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We needed to make $125,000 with my webinar…
Here’s how we made over $400,000 — even though
the client wouldn’t let me touch the script!

I was a couple years into my freelance copywriting career.  I’d produced a few winners — for this client and others.  But it was all sales letters.

We’d write a sales letter, write some one-shot “lift note” emails to drive traffic to the sales letter, and send out the emails.

And I was doing pretty well.

Most of the copy I’d write would perform around average for my clients.  With the occasional winner doing really well.

A few times, I’d have an even bigger winner.  Especially when we did a little bit more.  Such as plan an actual campaign around my sales letter — instead of just sending out those one-shot emails.

Then, I got the chance I was looking for…

The client wanted me to write another promo.  I’d written a couple winners for them, so I had their ear when I suggested a webinar…

They said yes…  Then, they dropped a bunch of limitations in my lap.

The biggest one being, I wasn’t allowed to touch the webinar script itself.  They INSISTED I would have to make the webinar successful, with them in total control of the content.  


I would write the emails to go out before, to get people to sign up and attend.  I would put together a sales page for the campaign.  I would write the emails that went out after.  I would help them define the webinar topic and the offer.  And I would give them the barest of instructions on what I wanted them to say at the end of the webinar, to get attendees to view the sales page.

Oh, and they wanted the webinar to make about $1.25 for every name on their (admittedly lagging) email list — or about $125,000 total.  When many of their promos were considered successful if they made half that.

It was a challenge — but I was up for it!

And I knew if I was going to succeed, I’d have to think carefully about every single one of those elements.

  • To get the maximum number of people to show up to the webinar, ready to engage with the content…
  • To have every element of my messaging right, including what I could contribute to the webinar itself…
  • And to build the entire campaign around getting as many registrants and attendees as possible to convert into customers, even if the webinar wouldn’t include my pitch…

I sat down and cranked out this campaign map…

Then I got to work, putting together every single element I had control over.  With very specific methods for implementing every element on the map.

Long story short, it worked!

The webinar would generate about 20,000 NEW leads from external traffic sources.  Plus, it re-engaged over 20,000 cooling leads, making them hot leads again.

But all those leads turned out to be a problem!

We’d thought about how much bandwidth we’d need.  We paid for a high-end streaming service, able to support 10s of thousands of simultaneous views of our webinar video.

And yet, we didn’t even consider how one little webpage file used to display that video could bring their whole web server crashing down.

So as something like 20,000 prospects tried to load this tiny webpage at once — so that page could load the video — their servers overloaded.  Some registrants got in, no problem.  Others were delayed by 10 minutes or more.Others never got in.

After profuse apologies, we offered the replay as well (that was part of the original strategy, but it became more important after our snafu), and sent out all the other emails I’d planned.

Prospects went from registering for the event, to watching it either “live” or recorded, to reading my sales copy and offer, to buying.

As we completed the webinar campaign, the sales piled up…

We passed their $125,000 goal.  And then the sales kept climbing.  In the end, the campaign generated over $400,000 in revenue from first-time customers — more than 3X their goal!

And I got a nice royalty check, too.  In addition to the fee they paid me, I got 3.5% of revenue — which I calculate to be more than $14,000.

Since then, I’ve done other webinars and online video events that have produced even bigger numbers.  And they used my campaign strategy with other copywriters, with similar success.

But what I love about this story is that it was my FIRST — the first webinar where I took the lead and was in charge of the strategy and copy around it (even though I couldn’t touch the script).  

I think that makes it a better example.  Because it represents what can be done with very little experience, and in the face of very real limitations.

Webinars are one of the most powerful one-to-many selling tools available today — for generating more leads, customers, sales, and profits…

Not only that, the strategy around a webinar is pretty dang EASY to learn.  You can pick it up FAST.  And the ROI can be incredible.  Because as my first webinar proved, you don’t even have to control the content of the webinar in order to generate a lot of money, fast.

That said, when you DO control the content of the webinar — when you build it to feel like engaging content but also to set up the sale — you can do even better!

Today, if I were to take on a client for one of these campaigns, I’d likely charge at least $20,000 as a fee to do the work.  And I wouldn’t consider it a success if it didn’t generate at least another $20,000 in royalties.  (Oh yeah, and I’d never accept a situation where I had no control over the webinar content itself.)

Even copywriters, consultants, and agencies with much less experience could expect half that — a $10,000 fee — with the potential for royalties or sales commissions to climb much, much higher.

Whether you run them for your own business or for clients, you WILL benefit from knowing how to build a COMPLETE webinar campaign…

I ended up moving on from that client.  But they kept using my webinar Campaign Map and my strategies — because they worked, for any copywriter on their team that was willing to follow my methods.  

In fact, they ended up getting a nice payday when they sold their business to one of the world’s largest financial publishers.  And at least part of what made their company so valuable was these webinar campaigns they’d been running based on my Campaign Map — and the results they were getting.

This can be both a short-term AND long-term profit strategy.

Profit now, because webinars work.  And profit later, because the net result of running a bunch of these campaigns is a more engaged prospect list, a more engaged customer base, and a business that’s able to churn out more revenue, month-in and month-out.

And for consultants and copywriters building these campaigns with clients, you can expect that once you do one of these that works, those clients are going to be ringing your phone off its hook, trying to get you to come back (that’s what happened to me).

This is a good way to end up with all the clients and customers you can handle.

I will show you exactly how to create Webinars That Sell — beginning to end…

My new Webinars That Sell training will help you run live and automated webinars for more leads, customers, sales, and profits.  Not just how to create messaging for the webinar itself.  But also, exactly how to use my proprietary and proven approach to creating the webinar campaigns.

When I later ended up at Brian Kurtz’s Boardroom Dinner for VIP attendees of The Titans of Direct Response, I was asked to share my “superpower” as part of my introduction.I was sitting next to Joe Polish.Across the table from Gary Bencivenga, Katie Yeakle, and Mike Palmer.  Dan Kennedy was at one end of the table.  Brian Kurtz was at the other.  And about 60 legends and Titans of the business lined the sides of our table.

The superpower I gave is that, “I create marketing systems where the results of the whole are greater than the sum of the parts.”

In other words, when you take all the moving pieces and put them together, you will do even better than you would if you’d overly relied on just some of the pieces to do the heavy lifting.

(That’s the idea of the campaign map.  The same core sales message might have beat the client’s $125,000 goal — but it took the entire campaign to beat it by more than 3X!)

Each element in a successful webinar campaign plays a critical role — and has a very specific job to do…

For example, a really common mistake is to think that you need to start selling BEFORE the webinar.After all, if you want to maximize sales, you want to put your sales message out there as much as possible — right?(Sorry, wrong!)

If you want to make more sales, you have to understand that there are very important windows of your webinar campaign where you need to NOT sell at all.

And you have to understand what to do instead.

This is part of how you end up with a webinar campaign where the results — the new leads, customers, sales, and profits — are much bigger than they would be from using things like the webinar or the sales message separately.

I’ll help you avoid all kinds of common mistakes — so you’ll get the best possible results…

Another example.  One of the powerful aspects of a webinar is that it’s a natural TEACHING TOOL.  

The simple act of doing a webinar (or, an online training session, or a presentation, or — whatever you want to call it) tells the prospect they’re going to get VALUE.

This makes them more willing to engage than they would with something that’s more clearly a sales message.

(In fact, this was a lesson Gary Bencivenga taught me — that made him one of the greatest copywriters in modern marketing — to “make your advertising itself valuable.”)

The downside is that it’s really easy to focus too much on teaching.  And to not do enough — or really ANY — selling.  This won’t always be the end of the world.  In my client story above, that’s basically what they did.And we still trounced their expectations.  But a well-structured webinar with both value and pitch could easily have delivered double the sales.

There are easy rules you can use to build your webinar to both TEACH and to SELL.  So the client gets the value they came for — and you get the sales you want.

This gets prospects engaged…Keeps them with you through your webinar…  And then CONVERTS them into buyers in the end.

It’s actually really simple to develop content for your webinar, when you understand a few basic rules…

This is how you use webinars both for delivering value and for turning viewers into buyers…

  • There’s a straightforward way to recognize what the TOPIC of your webinar needs to be, to convert the most prospects into buyers…
  • You’ll get my favorite way to OPEN your webinar — leveraging my original PAISA formula and lessons from my Story Selling Master Class — to get prospects emotionally hooked and deep into your sales message before they even know it…
  • You’ll learn about content chunking — how to make the webinar feel meaty, without being overwhelming or giving away too much…
  • You’ll discover how I use Dan Kennedy and Clayton Makepeace’s “Sequence of Beliefs” approach to develop a webinar structure — where the only natural conclusion at the end is that they need to buy my offer…
  • You’ll see how to structure the offer portion of your webinar to have prospects practically begging to give you money…

And there’s much, much more…

  • For example, there’s a really easy way to think about what you teach on your webinar, so the prospect feels like they got a ton of value but they also NEED to buy to really make the most of it.  (This is HUGE.)
  • You’ll walk away with a basic structure for your webinars that you can pretty much plug your content into — around any topic — to quickly churn out your webinar script or outline...
  • And you’ll have some very specific messaging elements that you can work into your webinars, that are huge shortcuts to creating a more compelling webinar with way less work…

Whether you’re a professional copywriter or not, you’ll find it easy to structure your webinar content and selling message like a master persuader.

You’ll also learn how to make even more sales with very little additional work…

Okay, so you’ve just finished your webinar campaign.  You ran the webinar.  You ran your follow-up.  You closed your offer.  Then what?

With that first campaign I mentioned above, we turned it into an automated webinar — and made somewhere in the range of 10% to 20% in additional sales.  And it took almost no additional work.  We simply tweaked what we had already done, and made more than $40,000 on top of what we’d already made.

And that was from a campaign that was very timely in its message — about a specific economic event.

If your message is more timeless or evergreen, it’s possible that this part of your campaign could make even more sales and profits than the original live event.

In fact, some marketers do live webinars simply so they can quickly create funnels around the recording, to drive piles and piles of paid traffic to.  And I have an entire separate Campaign Map (you haven’t even seen yet) for that.

I even have an alternate strategy for sophisticated marketers, especially those who understand just how high the ROI can be using retargeting ads around the internet.This is called an “Open Access Webinar Funnel” — and it’s like using your webinar recording as a video sales letter (VSL) on steroids.

Plus, I have a BRAND-NEW “Livestream Webinar Funnel” strategy I will share for leveraging your following on Facebook and YouTube (and any other livestream platforms) where you can put your webinar campaigns straight into the newsfeed.  You can use this to drive 100% free social media traffic into your webinar, and into your offer.  Facebook and YouTube LOVE this and it can trigger their algorithms to put your webinar in front of far more prospects.  (There is even a way to do this with the recordings, using free software.)

I’ll also answer a whole pile of additional questions related to webinar marketing…

One of the things many marketers HATE is the idea about lying to your prospects about whether or not your webinar is live.  If that’s you, I don’t blame you!  While you’ll almost never beat the sales results of treating a webinar like it’s live (even if it is recorded), you’ll get a handful of ideas that are a close next-best thing and help you sell more with 100% integrity.

I’ll talk about webinar tech and platforms.  I’ll share which one I use — and then tell you why that might not be the right fit for you.  I’ll also share why with most clients, I don’t even touch the tech — and why most copywriters and consultants shouldn’t, either.

Plus we’ll get into all kinds of additional strategies around maximizing your sales results.Including things like paid traffic, joint ventures and affiliate arrangements, how to leverage every preexisting audience at your disposal, and more.

Enjoy lifetime access to the Webinars That Sell training …

The main content of Webinars That Sell is broken into 3 webinars, delivered live, and the recordings made available through my BTMSinsiders training library.

These are TEACHING webinars (no pitch) where I’ve delivered all the critical lessons you need to know to create webinars that sell.

Webinar 1: Live Event Campaign Strategy…

This includes campaigns where you’re running the event live — or simulated live.  Basically, any webinar where the prospect is showing up and engaging with what they consider to be a live broadcast.

This is where we’ll go deep into what role is played by every element in the Campaign Map you saw above, in order to have a successful webinar campaign.  We’ll go deep into what your messaging needs to be before, during, and after the webinar — in order to maximize your sales results.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have an entire strategy plan for running successful webinars that sell.Where YOUR results are greater than the sum of your parts.

Not only that, I’ll answer some critical strategic questions on this, such as how you can position your webinar.  And this includes positioning for actual live webinars (including why you shouldn’t always call it a webinar) and positioning for simulated live, especially when you don’t want to call it live but you still want the benefits.

Webinar 2: Creating a Webinar that Converts …

Here we’ll get into the guts of the webinar itself.  What should your topic be?  How do you structure the content to both teach and to sell?  How do you grab attention from the beginning, and keep it until the end?  How do you present your offer so it feels like the immediate next step for prospects who are on the line (and so you can use the recording after)?

There’s a lot that can go into webinars.  And there’s a lot that’s simply based on the best practices of direct response copywriting.But there’s also some powerful pointers unique to webinars that will make it all much easier for you, as you sit down to either script or simply outline your next webinar.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a structure — a rough template — for how you can organize your content into an effective selling webinar.

Webinar 3: Creating Automated Campaigns + Hotseats…

Here we’ll go into what to do AFTER you’ve created the webinar.  To turn that same content and all your effort into an ongoing sales machine.This is what you do that can make you from 10%, to 20%, to as much as 100% more revenue after you’ve wrapped up your live campaign.

Plus I gave attendees the opportunity to raise their hand to talk through any webinar strategy or content questions.  Some more general.  Some specific questions you have about a current or planned webinar campaign, and how to make it generate the best possible results.  This gives you an opportunity to “look over Roy’s shoulder” as I solved marketing challenges on the fly.

You get lifetime access to the recordings…

When you register for the Webinars That Sell live training, you’ll be setup with an account on BTMSinsiders, my business and marketing training site.  (If you don’t already have one.)

And you’ll be given lifetime access to the Webinars That Sell course through that site.

You can review the recordings at your convenience.  You’ll have on-demand streaming access, and be able to watch them as often as you’d like.

Plus you’ll get MORE bonus content!

I already hinted at some of the additional bonus content you’ll be getting.  But I’ll spell it out for you here.

In addition to the three main webinar recordings, I’ll be adding at least three more bonus lessons, prerecorded and available exclusively to you through the BTMSinsiders course site.

Bonus 1: Building an Open Access Webinar Funnel…

What if you just gave away your webinar free, without requiring opt-in?  How many more people would be willing to watch it?  The answer is A LOT.  

But there’s a hitch in that giddyap.  How do you follow up with these viewers and turn them into buyers, after they’ve watched?

I’ll reveal how to offer open access to the webinar recording AND still systematically bring unconverted prospects back to maximize sales.

Bonus 2: Doing a Livestream Webinar Funnel…

YouTube, Facebook, and other video platforms LOVE livestreams.  They’ll alert your prospects on their smartphones and tablets.  They’ll give them on-site notifications.  They’ll feature your livestream video more heavily in the newsfeed.  

But how do you go beyond just doing a livestream video with an offer — to building a systematic campaign around it?  That’s what you’ll get in this bonus video lesson.

Bonus 3: Selling Webinars as a Service for Copywriters, Consultants, and Agencies…

The vast majority of this course is built to speak equally to internet entrepreneurs and business-builders, as well as freelance copywriters, consultants, and agencies who might sell webinar campaigns as a client service.

If you want to sell webinar campaigns to clients, this video is made just for you.  You’ll learn about deal structure, selling points, how to manage the client, what’s different about these projects, and more.

You’ll get it all…

When you register for my Webinars That Sell training today, you’ll get the three core webinars…

  • Webinar 1: Live Event Campaign Strategy
  • Webinar 2: Creating a Webinar that Converts
  • Webinar 3: Creating Automated Campaigns + Hotseat

Plus you’ll get the bonus content…

  • Bonus 1: Building an Open Access Webinar Funnel
  • Bonus 2: Doing a Livestream Webinar Funnel
  • Bonus 3: Selling Webinars as a Service for Copywriters, Consultants, and Agencies

Plus you’ll get any future updates and additional content added to the program.

You’ll get on-demand streaming access, for life, through BTMSinsiders.

What is this all worth?

Remember, just the first of these webinar campaigns I did for a client generated over $400,000 in sales and $14,000 in royalties (and that was on top of my $10,000 fee).

While I don’t know exactly what you could make, it’s not uncommon for a good webinar campaign, with a good list, to generate into the $100,000s in revenue — with the potential for much bigger numbers, depending on the size of your prospect and customer base.

And if you’re doing this for clients, it’s reasonable to charge at least a $10,000 fee plus expect another $10,000 in royalties with a good client.  

I could easily charge you $2,000 for this training like many other internet marketers would — and you could cover that cost on just your first webinar.  And yet, I’m offering it for much, much less.

The retail price for Webinars That Sell is just $497.  

Put it to work for 90 days, then decide…

I personally stand behind the value of my training, with a simple guarantee. Try Webinars That Sell for 90 days, at zero risk or obligation. If you're not totally satisfied for any reason, let us know. You'll get a prompt and courteous full refund.

My business runs on a set of core values, and the first is "The Golden Rule." That means we treat others the best way we want to be treated. Whether you love or hate us or our content (or anywhere in between), we will do right by you.

The final decision is yours…

Okay, let me close this in a really simple way.

I showed you how I made over $400,000 in sales — and $14,000 in royalties, on top of my project fee — from just MY FIRST webinar.  And this methodology has continued to generate more leads, customers, sales, and profits for me and my clients since then.  (Heck, I’ve even used it to launch THIS training!)

And yet, for your training on how to copy my methods, I’m asking only $497 today.

Plus I’m giving you 90 days to decide that it’s right for you, AFTER today.  Go through the training.  Put it to work.  Put it to the test.  Run a webinar for yourself.  Or do it for clients.  You could easily make 10X to 100X on your investment on that very first campaign — before these 90 days are up.  And then you’ll have a skill that will keep making you money for life.

If you decide that it doesn’t live up to your expectations — that you are unable to make it work for you — or if you change your mind for any other reason, you’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund.

No risk.  Practically unlimited upside reward.

Plus a brand new confidence in a marketing skill and strategy that can generate more leads, customers, sales, and profits for life.

Simply click a buy button on this page.

It’s just one more step and then you’re in.  You get all setup to access the product and register for the webinars where you’ll learn the breakthrough skill of creating Webinars That Sell.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

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    • Webinars That Sell Mind Maps

    • Webinars That Sell Master Plan

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    Webinar 1: Live Event Campaign Strategy

    • Video Lesson (1:54:53)

  • 3

    Webinar 2: Creating a Webinar that Converts

    • Video Lesson (2:00:22)

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    Webinar 3: Creating Automated Campaigns + Hotseats

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    A Quick Request

    • A Quick Request

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    Bonus: Building an Open Access Webinar Funnel

    • Video Lesson (31:40)

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    Bonus: Doing a Livestream Webinar Funnel

    • Video Lesson (19:41)

  • 8

    Bonus: Selling Webinars as a Service for Copywriters, Consultants, and Agencies

    • Video Lesson (27:47)

  • 9

    Bonus: The Clayton Makepeace Outline Webinar (from High-Velocity Copywriting)

    • Video Lesson (1:13:32)

  • 10

    Bonus: What To Do When Your Webinar Doesn't Work

    • Video Lesson (18:22)

  • 11

    Bonus: Using Ryan Levesque's Ask Method to Support Your Webinar Success

    • Video Lesson (11:19)

  • 12

    Bonus: Webinar Sales Page Strategy

    • Video Lesson (8:35)

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My business runs on a set of core values, and the first is "The Golden Rule." That means we treat others the best way we want to be treated. Whether you love or hate us or our content (or anywhere in between), we will do right by you.

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