Coming Soon: Training Topics

BTMSinsiders is an ever-expanding library of proven ideas for growing your business. The following topics and training titles are planned or in development, to be released in this general order.  

Course Title or Topic Instructor
Sleight of Pen: Hypnosis, Persuasion, and Belief Change for Copywriters

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Roy Furr
Irresistible Offers: Designing Offers for Maximum Sales & Profits

Roy Furr
The Client-Getting Blueprint: Build A Thriving Client Business, Step-By-Step (Stage 2: Building Your Client Business) Roy Furr
Zero Day Profits: Funnels, Cart Value, and Creating Maximum Customer Value Roy Furr
Consultative Selling: How to Sell High-Ticket Products, Services, and Expertise Roy Furr
Copywriting 101: Fundamentals of Results-Driven Direct Response Copy Roy Furr
The Client-Getting Blueprint: Build A Thriving Client Business, Step-By-Step (Stage 3: Scaling Your Client Business) Roy Furr
Training Your Unconscious Mind: Boost Your Happiness, Health, Prosperity, and Impact Roy Furr
Breakthrough Marketing 101: Create Fast Growth through Entrepreneurial Direct Marketing Roy Furr
Money Mindset: Principles, Beliefs, and Behaviors to Build Wealth Fast Roy Furr
Email Copywriting: What To Say and How To Say It For Clicks and Conversions Roy Furr

BTMSinsiders also includes Monthly Insiders Calls covering these and other related topics, plus giving you the chance to get your questions answered.

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The above list should be considered a general reference for upcoming training topics.  The order and specific topics to be covered are subject to change at any time, with the goal of providing the best service to the most members.  No specific timeline will be given for the addition of any training title, however, we do aim to add value to the BTMSinsiders catalog every month with the addition of training from this list as well as other unannounced bonus topics.

Suggest Topics

Are there any specific topics you'd like to see training on?  Please email [email protected] with your suggestions.  We keep a running list (bigger than this one!) and use member feedback to help us prioritize future training.