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Story Selling Master Class

Use stories to sell more. How the world's best story-sellers incorporate narrative into their persuasive messages.

Roy Furr

High-Velocity Copywriting

Speed secrets and shortcuts to write better copy, faster. Write more copy, generate more response, and make more profits for yourself and clients.

Roy Furr

The Client-Getting Blueprint

Build a thriving client business, step-by-step. How to get traffic, convert clients, profit, and provide massive value.

Roy Furr

Webinars That Sell

Run live and automated webinars for more leads, customers, sales, and profits. Webinar campaign strategy plus scripting webinars for sales results.

Roy Furr

Sleight of Pen

Hypnosis, NLP, persuasion, and belief change for copywriters. Discover these hypnotic communication secrets and your own incredible copywriting power.

The Freelance Copywriter's Independence Package

The copywriting business skills you need to declare your independence

Roy Furr

The Most Valuable Customer Strategy

An 11-step process for growing any business 3X to 10X. Uncover hidden opportunities for more leads, customers, sales, and profits.

Roy Furr

The Value-First Funnel Strategy

Maximize sales with systematic education-based marketing. Establish yourself as a thought-leader and expert.

Roy Furr

Think Like an A-List Copywriter

17 principles for maximum profit. Mindset secrets of the world's best copywriters, marketers, and business-builders.

Joseph Rodrigues

Breakthrough Mind Mapping

Maximizes results from every training you take. A proven approach to increase your business intelligence.

Roy Furr

Copywriting Royalties and Pay for Performance

Get paid for the results you generate. Escape the dollars-for-hours trap, and create leveraged and scalable income from your copywriting skills.

Roy Furr

The Copywriter's Roadmap To Building A Core Offer

Get more clients and make more money with an irresistible offer for your copywriting services.

Roy Furr

The Masters of Response

Roy Furr's interviews with the world's top copywriters and marketers. Secrets to generating more leads, customers, sales, and profits from your marketing.

Roy Furr

Roy Furr's Networking Secret

Turn "nice to meet you" into real business results. A proven process for getting business from networking events.

Roy Furr

Proof, Credibility, and Believability

26 ways to instantly increase your selling power, the secret used by the world's greatest marketers and salespeople.

Roy Furr

Build Your Email List for Marketing and Sales

Grow your email list, increase your sales. A strategic approach to maximizing your email marketing success.

Joseph Rodrigues

Pinnacle Performance Habits

Mindset and productivity strategies of high-achievers. Get things done, achieve your goals, fulfill your purpose.

Roy Furr

The Control-Beating Project Pre-Flight Plan

Success starts before you write a word of copy. A walkthrough of all the thinking and prep work that goes into writing control-beating copy and profitable marketing campaigns.

Roy Furr

The Scientific Path to Increasing Profits

Get more response through strategic marketing testing. Split, A/B, and multivariate testing principles, strategies, and techniques.

Roy Furr

Why Ads Worked

Discover the copywriting secrets hidden in classic ads. A line-by-line analysis of why the copywriters wrote the ad the way they did, with principles and strategies you can use today.

Roy Furr

Emotional Direct Response Copywriting

Deep, dark secrets of human nature and why we buy. Connect with prospects on the deepest level, by truly understanding what they don't want admit about themselves.