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You deserve a slice of the
truly MASSIVE 
online education market —
here’s how to claim it!

Half a TRILLION dollars in the next 5 years — that’s where the global online education market is headed…

That number comes from Research and Markets, a global research firm who counts 450+ of the Fortune 500 as clients.

… per year!

If you were to carve off just one percent… of one percent… of one percent… of that total — that’s 00.0001% — you’d have a half-million dollar per year business.

No need for market domination.

You don’t need to be some big, globally-recognized training or education brand.

All you have to do is collect $1 out of every $1,000,000 spent on online courses — and you’re making more than $500,000 per year.

Two out of every million dollars — and you’ve got over $1 million per year in revenue coming in.

That’s $999,998 being spent elsewhere and just $2 with you, and you still have a 7-figure business.

All you have to do is carve off a little tiny corner of this massive market, and you can create life-changing financial success for yourself.

And if you’re thinking, “But this is already a mature market.  Everybody and their mom already has an online course!”  Think again…

That $585.48 billion is more than DOUBLE last year’s number of $269.87 billion.

Which means that for every dollar being spent on online education recently…

There’s soon to be TWO dollars for the taking!

Good News: 
You have a HUGE advantage…

If you’re the type of person who follows my work, both in my free Breakthrough Marketing Secrets and in my advanced training inside BTMSinsiders

You have a big advantage.

Because you understand…

… Success is about more than just creating great content.

You know that “if you build it, they will come,” is a big fallacy that holds many entrepreneurs back from success they probably deserve.

People don’t just buy a great product because it’s great.

People buy great products (and terrible ones) because of great marketing and sales!

You see, just like any other product or service, success in selling online courses is not JUST about the quality of what’s delivered.

Frankly, your prospects won’t know ANYTHING about the quality of your course until they’ve already given you money.

And while that may impact your refund rate and future purchases…

A beautiful, wonderful, impressive course that just doesn’t sell is a total waste!

If you don’t make a bunch of sales in the first place, your refund rate and future purchases from those same customers are totally irrelevant.

Which brings me back to your advantage.

… Because you understand the power of marketing and copywriting…

… Because you understand the need to make sales and make that cash register ring…

… Because you know a business lives or dies on the ability to generate leads, customers, sales, and profits…

You’ll be able to do BOTH:

— Create a valuable course that your customers/students will love, AND…

— Make a bunch of sales of that course, bringing customers and revenue in the door!


You gotta create your first course
if you want to start cashing in…

This is where the rubber meets the road…

And the difference between a wannabe… And someone who is actually out there carving off their slice of that massive pie.

If you want all the leveraged, scalable, and nearly passive income that having your own online course can generate…

— You need to create and launch your course in the first place.

But again, just creating any old course is not enough.

There are certain decisions you make before you even get started…

Decisions that will go a LONG way toward ensuring your growing success or locking you into ongoing struggle.

For example, did you know there’s a hierarchy of success when it comes to creating your online course?

As I suggested above, the production values of your course aren’t too high up on the list.

I got my start in online publishing with a business that grew well into the 8-figures publishing UGLY courses.

Yes, a course with great production values can be successful — and if you insist on it, I’m not going to stop you.

But there are other factors that will drive much more of your success.

And your marketing messages aren’t even at the top of that list, either.

They’re on the list, yes.

But there are other even more important factors that I want to share with you.

I also want to share with you…

How creating your first online course
is just one leverage point
in maximizing your sales and profits…

Here’s the thing.

While you CAN create a wildly successful publishing business based exclusively around selling your courses, you don’t have to.

Depending on how you build and position your course within your business, your first course can be a key that unlocks so many different possibilities.

Take, for example, the copywriter, marketing consultant, or agency.

You could (and maybe should!) build a course that has nothing to do with marketing.

Sell that course on its own, and build a business around it.  Use your skills to dominate some market with far less ruthless competition than the copywriting-as-a-business-opportunity market.

Or create a course that demonstrates the value you offer to clients.  And use it as a way to pre-educate, pre-motivate, and pre-qualify potential clients, with a natural ascension into your high-ticket services.

This isn’t right for every copywriter or every market, but it’s absolutely a proven path to bringing in high-paying clients for high-ticket services.

And you don’t have to be a copywriter or marketer, either.

You can use a course for client acquisition for nearly any high-ticket service.  The marketing teaches them what to do.  The course teaches them how to do it.  And then they can hire you to do it for them.

Many of your best clients will be acquired through this method, because they will buy into your expertise before hiring you.

There are plenty more ways
a course can juice your profits…

— If you have a low-ticket offer, your online course can be created as a high-ticket program to increase revenue per customer.

— If you have a high-ticket done-for-you or done-with-you offer, the course can be a middle-tier offer and downsell for clients not quite ready for the full shebang.

— You can even build offer ladders around online courses, where one course at one level naturally leads to the next and the next.

— Or maybe you want to build your course alongside your done-for-you service, to give your clients a way to drive some of their success on their own.  (And make your offer more scalable.)

— Or perhaps you’re interested in building an entire online education business.

— Or you want to create courses to cross-sell other products and services.

— Or you want to create courses that will serve your goals of world domination.  (Just making sure you’re still paying attention!)

In all of the above cases…

If you want the result, you need to create your first online course.

That’s what I want to help you do…

Create Your First Online Course

After creating and launching dozens of courses for myself…

And countless more as part of my client work in marketing since 2005…

Including some of the best-selling courses at multiple client businesses…

I’m condensing and sharing my biggest lessons in what it truly takes to create an online course success.

At the very core, it can be as simple as…

STEP 1: Decide course topic.

STEP 2: Outline course content.

STEP 3: Record and edit course content.

STEP 4: Publish course content.

STEP 5: Market course.

But I’ve talked to countless course creators who’ve gone through all of those steps just to have a flop on their hands.

If my goal isn’t to get you to create your first course…

But instead to create a course that is an effective tool — generating real results for you and your business — then I’m going to go into much more important and less superficial lessons than the above.

Which is exactly what you’ll find in this course, my first and only course on creating online courses.

Here’s how to get 
Create Your First Online Course…

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Create Your First Online Course
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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