsiders members.

This exclusive benefit of membership — included as part of the BTMSinsiders All-Access Pass — allows you to participate in the training live, plus gives you access to all past Insiders Calls recordings.

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Reverse-Engineering A Powerful Lead Generation System
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Invaluable Template for My Upcoming Launch!

Wil Reed

This was great. I'll be going back to this when I launch my investment & trading newsletter for ongoing lead-gen. Thanks for another great training, Roy!

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Roy Furr
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Reverse-Engineering A Powerful Lead Generation System
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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