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Unleash Your Inner Greatness

By Training Your
Subconscious Mind

My 7-year-old daughter gets nervous around dogs.

Especially energetic ones.  Like Bella, the eager pup across the street who would like nothing more than to run up to us…  Jump up…  And get some love.

Bella is pretty harmless, as far as dogs go.

She’s a nice dog!

And even though my daughter knows this, she’d have a moment of panic whenever she saw Bella outside…

… Until the owners got a leash.

Now, whenever they let Bella out into their unfenced yard, she’s on a leash.

At first, this didn’t stop Bella from running toward us when she saw us.

She’d run until SNAP…  She reached the end of the leash and was jerked back.

It didn’t take too long.

Bella learned the limit.

And now when she’s outside, she’ll readily wander the yard within the confines of the leash…

Going here and there and everywhere…

And even getting excited when she sees us.

But my daughter isn’t so worried anymore.

Because Bella doesn’t run at us…

She doesn’t push the boundaries.

She sits like a good dog, and doesn’t cause trouble.

We are all bred to be leashed up little “good dogs,” who don’t push the boundaries and don’t cause trouble…

Except we’re not wearing a physical leash and collar.  (Unless that’s your style! 🤣)

Our leash is social.  Cultural.  Psychological.

We’ve internalized the “leash” since childhood.

  • What’s good, and what’s bad.
  • What’s acceptable, and what’s not.
  • What’s right, and what’s wrong.

We’re taught from birth to stay in our yard, in our leashed-up zone.

Even worse, many of us have internalized messages that our natural and healthy thoughts, feelings, and desires are bad, wrong, and not acceptable.

We have a tight leash.

And instead of running toward what we want…

We lead lives of quiet desperation, wandering well within the acceptable range of behavior…

(Or worse, we compulsively engage in self-destructive behaviors in secret, because we have grown exhausted of holding it in to maintain our “good dog” image.)

Even as we feel an internal pull into the bigger world we know is out there to be explored.

Even as we see our desires just beyond the yard, waiting to be pursued.

Even if our thoughts, feelings, and desires would guide us to enrich our lives and those around us…

And are not the fearsome monsters they’ve been made out to be.

All of the beliefs that make up your “leash” are in your subconscious mind…

And even when you are not aware of them…

ESPECIALLY when you are not aware of them…

OR if you are sometimes aware of them but deny them and shove them down…

They drive behavior from day-to-day, moment-to-moment.

You feel the tug of the leash when…

  • You want to introduce yourself to someone new in a social or networking situation — but you let your fear stop you.
  • You dream a big dream for yourself — but worry you’re not qualified or that you’re playing out of your league.
  • You want to assert yourself in a conversation, or ask for something you want — but just shut up because, “they probably won’t agree.”
  • You plan a productive day — but the moment you have any tough feeling you get lost in distraction and procrastination.
  • You know you’re valuable — but struggle to charge more for your services and worry whether you’re worth it.
  • You want to go after any good thing — but you let fear, doubt, and indecision stop you.
  • You set a course toward the fulfillment of your desires — but quickly find yourself adrift on a sea of indirection.
  • You’re doing what you think you should be doing and getting the results you should be getting — but somehow feel like a fraud and are just waiting for the moment where you get exposed and it all comes crumbling down.

… Basically, any time you feel like you’re not good enough.  (I speak from experience on ALL of this.)

We have a natural feeling, an urge, a desire to get more from life, then…


That familiar tug of the leash, pulling us back and holding us in.

Willpower and conscious intention will never set you free…

This is the bad news: We can’t just wish this all away.

It’s not as simple as just unclipping a physical leash.

No matter how much we want this to change, this change does not come from a desire for things to be another way.

At best, we fill our days with busywork, trying to avoid the nagging discomfort in our subconscious — a sign that something about our current situation is making us miserable.

Our constant busyness turns into workaholism — which is, at least, rewarded with material gain.  From the outside looking in, we are a happy leashed-up dog in our happy little yard.  (Even better if it comes with a white picket fence.)

But we still feel that leash tugging on our neck.

We still feel that sense of constraint.

We have a conscious awareness that more is possible even as our subconscious won’t let us pursue it.

And so we are physically satisfied but emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually starved.

There is no amount of money or resources we can use to buy our freedom. 

There is no amount of dollar bills that will fill the hole in our heart.

(I see this in the public behavior of “the rich and famous,” but I choose not to name names.)

The only way out and to true freedom and liberation is by going inside…

This comes in two parts.

First, you have to connect with your subconscious mind.

You have to get in there, and poke around.

You have to figure out what’s there.

You must, must, must shine light into the dingy, cobwebbed shadows of your subconscious mind.

Not necessarily picking the scabs of past wounds.

But you have to be comfortable bringing conscious awareness to the tempest raging in your subconscious.

And importantly, how all that subconscious “leash” programming from the past is dramatically limiting your possibilities today.

You must learn to notice when your subconscious is creating failure, to keep you constrained.

Then and only then, can you do the fun part…

Second, you can train your subconscious success mechanism.

This is where you learn to loosen the leash, and perhaps let it go.

Rather than being stuck and constrained, you give yourself the ability to pursue your desires in a healthy, confident way.

You get comfortable with yourself, so you can live a full life.

You train your subconscious mind and align it with your conscious goals and desires, and everything clicks into place.

You create freedom and liberation.

This is how you create success, by many measures…

You want health, wealth, relationships, and happiness?

They will mean NOTHING if your subconscious mind is still writhing with monsters and inner demons.

Worse, they won’t stick very well.

You’ll self-sabotage.  You’ll get a good thing then somehow banish it from your life because you don’t think you deserve it.  And it will all happen on a subconscious level, even as you claim it’s what you really want.

But when you can clean up your subconscious and train it, reprogram, nurture it to align with your conscious goals…

Whatever you set out to achieve will come easier, and be more fulfilling.

And they’ll stick far better, because your conscious and subconscious minds will be working in harmony.

This is what we’ll cover in Training Your Subconscious Success Mechanism…

First, how to go inside and connect with your subconscious mind…

Even if that means you find you’ve got a whole pile of head trash you have to clean out before you can get started with the good stuff.

Then, the actual training of your subconscious success mechanism…

To get your subconscious mind working for you, 24/7, to help you achieve whatever goals you set out to achieve.

Training Your Subconscious Success Mechanism was originally recorded as the October 2021 Monthly Insiders Call.

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Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

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This was an INCREDIBLE Training!

Giorgos Konstantinou

Hey Roy - had to share.

I've just sunk my teeth into the subconscious training. Thank you for bringing me a lot of clarity - and honestly a reminder of what I want to be doing to make myself feel better, and bring myself into that better state.

No WOOHA. Just pure facts and actionable steps that ARE ACTUALLY applicable! So many self help courses just... preach about meditationg 72 minutes a day whilst sitting on a rock and screaming affirmations.

This is doable, effective - and actually works. I'm an avid journaller, but you gave me SO many more ideas. I'll be journalling multiple times a day. 

Much love, thanks for all you do!


Best course on mindset I've taken.

Sylvia Bae

Honestly, this course was just what I needed. I’d been stalling and procrastinating on working on my copywriting career when I came across this course. Roy strikes a delicate balance between theory and application. Never overwhelming us with too much information and providing personal examples. It gives you the tools to address any self-imposed barriers or self-sabotage you are dealing with. Highly recommend!



Jess Kelly

The quality of information in this lesson is impossible to put a value on.

It is an extremely well thought out and well delivered curation of psychological principles and how to apply and practice them in real life ways.
The principles aren't new to me by any means, thanks to a lifetime of group and workshop style therapies, but I have a renewed perspective I am grateful for.
I wouldn't say Roy condensed this vast amount of knowledge it's taken me a lifetime to acquire; but that he distilled it and then organized it in a way I've never experienced before.

The material presented is extremely relevant and accessible. Truly remarkable. Highly recommend to any human being, not just business people.

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Roy Furr
Founder, BTMSinsiders

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Training Your Subconscious Success Mechanism
is available exclusively for BTMSinsiders members

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