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Welcome Mat Funnels
 to Get New Customers

Want new customers from cold traffic — for yourself or clients?

Your FIRST stop should be a “welcome mat” funnel.

[You may have heard of these as “tripwire” funnels.  But can we agree that’s a bad name?  After all, who wants to be booby-trapped, as a customer?  It’s much better to have the welcome mat laid out for our arrival!]

Why a welcome mat funnel?

Here’s the thing…

If someone is BRAND NEW to doing business with you…

They don’t know you yet…

And they definitely don’t like or trust you.

So it’s your responsibility to start the customer relationship in a way that builds knowing, liking, and trusting…

And doing it in a way that can also be profitable at scale, covering your traffic costs.

In other words…

You need to find a way to get them spending money right away…

That they still feel comfortable with when they don’t really know you yet.

The welcome mat is your sweet spot!

This is a low-priced, low-ticket offer…

An introduction to you and what you do…

That DOES NOT replace your core offer of products or services…

But instead is a step on the journey to becoming a full customer.

Your best customers will want to buy this THEN they will want to know what else you have to offer.

And this works whether you sell products OR services, whether your core offer is something much cheaper or a very high-ticket offering.

The key is: once you adapt the welcome mat to your biz, it works…

This works across markets, across industries, across product categories.

Get the principles and strategies right, and you can design a funnel that brings your best customers in…

Spending money with you for the first time…

And ready to buy more.

And when you nail it, you can just keep paying to get this offer in front of them…

Knowing your bringing in more and more customers, and making more and more sales.

Then something even better happens…

If you do this right, you’re making good sales on the front end, in customer acquisition, from day one.

Done right, these funnels are often profitable enough to scale up paid traffic.

But the thing is, that first transaction is just the beginning.

Because you’re bringing in BUYERS.

And any good marketer knows, a list of BUYERS is far more valuable than a list of LEADS.

Once someone has proven they will pay for an offer in a market, it’s highly likely they’ll be interested in investing far more.

As they say, “A buyer is a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.”

And all these leads you bring in are buyers who will be open and interested in your next offer, and your next, and your next…

Making your business even more profitable.

That's what you'll learn in Welcome Mat Funnels to Get New Customers…

You get the principles, strategies, and techniques behind building these customer acquisition funnels…

Whether you’re doing it for your biz or for clients…

No matter what other products you’re looking to sell…

We’ll discuss where it applies…

How to structure not just the first sale in the funnel, but all the other sales afterwards…

I’ll give you some examples from across product categories…

And I’ll even suggest some proven optimizations to eke out more revenue and profit from every click and prospect you send into your funnel.

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Solid Fundamentals for Bringing in a Boatload of New Customers

Wil Reed

Great teaching to help when I launch my business!


Super useful

Katja Mokotar

As always this is another super valuable and insightful training. I love how well it's structured and chunked together so I can quickly go back to the mindmap and find the answer.


Just about everything you need to know about developing a funnel that works for your business

Avinash Luke

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Welcome Mat Funnels to Get New Customers
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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