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This “secret” structure of A-list sales copy
helps you crank out powerful,
profitable copy, fast…

Right before I launched my career as a freelance copywriter, I was handed what would become my secret weapon.  It was a 20-point copywriting outline, from none other than the great Clayton Makepeace.

I knew it was important at the time.  But I didn’t know how important.

In fact, this one piece of paper would help me launch my direct response copywriting business, fast…  Score me my first million-dollar marketing campaigns for clients…  Earn me the coveted $10,000 check on stage at AWAI’s copywriting Bootcamp, just 12 months later…  Allow me to instantly compete with the best copywriters, in the most competitive (and lucrative!) markets…

And lay the groundwork for my entire career in direct response…  Now including growing my own direct response publishing business!

Here’s the thing: once you know how to create highly-effective sales messages for any media, you can write your own ticket!

I knew GOOD long copy made millions — I just didn’t know how to write GOOD long copy, until I figured this out… 

If you don’t think long copy outsells short copy, you haven’t worked with any truly good long-copy copywriters.

Because anyone who has actually run a bunch of tests on this topic will tell you this truism is as true today as it ever has been: “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

IF your long copy is boring, confusing, or unclear…  Or if it flat-out sucks, like mine did before that Makepeace outline…

Of course people won’t respond!

But if you’re speaking to buyers and qualified prospects about things that are interesting and personally-relevant?  They’ll stick around through thousands of words of sales copy!

Some of my most profitable ads have been more than 10,000-words long!

When you have a tough sale to make, you NEED that much copy.  BUT it’s not just about length.  It’s about how you use all that copy to structure an effective sales argument that carries your prospect from the conversation already going on in their head to taking action on your offer.

When you hear about copy that makes millions or even tens of millions of dollars or more…  And you look at it and you think, “That’s a long sales letter, how could I write all that in a way people would actually read?!”

The secret is, most often, that the A-list copywriter behind it knows the deep structure of selling messages that work — in any media.

In fact, when you know the structure of effective copy, it becomes easy!

Long copy or short copy.  In any media.  For any market.  Once you understand what’s taking place under the surface, you can craft effective selling messages with ease.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for the internet, or offline.  It doesn’t matter if you’re putting it in video form, audio, or print.  Heck, you can use the exact same principles to structure speeches and webinars to sell — I do!

You simply follow the deep structure…  Fit your message and offer to that…  And you’re off to the races.

Once I understood this, it became my secret weapon…

One of my biggest secrets to success in direct marketing has been being able to turn an idea into a full marketing campaign quickly, and get it into the market to test it.

When you can do more projects, more campaigns, more tests, and more copy…

You’re almost guaranteed to outsell and outpace your competitors.

“Money loves speed,” after all.

And the faster you can write copy, the more income you stand to make — if for no other reason than the sheer volume of work you’re putting into the marketplace.

Then, when you add in royalties from doing more campaigns…

Then, when you add in increased performance from testing more ideas and getting a better understanding of what works…

You’ll quickly see how writing copy faster — as long as you follow the proven structure of effective sales messages used by only the world’s best direct response pros — will get you bigger success, faster.

Let me give you the benefit of my experience!

The Makepeace outline, which I’ve later shared (with Clayton’s blessing), formed a great starting point.  But it required a ton of interpretation.  It required a pile of additional layers of understanding piled on top.

Plus, it works in many cases, but there are other outlines and copy structures that have worked just as well for me, and other copywriters and marketers like me.  Not only that, there are critical elements like nailing down your big idea that aren’t covered in the 20 points.

And so ever since that day in 2009 where I first got my grubby little paws on Clayton’s outline, I’ve consistently looked for similar shortcuts I could use.  And, for ways to fill in the details that went above and beyond what was captured on that one piece of paper.

I took notes.  I learned from others.  I looked for where other pros overlapped with Clayton’s outline, and where their advice was unique.

And, I relentlessly tested every concept, principle, strategy, technique, and tactic I could find, in my own work creating highly-effective copy for clients.

In doing so, I discovered ways to both write better copy, AND to write faster!

The result is High-Velocity Copywriting!

This is the first and only program of its kind, breaking down what I’ve identified as the ONLY three categories of big ideas that generate massive sales in the most competitive markets.

And then, based on which idea you start with, how to structure the subsequent sales logic to support that big idea, and transition toward making the sale.

And then finally, how to present your offer in the most compelling, convincing way, to get prospects to take you up on it.

This is how you grab your ideal prospect’s attention, build their interest and desire, and get them to take urgent action and give you money.

And importantly — this training installs the depth of thinking behind how to structure these messages in a way that lets you write more powerful, profitable copy, faster.

Plus, I threw in an entire extra lesson covering productivity secrets to help you generate more breakthrough copy and selling messages, in less time.

Whether you write copy for yourself or for clients, whether you actually sit down and bang out all the words, or create the structure for copy cubs or for presentations…  This training will be a godsend.

And it’s all included in the High-Velocity Copywriting training.  And it’s all available to you for instant streaming access.

UPDATE: I've just added the companion High-Velocity Copywriting Templates to this training — as a free and complementary bonus training.  It was originally valued at $97, but it's yours free.  See below for a description of the templates training plus its own special bonus.

Let me walk you through
exact templates for writing
high-powered big idea copy…

After I created the High-Velocity Copywriting program, I realized I did you a disservice.  While I walked through the only three big idea types that consistently create big winners…  And I walked through the structure of highly-effective sales copy…

I didn’t connect the dots.

What was missing?  Specific, explicit outlines for the three big idea types.  Starting at the very beginning, with the prospect’s mental state and stage of awareness…  And walking through what the copy needs to do to carry the prospect from wherever they’re entering the conversation…  All the way to the sale.

High-Velocity Copywriting Templates is your step-by-step blueprint…

This program is not long.  At a hair over two hours, it does only what it needs to do, and nothing more.

It takes the foundational principles, strategies, techniques, and tactics of High-Velocity Copywriting, and shows you specifically how to turn that into a finished piece of sales copy.  Based on proven-effective sales narratives and copy outlines.

If you’re writing a piece of copy to help your prospects solve an urgent problem…  To introduce them to a 10X opportunity…  Or to make an imminent prediction with specific recommendations on how to respond to it…

You’ll have the specific templates you need to write that copy in the best, most compelling, most profitable way possible.

Plus, you get the specific walkthrough so you know exactly how to use that template and turn it into a finished piece of copy…  Including the intricacies and exceptions to consider with each big idea type.

Important: Go through High-Velocity Copywriting first!

This training is meant to supplement High-Velocity Copywriting: Speed secrets and shortcuts to write better copy, faster. 

You could certainly go through just the templates training and get a ton of value.  And yet, you’ll have a deeper understanding and be able to create much better results if you’ve taken these two trainings in order.

BONUS: The Copy Outline that Made My Copywriting Career...

In addition to all of my own High-Velocity Copywriting templates, I did a bonus live webinar.  I walked through the "Pretty Darned Good Copy Outline" I got from Clayton Makepeace...  Which I credit for launching my freelance direct response copywriting career.

This is the outline I used when writing my first million-dollar controls.  (And I know of at least one other top copywriter who got his start with this exact outline, too.)

In the webinar, I walked through the outline and shared my insights and perspectives from more than eight years of applying it on all levels: principle-based, strategic, technique-driven, and tactical…

The webinar recording plus my notes on the Makepeace outline are now available as a BONUS to the High-Velocity Copywriting program, accessible in the course contents below...

Founder & Lead Instructor, BTMSinsiders

Roy Furr

"I share ideas that grow businesses." At the heart of everything he does, whether that's consulting, copywriting, speaking, publishing, or training through BTMSinsiders, that one idea drives Roy forward. To share proven ideas for helping you grow your business today, based on the principles of effective direct response marketing.Roy Furr is one of the world's most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising. As both a copywriter and marketing strategist, Roy has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 2005. Today, Roy continues working with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs, publishes the free daily Breakthrough Marketing Secrets (BTMS) essays (regularly read and circulated among the marketing A-list), and is the founder and lead instructor of BTMSinsiders.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Video Lesson (21:39)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 2

    Productivity Strategies

    • Video Lesson (43:40)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 3

    Finding Your Message

    • Video Lesson (59:06)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 4

    Structuring Your Presentation

    • Video Lesson (12:03)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 5

    Grabbing Attention

    • Video Lesson (29:56)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 6

    Building Interest & Desire

    • Video Lesson (27:49)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 7

    Stimulating Action

    • Video Lesson (40:34)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 8

    Copy Elements

    • Video Lesson (28:41)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 9

    Order Forms

    • Video Lesson (6:22)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 10

    Email Copy

    • Video Lesson (18:42)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 11

    Lead Generation Copy

    • Video Lesson (7:07)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 12

    A Quick Request

    • A Quick Request

  • 13


    • Video Lesson (10:51)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 14

    BONUS HVC Templates: Introduction

    • Video Lesson (5:27)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 15

    BONUS HVC Templates: The UPSEEN Test for Big Ideas

    • Video Lesson (12:12)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 16

    BONUS HVC Templates: Urgent Problem Template Walkthrough

    • Video Lesson (40:31)

    • Download: Urgent Problem Template

  • 17

    BONUS HVC Templates: 10X Opportunity Template Walkthrough

    • Video Lesson (27:29)

    • Download: 10X Opportunity Template

  • 18

    BONUS HVC Templates: Imminent Prediction Template Walkthrough

    • Video Lesson (38:01)

    • Download: Imminent Prediction Template

  • 19

    BONUS HVC Templates: Wrap-Up

    • Video Lesson (3:12)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 20

    BONUS: The Copy Outline that Launched My Copywriting Career

    • Webinar Recording (1:13:32)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 21

    BONUS: Reframing the Problem and Solution

    • Video Lesson (14:44)

  • 22

    BONUS: 2 Simple Secrets for More Effective Copy

    • Video Lesson (44:09)

    • Download: Mind Map

  • 23

    More useful lessons from Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

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Understand how to approach Copy!

Chris Olds

Roy breaks down clearly how to prepare and approach copy that will help change lives.


High Amounts of Practicality

Alan Morgan

It's the A to Z overview of making a persuasive and effective sales presentation. You can't unsee the logic behind the UPSEEN test for big ideas!
There's high value in this course effectively called High-Velocity Copywriting.


High-Time for a 5-star Review of High-Velocity Copywriting

Michelle Radcliff

This is an excellent course for covering all the basics of how to structure a sales letter from start to finish, following the AIDA formula.  I think what’s going to help me the most are the templates and bonus lessons going into more detail on the three types of Big Ideas and the 2 Simple Secrets.

However, one major takeaway from HVC stood out to me so clearly that I will never forget to include it in any long-form sales copy that I write.  But to find out what it is, you must look me up on LinkedIn or just purchase HVC to find out for yourself.  I highly recommend it.

I think including some actual copy assignments based on the lessons taught would be helpful, with peer reviews/feedback in the BTMS Insiders Facebook group.


Im Honestly Glad I Chose This Course

Corey Bresnan

This course so far has been jam packed with excellent content that I could not find on youtube. Alot of the free resources don't even scratch the surface compared to what is offered here.

My favorite takeaway with this course has to be the fact that you not only learn the copy elements that if applied will make you a great copywriter, but Roy tells you actually how to apply it.


The best copywriting course I've ever taken

Jim Carlin

If you are new to copywriting, or maybe have some experience, but know there's more to it, Roy Furr's High-Velocity Copywriting course is exactly what you need. Roy provides a clear breakdown of every step you need to take to write killer copy, whether it's a long-form sales letter, an order form, emails, or a lead generator squeeze page, you will find it in this course.


Integrated And Very Informative!

Daive R Facey

Roy Furr's High Velocity Copy is an integrated very informative course on copywriting in which he outlines in detail the practical tried and proven steps to write highly persuasive effective copy.

The principles outlined are from his years of experience and expertise acquired in copywriting, which have been shown to be effective. It is clear Roy Furr is a real master of this craft and I feel fortunate to be learning from him.

I would highly recommend Roy Furr's teachings which are in clear and concise language to beginners and even practitioners in the field of copywriting. We can and should share knowledge and learn from each other and one can learn a lot from Roy Furr's methodologies to impart practical knowledge.

I now have a better understanding of copywriting, because of his integrated and practical approach. I am eager to learn all I can from this '5 Star' and other highly rated courses.

Thanks and well done Roy! Keep up the good wok!

Daive R


Mind Blowingly Useful

Maryann Breece

high Velocity copywriting pulls back the curtain of what copywriting is. It dives deep into how to effectively and efficiently write compelling copy.

My mind is racing with all the ways this will change my writing. Not just copywriting but all written communication can be more persuasive after learning these ideas.


Great Copywriting 101 Course

Andres Espinoza

So far my experience with the course has been great. Lots of greats info about how to create successful copy, the "high-velocity' way. All is left for me to do is put all this fresh knowledge to the test and prove that this course really works. (Which I'm sure it will). Thanks Roy for this course. Cheers!


Immensely valuable!

Chris Hardee

I've watched a LOT of copywriting training over the years. This is one of my favorites.


Rating This Course 5 Stars Isn't Enough...

Kyle Kasak

An outstanding & actionable course to truly take your efficiency and your quality to the next level... simultaneously. Just from implementing the actionable advice and frameworks from the first couple videos has allowed me not only to work at a faster pace, but to do so while also increasing the quality of my writing (and thinking...). This will be my go to recommendation to any copywriter I come in contact with.


A deeper dive into the fundamentals of copywriting!

Paroma Minocha

This course has strengthened my copywriting foundation. It provided me with in-depth knowledge of various elements of copywriting and has taught me to write stronger copy.


Great Course!

Sean Van Zant

Very great and helpful teaching! Might be one of the best courses out there on how to write great-quality copy quickly.


Last Copywriting Course you will ever need?

Jaden Kamau

I was skeptical but after i heard about him writing the Titan's of Response sales letter for Brian Kurtz i had to buy join his membership. Roy knows his stuff better than anyone i have seen and i have been through quite a number of courses. Don't overthink it just make the decision to invest in yourself and you will not regret. Unless you want to stay where you are but thats up to you. I'm glad i made the decision.


The One Training You Cannot Miss

Felix Low

Roy explains all the elements of writing great copy. Whether you're just starting out or an A -lister you'll get a lot from Roy's teachings, GUARANTEED.


I was looking for Clayton's copywriting secret but I found Roy Furr instead!

Zafifi Ideris

I never thought that your article about Clayton Makepeace's 20 points copywriting outline landed me here, and I am grateful for you. Your High-Velocity Copywriting course gives me an in-depth, tactical view of writing million-dollar copy. Like you, I was studying, following, and swiping tons of copywriting formulas out there before but now I will stick to Clayton's copy outline. I also impressed with your presentation using a mind map instead of slides; easy to pick up the main idea and its elaboration.


I finally get BIG IDEAS!

James Weiss

I could spend hours talking about how amazing this course was, but what I really took from it was something I hadn't gotten from any other course...

Big Ideas!

The way Roy lays out the Big Idea is groundbreaking — just clear and concise and easy to follow.

Highly recommend this course to any serious student of copywriting.


AMAZING Course!!!

Csaba Borzási

I honestly don't know how Roy keep overdelivering with every. single. course he does... I've been through dozens of copywriting courses - including several from famous A-listers - and honestly, High-Velocity Copywriting just blows most of them out of the water. It's the first course that made me REALLY understand the hidden psychology of high-converting sales letters at a deep, granular level - without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Roy's teaching style is crazy-effective!



Austin Aluwuo

This is really High Velocity Copywriting, this is sincerely the best Copywriting Course ever. Roy thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us



Michael Gibbs

I can now see why Roy is considered an A+ Copywriter, because this is truly an A+ Course! The Research and Productivity Strategies are immensely helpful. But Roy really overdelivers by teaching the 3 types of BIG IDEAS and taking you step-by-step through the HVC Structure. Using mind maps, he drills a new pathway into your brain and begins filling it up with his A+ copywriting wisdom. Then, once you’re pleasantly stuffed with golden nuggets of value, he countersinks the nail of knowledge deep into your memory by walking you through 3 HVC Templates and a 20-Point Outline from the legendary Clayton Makepeace. I highly recommend this course as one of your first lessons!


First! Watch this course First if you want a rock solid foundation to build upon.

Faro Vitale

This course provided exactly the foundation I was always looking for as a beginner. I am so glad I started here first!


Everything you need to know to write effective copy fast

Matt Nemec


I learned a lot about Direct Response Copywriting

Blessilda Stoker

I learned how to come up with BIG IDEAS for a sales promotion. Plus I learned the strategy and proven formulas when writing sales copy. I downloaded all the mind maps for every module. And I'm gonna use them on my next project.

Here's a tip: Take notes while taking High-Velocity Copywriting because Roy shares so many information and you don't want to miss any of the content that's packed with value.


High-Velocity Copywriting

claudio alegre

One of the best courses on copywriting I've ever taken. The value in here is insane. Roy is absolutely mad giving away so much value at this price point!


Brought clarity to the most important pieces...

David Melman

Just want to say a BIG thank you to Roy for putting together and sharing this training. I've learned copy sales structure from a variety of books and courses but Roy's High-Velocity Copywriting course brought me a whole new level of clarity and understanding for how to approach finding the right big idea for the sales message, and how to build the sales message around the right big idea. I honestly just feel incredibly grateful and relieved to have this understanding.

I almost wanted to wait to review this until after I get some profound results with it so I could share some specific outcomes (I just finished the training), maybe I can edit the review and add to it once I get some breakthrough results using these strategies. I am 100% confident this program will vastly improve the quality and speed of my copywriting (it's already helped tremendously with a promotion I've been writing as I've gone through the training).

Thanks, David


A new perspective on an old art

Dean Mackenzie

I've done a few courses and "hacked around" with long form, but most of my experience is with shorter form copy. Nevertheless, I'm fascinated with this subject. Roy's concise but thorough course helped fill in a lot of gaps I had in my learning. Key take-away? The 3 types of big idea - I'm looking at every promotion I read now that in mind.

Thanks again Roy, I have the feeling this won't be the last course I rate 5 stars.


Paroma Minocha


Sean Farrelly

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