The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package

The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package

The copywriting business skills you need to declare your independence

The training in The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

If you desire FREEDOM and SUCCESS
as a freelance copywriter,
this is for you…

Many copywriters — even freelancers — still don’t have the independence they crave…

See if this sounds familiar…

  • Too-long hours, for too-little pay…
  • Uncertainty about where your next gig and your next check is coming from…
  • Little demand — heck, little respect — from clients leads to feeling like you constantly have to hustle and grind…

And that assumes you’ve even launched your freelance business in the first place.  There are far more aspiring copywriters who just haven’t built enough momentum or demand for their business that they’re able to take that leap.

Today, I’m writing to you from my home office…

This is where I work, most of the time.

Except when I decide to pop over to my local library for a change of scenery.  Or my favorite coffee shop.  Or really, wherever I want to go.  There’s a nice coworking space in town, and sometimes I get the itch to drop in there.

There are days where I feel like I should hop on my bike and take off on a ride around a local lake, before I start work.

And there are days where I head down to the neighborhood pool in the afternoon, to swim with my family.  During the work week.  When so many other people are chained to their J-O-B.

I didn’t always have this freedom…

  • To work where I want…
  • To work when I want…
  • And with clients who pay me very well…

I didn’t always have this independence.

I used to have to work 40 hours per week.  A 9-hour shift.  With an unpaid hour in the middle of my shift for lunch.  And two timed, 15-minute breaks.  Which left 7.5 total hours where I had to be logged into the phone, headset on, taking calls.

Oh and by the way, that job sucked…

I was the guy you called to yell at, when you hadn’t paid your gas bill all winter, and we came and shut off your heat on the first warm day of spring.

But I’m also thankful for that job.  Because it’s where I discovered copywriting — the opportunity that now gives me total freedom to create the business and life I want.

That’s where I’d sit through my evening shift, reading between calls.

Where I first read about these people who write for a living, and get paid.  Where I first read about direct response, and getting paid a royalty for the sales your writing generates.

That’s probably the first place I learned you could make a fat six-figure income as a copywriter — even become a millionaire.

And just for reference, at the time I think I was making about $20,000 per year in that full-time job, answering calls for the local gas company.

Today I make $20,000 per project…

And that’s just the beginning. 

Because I get a salesperson’s commission — royalties — on all the sales my copywriting generates.  Which can add up well beyond that initial fee for the project.

I was hooked on this idea.

Within six months I was working in marketing, honing my chops.

That was actually a really good job, so they held onto me for about five years.  But I did manage to start my freelance business in the meantime, working early mornings and weekends.

Learning not just the skill of copywriting.  But also the BUSINESS of copywriting.  Which I’ve learned is far more important to creating that independence I wanted.

  • I learned what I needed to offer clients that they’d happily pay me good money for.
  • I learned how to ask for — and get — those royalties I knew were key to making big money as a copywriter.
  • I learned how simple it is to sell, if you have a good process and a good offer.

So that once I decided it was finally time to fully launch my freelance business and do it full-time...

So that once I decided it was time to walk out of that J-O-B for good, and work for myself…

So that once I decided it was time to never work in another cubicle again…

I was ready.

I replaced my income my first year…

I grew it the next.

I got that six-figure income I craved.

I started hand-picking the clients I wanted, and getting them.

But maybe my favorite moment where I realized I’d “made it” was when I made one of my clients over a million dollars in sales, over two weeks…

And got to go to the bank to cash more than $35,000 in royalty checks.

Without any additional work, beyond what I’d already done to earn my project fee.

That’s when I KNEW I was independent.

That’s when I KNEW this copywriting thing was working out, just like I’d imagined it.

That’s the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE I want for you…

So I’ve bundled up my core copywriting business training into a combined training package.

You get…

  • The Copywriter’s Roadmap to Building a Core Offer…  So you can nail down the offer that will actually get you paid well and respected by clients. (Retail $47)
  • Copywriting Royalties and Pay for Performance…  Learn how to get paid based on RESULTS generated, not just the time put in or the work you complete. (Retail $97)
  • Roy Furr’s Networking Secret…  Designed for selling at networking events, also works with connecting online — a proven system I used to generate over $70,000 in business at one industry event. (Retail $47)

The value of this knowledge, applied, is evident in my six-figures-plus-per-year copywriting business.  Buying each training individually is a total bargain at $191. 

But as part of this special package deal, you get it at just $97…

That’s about half price.  And, in fact, because it’s the same price as getting Copywriting Royalties and Pay for Performance, it’s as if you’re buying one training — and getting the other two for free. 

No matter how you slice it, it’s an excellent deal on training that could completely change your life — by helping you declare your own personal independence, through freelance copywriting.

And if you decide at any time in the next 90 days that the training isn’t for you or won’t generate the independence you crave, let me know and you’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund.

To your independence,

Roy Furr

The training in The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package includes these courses

Roy Furr's Networking Secret
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The training in The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members